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August 5, 20

 Retired Navy Destroyer USS Edson DD 946 with the tugs Colonel & Ecosse in the Welland Canal on their way to Bay City - Brian W.
1-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (146647 bytes)
USS Edson is being towed into Lock #1 on the Welland Canal by the large ocean tug Colonel.
2-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (122347 bytes)
The tow chain is pulled tight as the big destroyer is maneuvered into the lock chamber.
3-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (194141 bytes)
The bow 5" mount, last used in combat on the gun line off Vietnam.
4-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (138298 bytes)
Honors and awards on the starboard bridge wing recall 30 years of  service with the fleet.
5-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (99167 bytes)
Forward mounted gun director with Battle "E".
6-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (76176 bytes)
Surface search & air search radars on the foremast.
7-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (126932 bytes)
Electronic jamming antenna array, equipment room, & forward stack.
8-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (172388 bytes)
Two more 5" guns back aft, once used for call-fire support missions in aid of US & ARVN troops ashore in South East Asia.
9-USS-Edson-8-3-12-BW.jpg (168203 bytes)
The tug Ecosse guides the stern into the lock.

USS Edson in Welland Canal between Locks 2 & 3 - Oliver Hiltebrand
USS-Edson8-3-12-(2).jpg (86038 bytes) USS-Edson8-3-12-(3).jpg (106645 bytes) USS-Edson8-3-12-(1).jpg (92151 bytes) USS-Edson8-3-12-(4).jpg (81385 bytes)  

USS Edson tow in lock 3 of Welland Canal Friday - Barry Andersen
USS-Edson-7-03-12-ba-(1).jpg (99217 bytes) USS-Edson-7-03-12-ba-(6).jpg (91192 bytes)
Lead tug Colonel raised in Lock 3
USS-Edson-7-03-12-ba-(5).jpg (117221 bytes)
battle ribbons
USS-Edson-7-03-12-ba-(4).jpg (196642 bytes)
naval squadron
USS-Edson-7-03-12-ba-(3).jpg (123716 bytes)
USS-Edson-7-03-12-ba-(2).jpg (159512 bytes)
tug Ecosse on stern

Tug Colonel towing the USS Edson through the Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin
1-uss-03-08-12-mg.jpg (139484 bytes)
Tug Colonel and USS Edson about to enter Lock 1
2-uss-03-08-12-mg.jpg (115991 bytes)
USS Edson
3-uss-03-08-12-mg.jpg (89775 bytes) 4-uss-03-08-12-mg.jpg (211760 bytes)
Colonel about to enter Lock 2
5-uss-03-08-12-mg.jpg (152821 bytes)
boat on USS Edson
6-uss-03-08-12-mg.jpg (96685 bytes)
Colonel leaving Lock 2
7-uss-03-08-12-mg.jpg (117967 bytes) 8-uss-03-08-12-mg.jpg (110966 bytes)
approaching Lock 3

Prescott and Ogdensburg
1-USN-Edson,Tugs-Colonel--EcosseAug-22012-.jpg (76336 bytes)
USN Edson,Tugs Colonel,Ecosse
2-Tug-Colonel.Aug-22012.jpg (112078 bytes) 3-Tug-EcosseUSN-EdsonAug-22012--.jpg (105520 bytes) 4-USN-Edson,Tug-ColonelCanadian-EmpressAug-22012Prescott-.jpg (97147 bytes)
Passing Canadian Empress

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-colonel-02-08-12-rb.jpg (64296 bytes)
Colonel passing Mariatown with USS Edson in tow.
2-edson-02-08-12-rb.jpg (92781 bytes)
 The Edson passing up the river at Mariatown.
3-edson-02-08-12-rb.jpg (92276 bytes)
The Edson approaching Iroquois Lock.
4-garganey-03-08-12-rb.jpg (101332 bytes)
Garganey passing Mariatown upbound for Chicago.

Recent Traffic Passing Mackinac Island - Rod Burdick
1stcl_7_29_12rb.jpg (156963 bytes)
St. Clair
2hjlo_7_29_12rb.jpg (130795 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar
3slaud_7_31_12rb.jpg (134543 bytes)
Sam Laud
4bhbr7_31_12rb.jpg (145858 bytes)
Burns Harbor

Tug Drummond Islander and the dredge Arthur J departed the Malcolm Dock for Sault Ste. Marie Saturday afternoon - Wayne Brusate
Drummond-Islander-Author-J8-4-12-ba.jpg (131622 bytes)        

Tug Undaunted & barge Pere Marquette 41 loading at Port Dolomite for Ludington Chuck Wagner
1-PM41-8-2-12-cw.jpg (98057 bytes) 2-PM41-8-2-12-cw.jpg (113301 bytes) 3-PM41-8-2-12-cw.jpg (88452 bytes)    

Port Huron - Kevin Majewski
1.DrIAJ-8-4-12-KM.jpg (148719 bytes)
The Tug Drummond Islander II towing the recently refloated dredge Arthur J upbound in the St. Clair River.
2.AJ-8-4-12-KM.jpg (158273 bytes)
The dredge Arthur J, looking none the worse for wear considering it was on the bottom of Lake Huron only 5 days ago.
3.Drum-8-4-12-KM.jpg (161917 bytes)
Close-up of the Drummond Islander II passing the Imperial Fuel Docks in Sarnia.
1.AlgWay-8-4-12-KM.jpg (100860 bytes)
Algoway upbound, departing the St. Clair river.
2.AlgWa-8-4-12-KM.jpg (148519 bytes)
Under the Bluewater Bridge spans.
3.AlWa-8-4-12-KM.jpg (111196 bytes)
Entering Lake Huron.
4.AW-8-4-12-KM.jpg (92325 bytes)
Looking proud, heading into the Lake.

Great Lakes Shipyard completes storage tanks
P1010408.jpg (78964 bytes)
Constructed for Pittsburgh Tank Corporation and transported from Cleveland to Essexville, Michigan.
Photo-Aug-03,-11-00-39-AM.jpg (111318 bytes)
Tug heads out with the barge.

 Yorktown again back in Houghton - Danielle Adams
yorktown8-3-12-(2).jpg (133239 bytes) yorktown8-3-12-(3).jpg (162354 bytes) yorktown8-3-12-(1).jpg (129774 bytes) yorktown8-3-12-(4).jpg (175847 bytes)  

Sturgeon Bay and Milwaukee - Nick Stenstrup
19-KEB-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (109928 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker bow, with a fresh coat of paint
14-KEB-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (85695 bytes) 21-KEB-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (107119 bytes) 74-KEB-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (124659 bytes) 24-SMT-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (158911 bytes)
 Selvik Marine Towing tugs
33-MBCGC-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (152985 bytes)
USCG Mobile Bay 
38-MBCGC-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (140817 bytes) 64-AST-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (163092 bytes)
Ashtabula being worked on at Sturgeon Bay for Lower Lakes Transportation
7-FE-8-2-12-ns.jpg.jpg (122222 bytes)
Federal Ems loading in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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