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August 9, 20

USS Fort Worth (LCS 3) at Algonac on Wednesday morning - Don Detloff
1-forthworth-08aug12-djd.jpg (59682 bytes) 2-forthworth-08aug12-djd.jpg (53691 bytes) 3-forthworth-08aug12-djd.jpg (49980 bytes) 4-forthworth-08aug12-djd.jpg (56719 bytes)  

USS Fort Worth at Sarnia Wednesday - Lorraine Morrill
1-USS-Fort-Worth-Sarnia-8-8-12.jpg (138011 bytes) 2-USS-Fort-Worth-Sarnia-8-8-12.jpg (151977 bytes)      

Detroit River - Ken Borg
IMG_9219.jpg (89686 bytes)
USS Fort Worth a new  Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ship on delivery to the U.S. Navy docked at the Detroit Marine Terminal.
IMG_9220.jpg (106203 bytes)
McKee  Sons in the Rouge River  above the Waterfront Petroleum terminal in Dearborn, MI to load slag.

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey 
1-calumet-8-8-12-ts.jpg (86270 bytes)
Calumet unloading at the Lafarge dock in Essexville, just behind the Edson and Colonel

2-calumet-8-8-12-ts.jpg (85513 bytes)
Another view
3-calumet-8-8-12-ts.jpg (107093 bytes)
Calumet unloading at Lafarge Essexville
4-calumet-8-8-12-ts.jpg (80893 bytes)
Calumet outbound at the Essexville Range
5-calumet-8-8-12-ts.jpg (115912 bytes)
Stern view
1-marie-8-8-12-ts.jpg (272116 bytes)
Causley Marine Contracting tug Jill Marie and and their small tug, departing the work site where the permanent moorings for the USS Edson are being constructed
2-marie-8-8-12-ts.jpg (142022 bytes)
Another view

Cuyahoga unloading salt in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuyah-8-8-12-BCM-01.jpg (103990 bytes) Cuyah-8-8-12-BCM-02.jpg (59000 bytes) Cuyah-8-8-12-BCM-03.jpg (78590 bytes)    

