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August 22 - 23, 20

USS De Wert (FFG 45) and USS Hurricane (PC 3) Wednesday - Don Detloff
1-dewert-22aug12-djd.jpg (75145 bytes)
USS De Wert (FFG 45) at Port Huron
2-hurricane-22aug12-djd.jpg (102612 bytes)
USS Hurricane (PC 3) at Port Huron
3-dewert-22aug12-djd.jpg (79133 bytes) 4-hurricane-22aug12-djd.jpg (99111 bytes) 5-dewert-22aug12-djd.jpg (86497 bytes)
6-hurricane-22aug12-djd.jpg (138659 bytes)        

Lower Seaway - Paul Beesley
1-colone-8-02-12-pb.jpg (100839 bytes)
Tugs Colonel and Ecosse move the USS Edson upriver at Prescott, Ontario.
2-colone-8-02-12-pb.jpg (109335 bytes)
Close-up of the tug.
3-colone-8-02-12-pb.jpg (104387 bytes)
Stern view.
4-sagin-8-02-12-pb.jpg (103953 bytes)
Saginaw unloading at Canada Corn Starch in Cardinal, Ontario.
5-gargan-8-03-12-pb.jpg (98439 bytes)
Garganey upbound just before getting to the Snell lock.
6-quebec-8-03-12-pb.jpg (89579 bytes)
HMCS Ville de Quebec on Lake St Francis.
7-security-8-03-12-pb.jpg (149831 bytes)
Security boat with the Naval units.
8-dewert-8-03-12-pb.jpg (99560 bytes)
USS De Wert followed the Quebec.
9-hurric-8-03-12-pb.jpg (108037 bytes)
And was followed in turn by the USS Hurricane.
10-cascad-8-03-12-pb.jpg (178590 bytes)
In Coteau Landing, Quebec, we found this little research ship, the Cascades 1.  The concrete wall is part of the Soulange Canal that was used before the Seaway was built.

Trenton and Toledo - Chuck Wagner
1-CAL-8-21-12-cw.jpg (71405 bytes)
 Calumet unloading coal at the Trenton power plant.
2-CAL-8-21-12-cw.jpg (63754 bytes) 3-CAL-8-21-12-cw.jpg (98414 bytes) 4-CUY-8-21-12-cw.jpg (116757 bytes)
 Cuyahoga loading at ADM in Toledo.
1-CUY-8-21-12-cw.jpg (101884 bytes)
2-CUY-8-21-12-cw.jpg (105371 bytes) 3-CUY-8-21-12-cw.jpg (104627 bytes)      

Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian W.
1-McKee-Sons-8-21-12-BW.jpg (105040 bytes)
Tug Invincible backing her barge down the reach of the Buffalo Ship Canal below the Great Northern Elevator. The close proximity of a sailboat marina makes it tight to navigate this section.
2-McKee-Sons-8-21-12-BW.jpg (128245 bytes)
You can see the different types of construction of the barge McKee Sons. To the left is the newer steel plate of the tug notch, center is the riveted hull of the C-4 troop ship, & the right shows the lake freighter hull from the 50's.  
3-McKee-Sons-8-21-12-BW.jpg (114298 bytes)
The barge is now abeam of the General Mills Frontier Elevator, taking up most of the good water in the canal. The careless pleasure craft to the left was almost swamped by the bow thruster a minute later.
4-McKee-Sons-8-21-12-BW.jpg (152378 bytes)
Now backing down the Buffalo River Entrance Channel with the USS Little Rock to the right & the Moondance cruise boat to the left.
5-McKee-Sons-8-21-12-BW.jpg (114722 bytes)
coming clear of the Buffalo River with downtown in the background as seen from the North Pier.
6-McKee-Sons-8-21-12-BW.jpg (93826 bytes)
Buffalo's best Boatnerd tries to get the right shot as they come abeam of the navigation marker at Lighthouse Point.
7-McKee-Sons-8-21-12-BW.jpg (113166 bytes)
The captain gets on the bow thruster to kick her to Starboard & swing around the point as they line up to back into the Outer Harbor. The barge's massive unloading rig "A" frame dominates the forward structure.
8-McKee-Sons-8-21-12-BW.jpg (118409 bytes)
They are now clear of the river entrance, dragging a line of silt with them, and starting to back away to more open water in Buffalo Outer Harbor before winding to head out on the lake.

Newfoundland - Clarence Vautier
SevenEagle8-19-12-cv.jpg (176910 bytes)
Seven Eagle research vessel at St John's.
HeatherKnutsen8-19-12-cv.jpg (51225 bytes)
Canadian flagged vessel Heather Knutsen, Jasmine Knutsen and the Catherine Knutsen in Conception Bay
CatherineKnutsen8-19-12-cv.jpg (64759 bytes) JasmineKnutsen8-19-12-cv.jpg (43727 bytes)  

Calumet in Wyandotte Channel, Detroit River - Ken Borg
calumet8-21-12-kb-(2).jpg (61256 bytes)
Calumet upbound the Wyandotte Channel of the Detroit River coming from unloading coal at The Detroit Edison Company Trenton Channel Power Plant on Aug 21.
calumet8-21-12-kb-(3).jpg (60428 bytes) wyandotte-calumetindian-kb.jpg (86628 bytes)
The Lower Lakes Indian and the Wyandotte Indian. The former stack marking is on display at the Wyandotte Boat Club.

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Ostrander-Integrity-8-22-12-dd.jpg (96617 bytes) Great-Republic-4-8-22-12-dd.jpg (168094 bytes) Ostrander-Integrity-8-21-12-dd.jpg (92421 bytes) USS-DeWert-5-8-21-12-dd.jpg (119050 bytes)  

St. Clair River - Jacob Northup
PORTHURON-026.jpg (91605 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound at Port Huron with a load of taconite.
marine2812.jpg (90993 bytes)
 Algomarine downbound at Port Huron with a load of stone.
Barker8-12.jpg (112229 bytes)
 Kaye E. Barker downbound at St. Clair with a load of ore.
ALGOWAY8-12.jpg (92906 bytes)
Algoway downbound at St. Clair with a load of stone.
elis.jpg (116284 bytes)
Elisalex Schulte downbound at St. Clair with a load of fuel.

Arthur M. Anderson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick and Lee Rowe
1ama8_22_12_rb.jpg (189398 bytes)
Arriving at the ore dock. Rod Burdick
2ama8_22_12_rb.jpg (150947 bytes)
Loading ore. Rod Burdick
IMG_9814.jpg (119283 bytes)
Lee Rowe
IMG_9816.jpg (146001 bytes)
Lee Rowe

Toronto and Port Credit Sunday - Mark Wolodarsky
Manitoba9-19-12-mw.jpg (111597 bytes)
Manitoba is seen in layup in Toronto.
ridgetown8-12-mw.jpg (88020 bytes)
Ridgetown is seen in retirement as a breakwall at Port Credit.

H. Lee White in Marquette - Tony Williams
Hleewhite8-21-12.jpg (221570 bytes)        

Soo and Straits - Matt Lemon
US-CUSTOMS-IN-SOO-CANADA..jpg (124274 bytes) P1030923.jpg (113105 bytes) P1030908.jpg (73242 bytes)    

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