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August 27, 20

Mississagi made a slow trip up the Cuyahoga to deliver stone Sunday morning - Dave Beach
1-Mississagi-82612-db.jpg (66064 bytes)
Mississagi approaching NS Bridge 1 after waiting out several trains.
2-Mississagi-82612-db.jpg (170769 bytes)
Coming under NS Bridge 1
3-Mississagi-82612-db.jpg (132565 bytes)
Settlers Landing
4-Mississagi-82612-db.jpg (128745 bytes)
Columbus Road
5-Mississagi-82612-db.jpg (138048 bytes)

Off of the Lorain Carnegie (Hope Memorial) bridge
1-Mississagi-8-26-12-kw.jpg (209788 bytes)
Mississagi from the Hope Memorial Bridgeas it comes around collision bend. -Kate White

Ken Boothe Sr. and Lakes Contender at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1kbslc8_25_12_rb.jpg (142335 bytes)
Loading ore - Rod Burdick
2kbslc8_25_12_rb.jpg (162176 bytes)
View from the breakwall
IMG_9827.jpg (115517 bytes)
Lee Rowe
IMG_9825.jpg (133695 bytes)  

Seaway - Rene Beauchamp
Phoenix-Star8-25-12-rb.jpg (104203 bytes)
Phoenix Star, formerly J W Shelley on Saturday at Sorel-Tracy, one day after the new name was painted.
VSLCenturion-PhoenixStar8-25-12-rb.jpg (55766 bytes)
VSL Centurion astern of Phoenix Star.
VSL-CenturionPhoenix-Sun8-25-12-rb.jpg (49483 bytes)
VSL Centurion, soon to have her new name of Phoenix Sun to be painted .
Vikingbank8-25-12-rb.jpg (63303 bytes)
Vikingbank upbound off Varennes and heading for Montreal for Seaway inspection before resuming her trip to Thunder Bay on Sunday morning.

Canadian Warships Summerside (711) and Moncton (708) into Port Huron Friday - Frank Frisk
1-SUMMERSIDE-8-24-12-ff-jpg.jpg (180739 bytes) 2-MONCTON-8-24-12-ff-jpg.jpg (139412 bytes) 3-BeanDock-8-24-12-ff-jpg.jpg (87918 bytes) 4-BeanDock-8-24-12-ff-jpg.jpg (94699 bytes)  

Buffalo - Brian W.
1-American-Mariner-8-24-12-BW.jpg (100427 bytes)
American Mariner has made the turn around Lighthouse Point & is heading up the Buffalo River Entrance Channel. The intake crib & the old Horse Shoe Reef Light can be seen in the far background.
2-American-Mariner-8-24-12-BW.jpg (130989 bytes)
 Mariner is the largest vessel to ever navigate the Buffalo River/City Ship Canal and this shot shows her massive size as she passes by the North Pier.
3-American-Mariner-8-24-12-BW.jpg (151727 bytes)
The bow thruster kicks her to Starboard & away from the USS Little Rock as seen from the Port bridge wing of the retired missile cruiser.
4-American-Mariner-8-24-12-BW.jpg (126662 bytes)
The stern is now swinging into the 90 degree turn with the Buffalo Main Light of 1833 in the background. What would the builders of that old light think if they were here to see the Mariner go buy today?
5-American-Mariner-8-24-12-BW.jpg (101452 bytes)
The aft superstructure block of the Mariner with some tarps on the unloader rig for dust control. A bridge crew member is in the Port wing window watching her progress through the turn.
6-American-Mariner-8-24-12-BW.jpg (128512 bytes)
The ship is now in the widest section of the Buffalo River called the Watson Turning Basin as she begins the line up for the narrow City Ship Canal that lies ahead, branching off of the main channel.
7-American-Mariner-8-24-12-BW.jpg (115920 bytes)
She's slowly moving forward & about to enter the City Ship Canal seen to the left. She will pass the old PRR Connecting Terminal Elevator & duck under the Buffalo Skyway Bridge to head up to General Mills.
1-American-Mariner-8-25-12-BW.jpg (204961 bytes)
American Mariner at the General Mills Frontier Elevator on the Buffalo Ship Canal. The flour mill is off to the left in the distance, & the ADM Great Northern elevator is off to the right.
2-American-Mariner-8-25-12-BW.jpg (156592 bytes)
A closer view of the unloading rig raised to the hopper. The wide beam of the ship makes it difficult for other vessels to pass by within the narrow confines of the canal.
3-American-Mariner-8-25-12-BW.jpg (195968 bytes)
A view looking down from the Buffalo Skyway reveals the close clearance the Mariner has. The "Air Draft" of the antennas comes in just under the 100-foot limit over the water's surface to the bridge beams.