Detroit and Rouge Rivers -  Chuck Wagner
1-JGM-8-8-12-cw.jpg (36961 bytes)
John G. Munson backing out of the Rouge River with the Detroit Windsor truck ferry in the foreground.
2-AMA-8-8-12-cw.jpg (66700 bytes)
Fleetmate Arthur M. Anderson waiting for the Munson to clear the Rouge River.
3-JGM-8-8-12-cw.jpg (38326 bytes) 4-AM-8-8-12-cw.jpg (39588 bytes)
Anderson has the tug Patricia Hoey on the stern and the tug Carolyn Hoey on the bow.
5-GLF-8-8-12-cw.jpg (51344 bytes)
6-GLF-8-8-12-cw.jpg (38468 bytes) 7-JGM-8-8-12-cw.jpg (58481 bytes) 8-JGM-8-8-12-cw.jpg (78726 bytes)
Happily the fisherman was further in the background.
9-JGM-8-8-12-cw.jpg (77026 bytes)
Mississagi's stack and boom are visible behind the Munson.
10-AMA-8-8-12-cw.jpg (79811 bytes)
Getting ready to back up the Rouge to unload at Carmeuse.
11-Dredge-8-8-12-cw.jpg (105457 bytes)
Luedtke dredging the turning basin at Severstal.
12-Dredge-8-8-12-cw.jpg (158381 bytes) 13-Dredge-8-8-12-cw.jpg (116283 bytes) 14-Dredge-8-8-12-cw.jpg (114898 bytes) 15-AMA-8-8-12-cw.jpg (95062 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson unloading stone at the Carmeuse dock on the Rouge River.
16-LCS-8-8-12-cw.jpg (116553 bytes)
USS Fort Worth at the Detroit Marine Terminal dock.
17-McK-8-8-12-cw.jpg (139030 bytes)
Invincible / McKee Sons headed up the Rouge River
18-McK-8-8-12-cw.jpg (121041 bytes) 19-McK-8-8-12-cw.jpg (159863 bytes)
Getting the work boat ready for launching.
20-McK-8-8-12-cw.jpg (107680 bytes)
1-WYO-8-7-12-cw.jpg (112702 bytes)
G Tug Wyoming waiting to assist the USS De Wert to the fuel dock on the Detroit side of the river.
2-DeW-8-7-12-cw.jpg (103109 bytes)
G Tug Idaho on the stern.
3-DeW-8-7-12-cw.jpg (112362 bytes) 4-CSLAs-8-7-12-cw.jpg (95339 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine heading for the fuel dock on the Windsor side of the river.
5-CSLAs-8-7-12-cw.jpg (93850 bytes)
6-Hur-8-7-12-cw.jpg (96699 bytes)
USS Hurricane bringing up the rear.
7-Hur-8-7-12-cw.jpg (113890 bytes) 8-Ferry-8-7-12-cw.jpg (100367 bytes)
Wind turbine tower on the Detroit Windsor ferry.
9-JDL-8-7-12-cw.jpg (110426 bytes) 10-PRC-8-7-12-cw.jpg (101369 bytes)
Upbound Peter R. Cresswell.
11-JDLHLW-8-7-12-cw.jpg (113039 bytes)
Downbound John D. Leitch meeting the upbound H. Lee White.
12-HLW-8-7-12-cw.jpg (107879 bytes) 13-HLWRB-8-7-12-cw.jpg (109713 bytes)
H. Lee White meeting the downbound Roger Blough.
14-RB-8-7-12-cw.jpg (109110 bytes) 15-RB-8-7-12-cw.jpg (79254 bytes)
16-RB-8-7-12-cw.jpg (96655 bytes) 17-Ida-8-7-12-cw.jpg (104030 bytes)
G Tug Idaho headed home.
18-HLWDeW-8-7-12-cw.jpg (113830 bytes)
H. Lee White waiting to fuel after the USS De Wert.
19-Man-8-7-12-cw.jpg (127583 bytes)
Manitowoc waiting for the CSL Assiniboine to depart the Windsor fuel dock.

Canal Days Port Colborne - John McCreery
1-Hurricane-8-6-12-jm.jpg (130879 bytes)
Hurricane upbound
2-VilleDeQuebec-8-6-12.jpg (98725 bytes)
Ville De Quebec up above lock 7
3-Quebec-HHLCongo-8-6-12-jm.jpg (114665 bytes)
Ville De Quebec meets the downbound HHL Congo at Port Robinson.
4-PortColborne-8-6-12-jm.jpg (176147 bytes)
Canal Day's celebration continues into third and final day along Port Colborne's canal front
5-Niagara-8-6-12-jm.jpg (311800 bytes)
Brig Niagara
6-Niagara-8-6-12-jm.jpg (110953 bytes)
Open for inspection
7-VilleDeQuebec-8-6-12-jm.jpg (139547 bytes)
Ville De Quebec passes through
8-VilleDeQuebec-8-6-12-jm.jpg (156970 bytes)
Ville De Quebec and the Edward M Cotter, Buffalo's Fireboat
9-Cotter-Cooper-8-6-12-jm.jpg (121402 bytes)
Cotter and Cooper, the pilot boat about to head out to the lake to rendezvous with the Ville De Quebec
10-Maumee-Norris-8-6-11-jm.jpg (171381 bytes)
Maumee and James Norris at Marine Salvage
11-Cotter-8-6-12-jm.jpg (130428 bytes)
Cotter puts on a departing display
12-Cotter-8-6-12-jm.jpg (129532 bytes)
A rainbow adds to the excitement
13--Cotter-8-6-12-jm.jpg (148673 bytes)
Looks like a final salute to two fine old lakers
14-EmpireSandy-8-6-12-jm.jpg (140300 bytes)
Empire Sandy leaves for Buffalo as Pilot boat J W Cooper returns to harbor
15-DeWert-8-6-12-jm.jpg (96696 bytes)
De Wert arrives above lock 8 just as the festivities wind down 

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