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August 8, 20

Navy Boats in Detroit River - Ken Borg
IMG_9173.jpg (97023 bytes)
The USS Dewert departing the  Waterfront Petroleum dock at Mistersky Power Plant in Detroit with the help of two G-Tugs. USS Hurricane out in the river.
IMG_9179.jpg (92642 bytes)
The USS Dewert heading out into the Detroit River.  Manitowoc at Sterling Fuel
IMG_9183.jpg (128003 bytes)
Shore party coming aboard the USS Dewert.
IMG_9191.jpg (109140 bytes)
USS Dewert and the Ambassador Bridge.
IMG_9195.jpg (107900 bytes)
USS Hurricane heading up the Detroit River
IMG_9199.jpg (145223 bytes)
USS Hurricane and the Ambassador Bridge.
IMG_9167.jpg (81350 bytes)
Algorail down the Detroit River.

St. Clair River at Algonac on Tuesday - Don Detloff
1-dewert-07aug12-djd.jpg (74582 bytes)
USS De Wert (FFG 45)
2-dewert-07aug12-djd.jpg (99623 bytes) 3-hurricane-07aug12-djd.jpg (101710 bytes)
USS Hurricane (PC 3)
4-hurricane-07aug-djd.jpg (85180 bytes) 2-hmcs-07aug12-djd.jpg (73143 bytes)
HMCS Ville de Quebec (FFH 332)
3-hmcs-07aug12-djd.jpg (67725 bytes)
Ville de Quebec passing Manistee
1-manistee-07aug12-djd.jpg (138560 bytes)
Manistee unloading

Tug Undaunted and barge PM 41 unloading at Verplank's dock in Holland, Mich. - Bill Van Appledorn
UndauntedPM41.jpg (191303 bytes) PM-41-unloading-stone.jpg (159894 bytes)      

Former Gordon C. Leitch ready for tow - Rene Beauchamp
gordoncleitch8-7-12-rb-(3).jpg (129904 bytes)
Don registered in Sierra Leone in Montreal and awaiting for a tug for the tow to Turkey to be recycled.
gordoncleitch8-7-12-rb-(2).jpg (92505 bytes)
Shown at the former Canadian Vickers Shipyard where it was built as Ralph Misener.
gordoncleitch8-7-12-rb-(4).jpg (96404 bytes) gordoncleitch8-7-12-rb-(1).jpg (161406 bytes)  

USS DeWert in the Canal Tuesday - Oliver Hiltebrand
USS-DeWert-8-6-12-oh-(1).jpg (91862 bytes) USS-DeWert-8-6-12-oh-(2).jpg (115758 bytes)      

Seaway Mariatown & Iroquois Thursday to Sunday - Murray Blancher
1-Colonel-06-08-12-mb.jpg (81937 bytes)
USS Freedom Tow
2-USS-edson-06-08-12-mb-(2).jpg (93830 bytes) 3-Ecosse-06-08-12-mb.jpg (84345 bytes) 4-USS-edson-06-08-12-mb-(2).jpg (79590 bytes) 5-CSL-Niagara-06-08-12-mb.jpg (68795 bytes)
CSL Niagara down
6-Morraborg-06-08-12-mb.jpg (69926 bytes)
Morraborg up
7-Peter-R-Cresswell-06-08-12-mb.jpg (51817 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell down
8-Atlantic-Erie-06-08-12-mb.jpg (72378 bytes)
Atlantic Erie down
9-Garganey-06-08-12-mb.jpg (67561 bytes)
Garganey up
10-Federal-Rideau-06-08-12-mb.jpg (105415 bytes)
Federal Rideau up
11-Cedarglen-06-08-12-mb.jpg (56827 bytes)
Cedarglen up
12-Elisalex-Schulte-06-08-12-mb.jpg (82006 bytes)
Elisalex A Schulte up
13-Glen-06-08-12-mb.jpg (90925 bytes)
Glen down
14-Algoma-Navigator-06-08-12-mb.jpg (77489 bytes)
Algoma Navigator down

duluth8-4--(1).jpg (127449 bytes) duluth8-4--(2).jpg (73650 bytes) duluth8-4--(3).jpg (135573 bytes) duluth8-4--(4).jpg (90349 bytes) duluth8-4--(5).jpg (68062 bytes)

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
USCGC-Mackinaw-3-8-6-12-dd.jpg (123200 bytes) Calumet-8-6-12-dd.jpg (136634 bytes) Garganey-2-8-6-12-dd.jpg (131953 bytes) Olive-Moore-Lewis-J-Kuber-8-6-12-dd.jpg (123272 bytes)  

Lake Michigan Trip - Roger LeLievre
1Algoway-St.-Clair-8-1-12rl.jpg (40131 bytes)
Algoway, St. Clair off Chicago.
2Algoway-8-1-12rl.jpg (24421 bytes)
Upbound Algoway passing a sailboat.
3Andrie,-Bar-8-1-12rl.jpg (69659 bytes)
Karen Andrie at Indiana Harbor.
4Badger-8-1-12rl.jpg (41031 bytes)
Badger at dusk off Ludington.
5Chicago-8-1-12rl.jpg (58593 bytes)
Chicago skyline in the distance.
6Clarke-Sykes-8-1-12rl.jpg (44839 bytes)
Loading at Cedarville as Philip R. Clarke waits.
7Clarke-8-1-12rl.jpg (36074 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke waiting.
8Clarke-8-1-12rl.jpg (36861 bytes)
Clarke backs into the dock at Cedarville.
9Cort,-dunes-8-1-12rl.jpg (28119 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort against a sand-dune background.
10Donald-C-8-1-12rl.jpg (98624 bytes)
Tug Donald C. at Indiana Harbor.
11Endeavour-8-1-12rl.jpg (45406 bytes)
Andrie's barge Endeavour inbound at Indiana Harbor.
12Grand-Haven-8-1-12rl.jpg (30432 bytes)
Backing in to Grand Haven, guided by spotlights.
13Griffon-8-1-12rl.jpg (70810 bytes)
CCGS Griffon, at Grand Haven for the Coast Guard Festival.
14Ind-Harb-Pier-Light-8-1-12rl-.jpg (64091 bytes)
Indiana Harbor pier head light getting a facelift.
15Ind-Harb-SMC-8-1-12rl.jpg (322976 bytes)
Senior citizen St. Marys Challenger and Indiana Harbor pier light.
16Kuber,-Lewis-J-8-1-12rl.jpg (38679 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber upbound in Lake Michigan.
17Round-Island-Light---old-8-1-12rl.jpg (31787 bytes)
Old Round Island Lighthouse in the Straits.
18Sunset-trader-8-1-12rl.jpg (24463 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and the setting sun.
19Sykes-straits-8-1-12rl.jpg (40297 bytes)
Headed for the Mac Bridge
20Sykes-straits-8-1-12rl.jpg (36661 bytes)
Another view of the bridge.
21Warner,-William-L.-8-1-12rlJPG.jpg (93568 bytes)
Fuel boat William J. Warner
22White-H-Lee-unload-8-1-12rl.jpg (51139 bytes)
H. Lee White unloading at Indiana Harbor.
23White-SHoal-8-1-12rl.jpg (38996 bytes)
White Shoal Light at sunset.

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