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August 13, 20

Rouge River -  Ken Borg
IMG_9271.jpg (121328 bytes)
 Luedtke Engineering Co. dredging the Turning basin of the Rouge River in Dearborn, Mich.
IMG_9272.jpg (164104 bytes) IMG_9266.jpg (190944 bytes) IMG_9302.jpg (89056 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker up the Rouge River at Jefferson Ave.
IMG_9306.jpg (94270 bytes)
IMG_9316.jpg (89117 bytes)
Being greeted at SeverStal Steel in Dearborn by 
a slag dump.

Ocean Ross Gaudreault with the USS Fort Worth above Montreal Sunday - Kent Malo
USSForthWorth8-12-12-km.jpg (83938 bytes) OceanRossGaudreault5-12-12-km.jpg (142403 bytes) USSForthWorth8-12-12-km-a.jpg (98301 bytes)    

Chinese vessel Han Xin (Port of registry: Hong Kong) at the Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage in Montreal on Sunday - René Beauchamp
Han-Xin8-12-12-rb.jpg (108745 bytes)
Expected to leave for Duluth on Monday. Note second part of the name missing in our language.

Kaye E. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1keb8_10_12_rb.jpg (96813 bytes)
Arriving on her first trip after repowering
2keb8_10_12_rb.jpg (113540 bytes)
Loading ore into the night

Manitowoc arriving in Holland at midnight -
Bill Van Appledorn
101_1582.jpg (49398 bytes)        

St. Clair River  August 10 - Kevin Majewski
1.SuSi-8-10-12-KM.jpg (59610 bytes)
Royal Canadian Navy coastal defense vessel, the HMCS Summerside (MM711).
2.SuS-8-10-12-KM.jpg (92059 bytes)
HMCS Summerside, upbound in the St. Clair river at Marysville.
3.Monc-8-10-12-KM.jpg (84104 bytes)
 The HMCS Moncton (MM708), moored along the St. Clair river at Sarnia. She's one of the Summerside's Kingston-Class sister ships.
4.Assin-8-10-12-KM.jpg (94911 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine.
5.Assi-8-10-12-KM.jpg (80957 bytes)
Forward profile.
6.Asi-8-10-12-KM.jpg (94503 bytes)
Assiniboine stern view, downbound at Marysville.
7.ChNt-8-10-12-KM.jpg (80180 bytes)
Saltie Chestnut.
8.ChN-8-10-12-KM.jpg (88570 bytes)
Forward profile.
9.CN-8-10-12-KM.jpg (92985 bytes)
Chestnut stern view, downbound at Marysville.

St. Clair River at Marine City on Aug. 10 - Don Detloff
1-Moncton-10aug12-djd.jpg (85293 bytes)
HMCS Moncton (MM 708)
2-Moncton-10aug12-djd.jpg (79202 bytes) 3-Moncton-10aug12-djd.jpg (60938 bytes) 4-Elandsgracht-10aug12-djd.jpg (91869 bytes)

Arthur K. Atkinson at MCM Marine in the Soo Aug. 2 - Larry Gibson
atkinson8-3-12-(2).jpg (111828 bytes)
No scrapping appears to be taking place.
atkinson8-3-12-(3).jpg (121884 bytes)
The crane next to the boat has a dredging bucket attached, not set up for scrapping.
atkinson8-3-12-(7).jpg (154076 bytes) atkinson8-3-12-(5).jpg (248057 bytes)  

USS Edson at Wirt Stone Dock in Bay City - Georgia Bradley
USS-Edson-004.jpg (80805 bytes) USS-Edson-005.jpg (102790 bytes)      

Mississagi up the Cuyahoga River Aug. 8 - Thomas Seiler
Mississagi-08-08-12-ts.jpg (114628 bytes)        

