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August 14, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-jgm-8-5-12-md.jpg (88744 bytes)
John G. Munson downbound at 1 & 2.
2-ama-8-6-12-a-md.jpg (109649 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson up at Point Edward.
3-ama-8-6-12-b-md.jpg (112026 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
4-amar-8-6-12-md.jpg (105998 bytes)
Algomarine upbound at Black River.
5-cent-8-8-12-md.jpg (87127 bytes)
American Century making the turn at 1 & 2.
6-cass-8-10-12-md.jpg (69980 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine downbound at 1 & 2.
7-sam-8-10-12-md.jpg (61094 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound at dusk.
8-cuy-8-10-12-a-md.jpg (120506 bytes)
Cuyahoga taking on a load at the elevator.
9-cuy-8-10-12-b-md.jpg (67330 bytes)
Loading for Toledo.
10-cuy-8-11-12-c-md.jpg (115810 bytes)
Load almost complete.
11-cuy-8-11-12-d-md.jpg (97684 bytes)
Departing the elevator.
12-cuy-8-11-12-e-md.jpg (101447 bytes)
Backing into the north slip.
13-cuy-8-11-12-f-md.jpg (100238 bytes)
Swinging around.
14-cuy-8-11-12-g-md.jpg (85222 bytes)
Impressive clouds over Michigan.
15-adis-8-11-12-a-md.jpg (77089 bytes)
Algoma Discovery downbound at 1 & 2.
16-adis-8-11-12-b-md.jpg (63347 bytes)
Downbound at Fort Gratiot light.
17-rich-8-11-12-md.jpg (60451 bytes)
Low clouds over the Richelieu.
18-miss-8-13-12-md.jpg (52853 bytes)
Mississagi making the turn.
19-keb-8-13-12-a-md.jpg (114852 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound.
20-keb-8-13-12-b-md.jpg (81756 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
21-keb-8-13-12-c-md.jpg (85172 bytes)
Following the Sam Laud.

Montreal - Kent Malo
GordonCLeitch8-13-12-km-b.jpg (68618 bytes)
 Don, former Gordon C Leitch ex Ralph Misener waiting for scrap tow to Aliaga, Turkey.
Gordon-C-Leitch8-12-13-km-c.jpg (95135 bytes) USSFortWorth-8-12-12-km.jpg (94068 bytes)
USS Fort Worth secured at shed 3 (cruise liners dock) in the port of Montreal, She is due to depart Montreal at 7 a.m. August 14.

Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin
1-kamini-13-08-12-mg.jpg (112438 bytes)
Kaministiqua is tied up below lock 2
2-kamini-13-08-12-mg.jpg (74344 bytes)
stern view
3-kamini-13-08-12-mg.jpg (100937 bytes)
Great Republic is passing by Kaministiqua
4-great-13-08-12-mg.jpg (70949 bytes)
Great Republic
5-great-13-08-12-mg.jpg (81725 bytes)
stern view

St. Clair River at Marysville - Kevin Majewski
1.Kaye-8-13-12-KM.jpg (102882 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound, preparing to depart the St. Clair River.
2.Kay-8-13-12-KM.jpg (82781 bytes)
Sporting fresh paint and looking sharp!
3.Ka-8-13-12-KM.jpg (98757 bytes)
Entering  Lake Huron on her 'maiden' trip with new diesel engines and a reworked lower stern to accommodate gearing modifications.
4.Miss-8-13-12-KM.jpg (89244 bytes)
Mississagi approaching Marysville.
5.Mis-8-13-12-KM.jpg (84455 bytes)
Downbound in the St. Clair River.

Navy Week in Milwaukee - Jason Heindel
1-NEAH-8-10-12-JAH.jpg (124619 bytes)
WTGB 105  Neah Bay moored at at Station Milwaukee riding out the blustery weather.
2-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (90023 bytes)
Bridge of the Neah Bay.
3-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (194358 bytes)
Communications equipment.
4-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (78710 bytes)
Bridge view to the bow.
5-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (81701 bytes)
Port view from the bridge, and the seat of power.
6-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (58386 bytes)
Neah Bay artwork.
7-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (141911 bytes)
Who can argue with this statement?
8-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (166981 bytes)
Neah's RHIB
9-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (90751 bytes) 10-NEAH-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (104624 bytes)
Neah Bay dressed up for Navy Week
1-DEWERT-8-10-12-JAH.jpg (129276 bytes)
USS De Wert FFG-45
2-DEWERT-8-10-12-JAH.jpg (47317 bytes)
Member of Destroyer Battalion 14
3-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (65946 bytes)
 HCMS Ville De Quebec, USS De Wert, USCG Neah Bay
4-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (162184 bytes)
Welcome Aboard!
5-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (92503 bytes)
The flight deck
6-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (188939 bytes)
Port hanger bay
7-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (74285 bytes)
Passageway between the two hangers
8-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (118660 bytes)
The Pride of Bath Iron Works, Maine.
9-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (102465 bytes)
Neah Bay from the deck of the De Wert
10-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (139399 bytes)
Mast and the deck gun
11-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (106938 bytes)
The 20mm CIWS gun system
12-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (111712 bytes)
13-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (92107 bytes)
50 Cal demo (no boaters were harmed!)
14-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (83212 bytes)
Port Bridge Wing
15-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (90025 bytes)
Some fine optics
16-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (79153 bytes)
The bridge
17-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (145829 bytes)
Chart Table
18-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (107782 bytes)
19-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (105630 bytes)
The mount for the original, but decommissioned missile launcher
20-DEWERT-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (110764 bytes)
De Wert and Neah Bay
1-QUEBEC-8-10-12-JAH.jpg (134686 bytes)
Ville de Quebec
2-QUEBEC-8-10-12-JAH.jpg (80037 bytes)
Name plate
3-QUEBEC-8-10-12-JAH.jpg (117823 bytes)
Disembarking the Ship's Hockey team
4-QUEBEC-8-10-12-JAH.jpg (88060 bytes)
Port side with missile launcher
5-QUEBEC-8-10-12-JAH.jpg (145734 bytes)
6-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (109212 bytes)
Stern and Maple Leaf looking out over USS De Wert & USCG Neah Bay
7-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (120561 bytes)
landing pad and hanger deck
 8-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (88012 bytes)
The Ville de Quebec is the only bi-lingual ship in the Canadian Navy
9-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (140896 bytes)
Starboard missile launcher
10-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (157992 bytes)
Poor dummy has to hang around all day
11-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (81336 bytes)
Machine gun and chafe/ decoy launchers
12-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (82840 bytes)
Signal lamp

13-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (114408 bytes)
Helm and throttle control
14-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (111069 bytes)
15-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (106479 bytes)
16-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (106251 bytes)
communications station
17-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (82430 bytes)
57mm Bofors Mk2 Cannon
18-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (109623 bytes)
Inside the Bofors
19-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (93115 bytes)
Firing control of the Bofors
20-QUEBEC-8-12-12-JAH.jpg (100745 bytes)
Bow and anchor chain looking on to the Port of Milwaukee

Port of Indiana Friday - Sheldon Rody
portofind8-11-12-(2).jpg (75325 bytes) portofind8-11-12-(1).jpg (98203 bytes) portofind8-11-12-(3).jpg (90773 bytes)    

Leslie Tyfon 425 from the Charles M. Beeghly - Al Johnson
8-5-12.jpg (109117 bytes)
Will be blown on 150 psi steam at the St Clair "Whistles on the Water" September 29, 2012

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