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August 3, 20

Buffalo aground off Point Edward Thursday -  Marc Dease
1-buf-8-2-12-a-md.jpg (75200 bytes)
Early morning view.
2-buf-8-2-12-b-md.jpg (66554 bytes)
Another view.
3-buf-8-2-12-c-md.jpg (74254 bytes)
Mississagi makes an upbound passage.
4-buf-8-2-12-d-md.jpg (87152 bytes)
Tug Wyoming arriving on scene.
5-buf-8-2-12-e-md.jpg (57489 bytes)
Michipicoten making an upbound passage.
6-buf-8-2-12-f-md.jpg (61632 bytes)
Tug Idaho arrives.
7-buf-8-2-12-g-md.jpg (70904 bytes)
Both tugs get to work.
8-buf-8-2-12-h-md.jpg (76624 bytes)
The crowd has assembled.
9-buf-8-2-12-i-md.jpg (80670 bytes)
10buf-8-2-12-j-md.jpg (73732 bytes)
Making progress.
11-buf-8-2-12-k-md.jpg (75618 bytes)
Atlantic Huron passing down bound.
12-buf-8-2-12-l-md.jpg (72802 bytes) 13-buf-8-2-12-m-md.jpg (91128 bytes) 14-buf-8-2-12-n-md.jpg (75719 bytes)
Finally freed and pushing back down river.
15-buf-8-2-12-o-md.jpg (76628 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
16-buf-8-2-12-p-md.jpg (83465 bytes)
Downbound making the turn about 16 hours after her initial attempt.

Algoma Montrealais downbound in the St. Clair River at St. Clair on Thursday - Kevin Majewski
1.AlMon-8-2-12-KM.jpg (75343 bytes) 2.AlMo-8-2-12-KM.jpg (88615 bytes) 3.AlM-8-2-12-KM.jpg (75157 bytes) 4.AM-8-2-12-KM.jpg (99007 bytes) 5.A-8-2-12-KM.jpg (94356 bytes)

Seaway Saltie Federal Welland passed Marine City Wednesday - Dave Noordhoff
1-FedWelland-1-8-12-dn.jpg (88846 bytes)
Federal Welland passing Marine City.
2-FedWelland-1-8-12-dn.jpg (194538 bytes) 3-FedWelland-1-8-12-dn.jpg (207382 bytes) 4-Daldean-1-8-12-dn.jpg (106951 bytes)
Ferry Daldean approaches Marine City having passed behind the Federal Welland.

 1812 cargo carrier meets 2012 cargo carrier - Allison Marinich
1-RBlough-13-07-12-AM.jpg (57587 bytes)
War of 1812 re-enactors in the vicinity of Stribling Point, St Marys River. Minus the weight of paddlers, their personal effects and food, the typical birch bark 'Montreal Canoe" carried about 3000 lbs of cargo.

Busy day at Port Dolomite Wednesday - Chuck Wagner
1-WS-8-1-12-cw.jpg (103301 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes arrived after 1 a.m.
2-WS-8-1-12-cw.jpg (67282 bytes) 3-WS-8-1-12-cw.jpg (116297 bytes) 4-WS-8-1-12-cw.jpg (91885 bytes) 5-PRC-8-1-12-cw.jpg (114597 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke arrived just before sunrise
6-PRC-8-1-12-cw.jpg (54185 bytes) 7-PRC-8-1-12-cw.jpg (43818 bytes) 9-PRC-8-1-12-cw.jpg (97725 bytes) 8-PRC-8-1-12-cw.jpg (90489 bytes) 10-PRC-8-1-12-cw.jpg (80695 bytes)
11-PRC-8-1-12-cw.jpg (109431 bytes) 12-PRC-8-1-12-cw.jpg (115952 bytes) 13-LJK-8-1-12-cw.jpg (100811 bytes)
Tug Olive L. Moore and barge Lewis J. Kuber arrived before sunset.
14-LJK-8-1-12-cw.jpg (84998 bytes) 15-LJK-8-1-12-cw.jpg (59792 bytes)
6-JHT-7-31-12-cw.jpg (105289 bytes)        

Milwaukee - Nick Stenstrup
26-FDEM-8-1-12-ns.jpg (74140 bytes)
Federal Ems arriving to anchor.
37-GLOIN-8-1-12-ns.jpg (83256 bytes)
G.L. Ostrander and barge Integrity arriving Milwaukee's port
40-GLOFE-8-1-12-ns.jpg (65588 bytes)
Tug G.L. Ostrander with saltwater vessel Federal Ems in background
42-GLOIN-8-1-12-ns.jpg (85779 bytes)
passing under the Hoan Bridge
52-GLO-8-1-12-ns.jpg (118783 bytes)
Turning into the harbor to unload cement at LaFarge.
56-GLOIN-8-1-12-ns.jpg (90306 bytes)
58-GLO-8-1-12-ns.jpg (89929 bytes) 60-GLOIN-8-1-12-ns.jpg (87352 bytes)
Pulling into the dock
70-FE-8-1-12-ns.jpg (110759 bytes)
Federal Ems anchored off the Milwaukee port
80-EEG3-8-1-12-ns.jpg (124971 bytes)
Tug Edward E. Gillen III in Milwaukee's port
83-GLOIN-8-1-12-ns.jpg (87625 bytes)
At LaFarge
94-FE-8-1-12-ns.jpg (82252 bytes)
Federal Ems anchored off Milwaukee

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