USS Fort Worth in Port Colborne August 10 - Michel Gosselin
1-ussfort-10-08-12-mg.jpg (57456 bytes)
USS Fort Worth is tied up at wharf 16.  She was built by Marinette Marine Shipyard in Marinette, Wisconsin. She's on her way to Galveston, Texas where she'll be commissioned.
2-wash-10-08-12-mg.jpg (136823 bytes)
 tugboat Washington is approaching bridge 21
3-wash-10-08-12-mg.jpg (167726 bytes)
stern view
4-ussfort-10-08-12-mg.jpg (72651 bytes)
USS Fort Worth is approaching bridge 21
5-ussfort-10-08-12-mg.jpg (82766 bytes)
stern view

The USS Fort Worth in the Welland Canal August 10 - Brian W.
1-Fort-Worth-8-10-12-BW.jpg (89200 bytes)
USS Fort Worth & the tug Washington tied up for Seaway inspection at Wharf 16 (the old Canada Furnace dock) with the Port Colborne Pilot Boat in the foreground. 
2-Fort-Worth-8-10-12-BW.jpg (95940 bytes)
The forward superstructure with the 57 MM gun & pilothouse. Fenders were mounded on the hull for the close quarters transit of the Welland Canal.
3-Fort-Worth--8-10-12-BW.jpg (77675 bytes)
This view looking at the amidships superstructure block reveals her stealth characteristics in the angular lines, designed to reflect radar waves away from its transmitting antenna to hide the ship's signature return.
4-Fort-Worth--8-10-12-BW.jpg (59190 bytes)
This view shows the RAM Missile launcher, .50 caliber Browning M-2 machine guns, & an armed guard with his M-4 rifle watching over the ship.
5-Fort-Worth--8-10-12-BW.jpg (93186 bytes)
 Helicopter hanger, while up on deck above are more armed guards, a Twin 50 on the Starboard side, & the refueling station on the Port side.
6-Fort-Worth--8-10-12-BW.jpg (136244 bytes)
The doors for special operations boats to use can be seen built into the stern.
7-Fort-Worth--8-10-12-BW.jpg (123295 bytes)
Tug Washington was called up out of Buffalo to assist the Fort Worth in the canal. She waited on the wall at Wharf 16. This was once the site of a blast furnace plant for pig iron producer Canada Furnace.
8-Fort-Worth-8-10-12-BW.jpg (107410 bytes)
The two vessels tied up for the afternoon & waiting to proceed down bound at Bridge 21. The geese seem oblivious to the presence of a stealth warship in their canal, seen 1, seen 'em all. 

Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-edinburgh-07-08-12-rb.jpg (108178 bytes)
Sichem Edinburgh approaching Iroquois Lock.
2-edinburgh-07-08-12-rb.jpg (92428 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.
3-bora-10-08-12-rb.jpg (96339 bytes)
Onego Bora departing Iroquois Lock.
4-bora-10-08-12-rb.jpg (103404 bytes)
She is loaded with steel from Hamilton for Venezuela.

John G. Munson departing River Rouge on Aug. 7 - Brandy Siedlaczek
1-JGMunson-8-7-12-bs.jpg (84712 bytes) 2-JGMunson-8-7-12-bs.jpg (58851 bytes) 3-JGMunson-8-7-12-bs.jpg (83258 bytes)    

Mackinaw working in the Straits August 6 - John Chapman
mackinaw8-6-12-jd.jpg (93277 bytes)        

Coast Guard aircrew conducts training with Canadian ship in Lake Huron
120807-G-ZZ999-002-Air-Station-Detroit.jpg (53043 bytes)
A rescue aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Detroit conducts training with the crew of the HMCS Villa de Quebec in Lake Huron, Aug. 7, 2012.


120807-G-ZZ999-001-Air-Station-Detroit.jpg (89592 bytes)
The Canadian ship is in the area as part of the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemoration and, since they are rarely able to conduct helicopter operations and Great Lakes Coast Guard aircrews do not often have access to a ship with a flightdeck, it was the perfect opportunity to train both the ship and helicopter crews.

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