St. Clair River at Marine City on Saturday - Don Detloff
1-moncton-25aug12-djd.jpg (75897 bytes)
HMCS Moncton (MM 708)
2-moncton-25aug12-djd.jpg (81165 bytes)
HMCS Moncton (MM 708)
3-barker-25aug12-djd.jpg (60720 bytes)
James R. Barker
4-aird-25aug12-djd.jpg (67914 bytes)
John B. Aird

Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin
1-han-25-08-12-mg.jpg (153512 bytes)
Han Xing just left lock 4 east
2-han-25-08-12-mg.jpg (125973 bytes)
stern view
3-ronald-25-08-12-mg.jpg (138847 bytes)
 Ronald J. Dahlke is tied up at wharf 2
4-kimb-25-08-12-mg.jpg (121023 bytes)
Kimberly Anne is approaching lock 7
5-kimb-25-08-12-mg.jpg (123821 bytes)
stern view

Welland Canal - Skip Gillham
Cuyahoga-L.-2-IMG_3242.jpg (99802 bytes)
Algosteel-L.-7-IMG_3238.jpg (75263 bytes)

Navy Week in Toledo celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 - Dave Wobser
1-Toledo-8-25-12-djw.jpg (153143 bytes)
Navy helicopter on display
2-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (83624 bytes)
USCGC Mobile Bay and her buoy barge open for tours.
3-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (143689 bytes)
Mobile Bay stern view
4-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (117934 bytes)
USS Hurricane PC 3 ready for public tours
5-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (129426 bytes)
Hurricane stern view
6-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (219381 bytes)
Hurricane interpretive panel
7-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (236796 bytes)
Canadians taking a break from the hot sun
8-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (106250 bytes)
USS De Wert and Canada's NCSM Ville de Quebec at the LaFarge dock
9-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (135773 bytes)
View from across the river
10-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (97685 bytes)
USCG security around the naval vessels
12-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (146135 bytes)
 Work progressing on the future home of the Col. James M. Schoonmaker
11-Toledo-8-25-2012-djw.jpg (164775 bytes)
Another view

