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August 24, 20

Saginaw in Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Saginaw-8-23-12--BW.jpg (129115 bytes)
Saginaw off the Burnette Trucking (Penn-Dixie) dock on the Buffalo River.
2-Saginaw-8-23-12-BW.jpg (100567 bytes)
Led around the 45 degree bend and through the bridge at Ohio St. by the Washington.
3-Saginaw-8-23-12-BW.jpg (111463 bytes)
Washington starts into the 90 degree bend just below the Lake & Rail Elevator seen in the background.
4-Saginaw-8-23-12-BW.jpg (174212 bytes)
Her bow swings just clear of the bank as the thruster kicks up lots of silt. Blue tarps are in place to contain grain dust while unloading.
5-Saginaw-8-23-12-BW.jpg (85979 bytes)
She's swinging pretty good now, the ship's stern is starting into the reach alongside the dock. The Lake & Rail Elevator was built around a right angle turn in the river back in 1927.
6-Saginaw-8-23-12-BW.jpg (85207 bytes)
Crewmen are lowered over the side to secure the lines.
7-Saginaw-8-23-12-BW.jpg (106702 bytes)
Now released from the stern tow line, the Washington is helping bring her into the dock as the unloading boom is raised to the hopper at the Lake & Rail Elevator.

St. Clair River Thursday - Herm Klein
1-MKS-8-23-12-HK.jpg (101047 bytes)
McKee Sons upbound at Marysville
2-AGN-8-23-12-HK.jpg (99064 bytes)
Algoma Guardian downbound
3-ASM-8-23-12-HK.jpg (81561 bytes)
Algosteel passes the Mississagi above the Salt Dock Light
4-MIS-8-23-12-HK.jpg (103909 bytes)
Mississagi  downbound
5-AMM-8-23-12-HK.jpg (96797 bytes)
American Mariner at Lambton generating
6-CHK-23-12-HK.jpg (104755 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman above St Clair
7-CSN-8-23-12-HK.jpg (88185 bytes)
CSL Niagara below Port Huron
8-BUF-8-23-12-HK.jpg (82005 bytes)
Buffalo downbound at Black River

Saltie Han Xin downbound in the St. Clair River on Thursday - Kevin Majewski
1.HanXin-8-23-12-KM.jpg (106213 bytes)
On her way to Hamilton Ontario.
2.HanXi-8-23-12-KM.jpg (129355 bytes) 3.HaXi-8-23-12-KM.jpg (83091 bytes)
Stern view downbound at St. Clair.

 CCGS Private Robertson VC on her delivery trip into the Lakes - Ron Beaupre
1-private-23-08-12-rb.jpg (107252 bytes)
Entering Iroquois Lock.
2-private-23-08-12-rb.jpg (127535 bytes)      

Recent St. Marys River Traffic - Roger LeLievre
1Algolake-8-12RL.jpg (45555 bytes)
Algolake, with the Burns Harbor following behind.
2Algoma-Montrealais-8-12RL.jpg (41499 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais below Six Mile.
3Algoma-Navigator-8-12RL.jpg (57674 bytes)
Algoma Navigator.
4Algoway---8-12RL.jpg (28783 bytes)
Algoway followed by Herbert C. Jackson
5Anglian-Lady---8-12RL.jpg (57566 bytes)
Anglian Lady
6Burns-Harbor---8-12RL.jpg (41445 bytes)
Burns Harbor
7Garganey---8-12RL.jpg (57974 bytes)
CanFor Nav's Garganey
8Han-Xin---8-12RL.jpg (53239 bytes)
Han Xin is registered in Hong Kong.
9Indiana-Harbor---fog8-12RL.jpg (30767 bytes)
Indiana Harbor comes out of the fog.
10McCarthy-Jr---8-12RL.jpg (36997 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. meets Ville de Quebec above Nine Mile Point.
11PML-2501-8-12RL.jpg (36625 bytes)
Barge PML 2501.
12Presque-Isle-8-12RL.jpg (27661 bytes)
Presque Isle loaded with stone for the U.S. lakehead.
13Richelieu-VilleDeQuebec-8-12RL.jpg (39939 bytes)Richelieu meets visiting Canadian warship Ville de Quebec
14Summerside-8-12RL.jpg (55091 bytes)
HMCS Summerside downbound on Thursday morning.
16Ville-de-Quebec-8-12RL.jpg (52875 bytes)
HMCS Ville de Quebec
15Ville-de-Quebec-8-12RL-stern.jpg (45608 bytes)
Stern view of Ville de Quebec

St. Clair River on Thursday - Don Detloff
1-mississagi-23aug12-djd.jpg (102575 bytes)
Mississagi at Sombra
2-mariner-23aug12-djd.jpg (85872 bytes)
American Mariner at Marine City

Traffic passing Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
BBC-Rhine-2-8-23-12-dd.jpg (102020 bytes) Samuel-DeChamplain-Innovation-8-23-12-dd.jpg (131726 bytes)      

American Narrows and Rockport, Ontario and Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-front-8-01-12-pb.jpg (88206 bytes)
Frontenac upbound.
2-summ-8-01-12-pb.jpg (106846 bytes)
HMCS Summerside passes the US Border Patrol station.
3-summ-8-01-12-pb.jpg (100082 bytes)
On her way toward the Thousand Island Bridge.
4-ti3-8-01-12-pb.jpg (95959 bytes)
Thousand Islander III and HMCS Moncton close to Boldt Castle.
5-monc-8-01-12-pb.jpg (83861 bytes)
Another view of the Moncton.
6-monc-8-01-12-pb.jpg (83062 bytes)
Moncton has dipped her Canadian flag is response to our flag salute.
7-barge-8-01-12-pb.jpg (104910 bytes)
A little river will never stand in the way of getting cement delivered to your island.
8-ida-8-01-12-pb.jpg (107870 bytes)
Ida M III returning to Rockport with a load of Pax.
12-0820-Great-Republic-(6).jpg (79810 bytes)
Great Republic early in the morning after clearing Lock 1, upbound.
12-0820-Great-Republic-(10).jpg (62615 bytes)
 Later in the day she is seen above Lock 7.
12-0820-John-D-Leitch-(5).jpg (92579 bytes)
 John D Leitch.
12-0820-John-D-Leitch-(3).jpg (158231 bytes) 12-0820-John-D-Leitch-(6).jpg (76915 bytes)    

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