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August 6, 20

USS Edson tow upbound the Detroit River from the tour boat Friendship
ussedson8-5-12-ns (4).jpg (85349 bytes)
Tug Colonel leads the tow
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ussedson8-5-12-ns (9).jpg (129228 bytes) ussedson8-5-12-ns (10).jpg (63029 bytes) ussedson8-5-12-ns (11).jpg (95950 bytes) ussedson8-5-12-ns (12).jpg (97336 bytes)
Manitou on the stern
ussedson8-5-12-ns (15).jpg (95542 bytes)
ussedson8-5-12-ns (14).jpg (129432 bytes) ussedson8-5-12-ns (2).jpg (63200 bytes)
Algoma Guardian downbound
ussedson8-5-12-ns (3).jpg (72528 bytes) ussedson8-5-12-ns (1).jpg (117467 bytes)
Friendship at its dock in Wyandotte.

 Navy ships in the Welland Canal - Brian W.
1-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (77499 bytes)
The Ville De Quebec is sideways in the Welland Canal between Lock 1 & 2 with one line out over the stern.
2-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (116201 bytes)
The motor lifeboat is launched to help get her straightened out.
3-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (186145 bytes)
Seaway workers are ready to help with a hook to retrieve the heaving line.
4-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (193447 bytes)
Hauling up the line supplied by the motor lifeboat.
5-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (200244 bytes)
Ready to start taking in the line.
6-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (137845 bytes)
The ship is slowly being brought back to center.
7-Warships-8-5-12-BW.jpg (97920 bytes)
The Ville De Quebec is now straightened out and being brought back against the Lower Tie Up Wall below Lock 2 and will be secured for the incoming storm.
8-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (90580 bytes)
From left to right: surface search radar & communication antennas on the main mast, the SPS-49 Air Search radar on the foremast, then the ship's fire control radar for her gun above the bridge. 
9-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (100514 bytes)
USS Dewert is secured at Wharf 2 as she waits on the wind that's bringing in some nasty weather as seen in the darkening sky.
10-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (131287 bytes)
The missile launcher has been removed but the rotational magazine drum remains in place. The ship originally carried the surface to air SM-1 Standard Missile & Harpoon anti-ship missile.
11-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (165438 bytes)
From left to right: Her fire control radar for the gun, SLQ-32 jammer antenna, SPS-49 Air Search Radar, the main mast, multiple communications & satellite antennas, chaff launchers, & the ship's boat.
12-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (167140 bytes)
The ship's Phalanx 20mm CIWS gatling gun for air defense.
13-Warships--8-5-12-BW.jpg (89748 bytes)
USS Hurricane moored just astern of the Dewert. Her 30 MM chain guns are covered with a tarp for the canal transit.
14-Warships-8-5-12-BW.jpg (121486 bytes)
Traffic comes to a standstill as high winds and an incoming storm have vessels going to the wall throughout the canal. Crewmen on the Hurricane are securing the ship before the rough weather arrives

Welland Canal -  Eric Holmes
1-HMCSQuebecdeville-05-08-12-eh.jpg (132460 bytes)
HMCS Quebec de Ville (332) below Lock 2
2-USS-hurricane-05-08-12-eh.jpg (84908 bytes)
USS Hurricane below Lock 1
3-USSdewert-05-08-12-eh.jpg (91502 bytes)
USS De Wert below Lock 1

Algoma Progress delivers salt to Oswego - Richard Palmer
progress8-5-12-(2).jpg (103280 bytes) progress8-5-12-(3).jpg (69670 bytes) progress8-5-12-(4).jpg (90871 bytes) progress8-5-12-(1).jpg (97470 bytes) progress8-5-12.jpg (73529 bytes)

St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Algosea-8-12rl-1.jpg (97385 bytes)
Algosea at Mission Point on Sunday.
Algosea-8-12rl-2.jpg (85164 bytes) Ashton,-Meredith-8-4-12rl-1.jpg (66749 bytes)
New Andrie tug Meredith Ashton in Soo Harbor Saturday evening.

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan Sunday - Dianne Donati
Alpena-8-5-12-dd.jpg (95029 bytes) Iryda-2-8-5-12-dd.jpg (120516 bytes)      

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