Lower Lakes Fleet - Rob Wolcott
1-Cuyahoga-8-25-12-rw.jpg (128271 bytes)
 Cuyahoga Downbound on Lake Ontario, beam of Niagara on the Lake.
2-Cuyahoga-8-25-12-rw.jpg (97397 bytes)
Bow Profile from Starboard side
3-Cuyahoga-8-25-12-rw.jpg (65949 bytes)
Stern Shot
4-Cuyahoga-8-25-12-rw.jpg (107092 bytes)
Classic L6-S-A1 Maritimer lines with the cruiser stern.
5-Cuyahoga-8-25-12-rw.jpg (154788 bytes)
Port shot as she heads up the seaway
1-MckeeSons-8-21-12-rw.jpg (177074 bytes)
Mckee Sons has just finished unloading sand and is getting ready to depart the city ship canal on Tuesday.
2-MckeeSons-8-21-12-rw.jpg (175464 bytes)
 Invincible powers up to begin the process of backing down the narrow stretch of water
3-MckeeSons-8-21-12-rw.jpg (88952 bytes)
The captain works the bow thruster on Mckee Sons as she slowly makes progress
4-MckeeSons-8-21-12-rw.jpg (112167 bytes)
She pops out past General Mills and out of the congested ship canal which is frequented by many pleasure craft on this day
5-MckeeSons-8-21-12-rw.jpg (104216 bytes)
Almost out of the Channel and into the Harbor, the Mckee Sons and Tug Invincible say farewell to Buffalo for now.
1-Saginaw-8-23-12-rw.jpg (144208 bytes)
Saginaw being towed under Buffalo's skyway with a load of grain for the lake and Rail elevator Thursday night.
2-Saginaw-8-23-12-rw.jpg (111573 bytes)
Saginaw being towed by the G-tug Washington up to the Michigan street bridge, as seen from the former DL&W terminal on the Buffalo river
3-Saginaw-8-23-12-rw.jpg (144160 bytes)
The tow as it passes under the Ohio Street bridge
4-Saginaw-8-23-12-rw.jpg (100353 bytes)
Saginaw almost clear of the bridge
5-Saginaw-8-23-12-rw.jpg (121678 bytes)
The bow as it swings to starboard to make the last turn approaching lake and rail
6-Saginaw-8-23-12-rw.jpg (76814 bytes)
 Bow on shot of Saginaw a mere 20 feet away

South Shore Canal and the St Lawrence River - Paul Beesley
1-rhine-8-04-12-pb.jpg (86376 bytes)
BBC Rhine working cargo in Valleyfield, Quebec.  She later went to the Upper Lakes.
2-wood-8-04-12-pb.jpg (77944 bytes)
Algowood upbound in the canal.  Even with only a 6 knot speed limit she pushes a lot of water.  Water is being sprayed on deck to keep the ship from Hogging.
3-rich-8-04-12-pb.jpg (88428 bytes)
Meeting the Richelieu in "The Sticks".
4-prc-8-04-12-pb.jpg (70261 bytes)
At Cote Ste Catharine the Cresswell was finished unloading and waiting for us to pass.  She would then lock down in Cote lock, turn around, lock back up and continue upstream toward her next destination.
5-salv-8-04-12-pb.jpg (114817 bytes)
Lambert Spirit, pushed by the tug Salvor, also in the South Shore Canal.
6-fox-8-06-12-pb.jpg (96699 bytes)
Charter yacht Destination Fox Harb'r Too upbound between Quebec City and Trois Rivieres, Quebec.
7-fox-8-06-12-pb.jpg (114561 bytes)
161 feet long, 28 feet wide, 8 feet 2 inches of draft.  Built in 2008 by Trinity yachts. 
8-fox-8-06-12-pb.jpg (100844 bytes)
 Registered Cayman Islands.
9-fox-8-06-12-pb.jpg (103480 bytes)
2 x 2250 CAT 3512.  Speed 16 to 20 knots.  Crew of 11.
10-jana-8-06-12-pb.jpg (155846 bytes)
Back to reality...Jana Desgagnes anchored waiting for cargo.  She is still manned by Rigel Shipping although chartered to Desgagnes.

BBC Louisiana entering Muskegon Aug. 22 - Tyler Fairfield
BBC-Louisiana8-22-12-tf.jpg (93491 bytes) BBC-Louisiana8-22-12-tfb.jpg (75236 bytes) BBC-Louisiana8-22-12-tfc.jpg (120762 bytes) meredithashton8-22-12-tf.jpg (84967 bytes)  

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Alpena-8-25-12-dd.jpg (116759 bytes) Federal-Katsura-8-26-12-dd.jpg (123558 bytes)      

Historical Perspective - Kinsman Enterprise unloading a grain cargo at the Lake & Rail elevator on the Buffalo River on June 30, 1990 - Brian W.
1-Kinsman-Enterprise-6-30-90-BW-001.jpg (95435 bytes)        

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