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August 19 - 20, 20

8/20 - Manistee at South Chicago Sunday - Lou Gerard
Manistee-8-19-12-lg-DSC-0507.jpg (100373 bytes)
Manistee passes John J. Boland waiting to load at KCBX.
Manistee-8-19-12-lg-DSC-0519.jpg (123321 bytes)
Manistee waiting for rail traffic to clear at NS5.
Manistee-8-19-12-lg-DSC-0537.jpg (156694 bytes)
Through NS5 she approaching 95th St. Manistee is loaded with coal for Manistee MI.

8/20 - Alpena in Cleveland Saturday
- Dave Beach
1-Alpena-8-18-12-db.jpg (140194 bytes)
Alpena clearing NS Bridge 1 in Cleveland early Saturday afternoon with help from the GLT tug California.
2-Alpena-8-18-12-db.jpg (92443 bytes)
California cranks up to pull Alpena around the bend at Shooters and into the Old River channel.
3-Alpena-8-18-12-db.jpg (139868 bytes)
California has cut loose and Alpena is ready to pull forward into the slip with a partial load of cement.

8/20 - Paul R. Tregurtha in Erie, Pa. for repairs - Hugh Gillett
Paul-T-004.jpg (99089 bytes) Paul-T-006.jpg (64041 bytes) Paul-T-009.jpg (71358 bytes)    

8/20 - Muskegon. Mich. Saturday - Justin Olsen
1-Milclipper-8-18-12-jo.jpg (110296 bytes)
Milwaukee Clipper at her dock
2-clipper-8-18-12-jo.jpg (89421 bytes) 3-townsend-8-18-12-jo.jpg (140926 bytes)
 Paul H. Townsend in lay-up
4-townsend-8-18-12-jo.jpg (115896 bytes) 5-townsend-8-18-12-jo.jpg (134675 bytes)

8/20 - Mississagi at Hamilton Saturday - John McCreery
1-Mississagi-8-1812-jm.jpg (94749 bytes)
Mississagi approaching the Burlington piers
2-Mississagi-8-18-12-jm.jpg (101597 bytes)
Inbound with sand loaded at Fairport Ohio
3-Mississagi-8-18-12-jm.jpg (141133 bytes)
Closer view inside the piers
4-Mississagi-8-18-12-jm.jpg (146443 bytes)
Bow detail
5-Mississagi-8-18-12-jm.jpg (155498 bytes)
Under the bridges at 6:45 p.m., she will unload at Pier 23 and be ready to depart by 11 p.m. - they don't waste any time.

8/20 - Seaway at Mariatown Wednesday to Saturday - Murray Blancher
1-Clipper-Legacy-19-08-12-mb.jpg (91123 bytes)
Clipper Legacy down
2-Clipper-Legacy-19-08-12-mb.jpg (63332 bytes) 3-Clipper-Legacy-19-08-12-mb.jpg (88818 bytes) 4-Catherine-Desgagnes-19-08-12-mb.jpg (91982 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes down at dusk
5-CSL-Laurentien-10-08-12-mb.jpg (56698 bytes)
CSL Lauentien up
6-Captian-Henry-Jackman-19-08-12-mb.jpg (62281 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman up
7-BBC-Louisiana-19-08-12-mb.jpg (75259 bytes)
BBC Louisiana up
8-BBC-Louisiana-19-08-12-mb.jpg (54903 bytes) 9-BBC-Louisiana-19-08-12-mb.jpg (90234 bytes) 10-MCT-Arcturus-19-08-12-mb.jpg (72755 bytes)
MCT Arcturus up
11-MCT-Arcturus-19-08-12-mb.jpg (68273 bytes) 12-MCT-Arcturus-19-08-12-mb.jpg (105215 bytes) 13-Richelieu-19-08-12-mb.jpg (139322 bytes)
Richelieu up
14-Algoma-Mariner-19-08-12-mb.jpg (117953 bytes)
Algoma Mariner up
15-Algoma-Mariner-19-08-12-mb.jpg (103582 bytes)

8/20 -  Arthur M. Anderson in Buffalo, N.Y. Sunday - Brian W.
1-Arthur-M.-Anderson-8-19-12-BW.jpg (86311 bytes)
Anderson is making the turn to Starboard from the Buffalo Fairway Buoy to the South Entrance Channel with the South Side Light seen to the left and a fair amount of pleasure boat traffic in the way.
2-Arthur-M.-Anderson-8-19-12-BW.jpg (83366 bytes)
Now inside the Buffalo Outer Harbor Southern Channel, the ship lines up for the Lackawanna Canal, brining in a stone cargo for the Gateway Metroport Main Dock.

8/20 - Kaye E. Barker Unloading Stone at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1keb8_16_12_rb.jpg (165459 bytes)
Scenic view, showing off her fresh paint
2keb8_16_12_rb.jpg (134653 bytes)
Stern view, unloading into the hopper

8/20 -  Historical Perspective Inland Seas - George Lee
Inland-Seas-underway.jpg (132968 bytes)
Inland Seas underway on St. Clair River 1974
Inland-Seas-Welland.jpg (120386 bytes)
Inland Seas downbound in Welland Canal for Quebec City 1976
St-Barnaby.jpg (127379 bytes)
Inland Seas as St-Barnabe, Carlton, Quebec 2004
St-Barnaby-main-deck.jpg (90383 bytes)
Interior lounge

8/19 - Cheboygan traffic - Dianne Donati

McKee & Sons/Invincible

Samuel-DeChamplain-Innovation-2-8-19-12-dd.jpg (119894 bytes)    

8/19 - Mississagi downbound below Lock 2 - Skip Gillham


8/19 - The Manistee unloading coal at the BPW dock - Bill Van Appledorn


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