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August 29, 20

 Coast Guard cutter removed from water at Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland via travel lift - Coast Guard photos by Petty Officer 3rd Class Lauren Laughlin
120828-G-ZZ999-003-Buckthorn.jpg (100435 bytes)
Coast Guard Cutter Buckthorn, a 100-foot class inland buoy tender, is lifted out of the water Aug. 28.

The Buckthorn is the first cutter in the Great Lakes region to be lifted completely out of the water and transferred onto a dry dock by a travel lift.
120828-G-ZZ999-001-Buckthorn.jpg (105448 bytes)
Coast Guard Cutter Buckthorn, a 100-foot class inland buoy tender, is lifted out of the water by straps on a travel lift to be transferred to a dry dock at the Great Lakes Ship Yard.

The cutter's homeport is Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., but the crew brought the cutter to Cleveland for extended maintenance.
120828-G-ZZ999-002-Buckthorn.jpg (158106 bytes)
The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Buckthorn pause to take a picture in front of the cutter while it is being lifted out of the water.

The Buckthorn, commissioned Aug. 18, 1963, is the oldest cutter in use on the Great Lakes.

McKee Sons in the Wyandotte Channel of the Detroit River on Aug. 28 - Ted Flanders
IMG_9408.jpg (79996 bytes)
McKee Sons going down into the Wyandotte Channel of the Detroit River.  Mud Island is to the left.
IMG_9410.jpg (78974 bytes)
McKee Sons down the Wyandotte Channel passing the Wyandotte Indian.
IMG_9417.jpg (101425 bytes)
The G-Tug Wyoming going out to help the McKee Sons transit the bridges to Grosse Isle and dock at The Detroit Edison Trenton Channel Power Plant.

St. Clair River Aug. 28 - Kevin Majewski
1.Art-8-28-12-KM.jpg (118396 bytes)
  Saltie tanker MCT Arcturus, moored at Froomfield Ontario
2.AlgoEa-8-12-KM.jpg (95666 bytes)
Algoeast downbound at St. Clair
3.AlgoE-8-28-12-KM.jpg (98282 bytes) 4.AlgE-8-28-12-KM.jpg (95986 bytes) 5.Alg-8-28-12-KM.jpg (107853 bytes)
6.AmerSp-8-28-12-KM.jpg (83443 bytes)
American Spirit upbound at Marysville
7.AmerS-8-28-12-KM.jpg (58213 bytes) 8.AmeS-8-28-12-KM.jpg (120429 bytes) 9.Ame-8-28-12-KM.jpg (117170 bytes) 10.Am-8-28-12-KM.jpg (90599 bytes)
11.Vig-8-28-12-KM.jpg (83081 bytes)
Tug Vigilant I, upbound at St. Clair
12.Vi-8-28-12-KM.jpg (83139 bytes)
barge in tow upbound in the St. Clair river

Sunday Hamilton and Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-FederalYukon-8-26-12-jm.jpg (135843 bytes)
 Federal Yukon arriving Hamilton
2-FederalYukon-8-26-12-jm.jpg (127228 bytes)
Stern view headed in to the anchorage
3-Algosoo-8-26-12-jm.jpg (107427 bytes)
Algosoo upbound in ballast
4-Algosoo-8-26-12-jm.jpg (96749 bytes)
At the Homer bridge
5-Michipicoten-8-26-12-jm.jpg (100284 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound at the approach to lock 7
6-Michipicoten-8-26-12-jm.jpg (156145 bytes)
Stern view entering 7
7-Michipicoten-8-26-12-jm.jpg (127074 bytes)
Riding high in lock
8-Michipicoten-8-26-12-jm.jpg (121746 bytes)
Bow nudging out of 7
9-Michipicoten-8-26-12-jm.jpg (134674 bytes)
Michipicoten headed for lock 6 East
10-Michipicoten-8-26-12-jm.jpg (108488 bytes)
 Destination Quebec City

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-dool-8-21-12-md.jpg (95981 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound at 1 & 2.
2-path-8-21-12-a-md.jpg (116683 bytes)
Tug Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder upbound at Black River.
3-path-8-21-12-b-md.jpg (107440 bytes)
Heading into the lake.
4-keb-8-21-12-a-md.jpg (116492 bytes)
 Kaye E. Barker upbound at Black River.
5-keb-8-21-12-b-md.jpg (118408 bytes)
Under the bridges.
6-keb-8-21-12-c-md.jpg (94792 bytes)
Following her fleetmate.
7-keb-8-21-12-d-md.jpg (102581 bytes)
Stern view.
8-sag-8-22-12-md.jpg (87001 bytes)
Saginaw downbound at 1 & 2.
9-alma-8-22-12-md.jpg (109147 bytes)
Algomarine making the turn at 1 & 2.
10-prt-8-23-12-a-md.jpg (81356 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha upbound at Black River with tug Manitou escorting.
11-prt-8-23-12-b-md.jpg (134402 bytes)
Under the bridges.
12-prt-8-23-12-c-md.jpg (104987 bytes)
Into the lake.
13-man-8-23-12-a-md.jpg (113013 bytes)
Tug Manitou upbound at Black River.
14-man-8-23-12-b-md.jpg (94632 bytes)
Returning from escort duties.
15-mari-8-23-12-md.jpg (66806 bytes)
American Mariner downbound at 1 & 2.
16-spir-8-28-12-md.jpg (104645 bytes)
American Spirit heads into Lake Huron.
17-rail-8-28-12-md.jpg (106907 bytes)
Algorail downbound at 1 & 2.

Lachine to Brockville photos.  Aug 16 & 17 - Paul Beesley
1-legac-8-16-12-pb.jpg (64012 bytes)
Clipper Legacy upbound.
2-legac-8-16-12-pb.jpg (86247 bytes)
Stern View.
3-spence-8-16-12-pb.jpg (75387 bytes)
Followed by John Spence & Niagara Spirit.
4-spence-8-16-12-pb.jpg (90443 bytes)
Stern view.
5-iryda-8-17-12-pb.jpg (110698 bytes)
Iryda upbound.
6-iryda-8-17-12-pb.jpg (101082 bytes)
Another view.

 Montreal to Trois Rivieres, Aug 5 - Paul Beesley
1-gcl-8-05-12-pb.jpg (91344 bytes)
Don, ex-Gordon C Leitch, with Honduran flag and blacked out stack.  You can still see the ULS markings despite the paint.
2-maya-8-05-12-pb.jpg (113328 bytes)
 MSC Maya working cargo at Montreal.
3-bain-8-05-12-pb.jpg (132137 bytes)
Ocean Georgie Bain in a hurry.
4-palerm-8-05-12-pb.jpg (110801 bytes)
Maersk Palermo with a full load of boxes.
5-intrep-8-05-12-pb.jpg (135174 bytes)
Ocean Intrepide also returning to her dock.
6-lakat-8-05-12-pb.jpg (80589 bytes)
Tanker Lakatamia working cargo.
7-arca-8-05-12-pb.jpg (130690 bytes)
The Arca refuels the Energy Power at anchorage.
8-lagon-8-05-12-pb.jpg (83960 bytes)
Lagonda, named after a car, waits at anchor for a dock.
9-oak-8-05-12-pb.jpg (95435 bytes)
Oakglen in Sorel working cargo.
10-spirit-8-05-12-pb.jpg (106711 bytes)
Common Spirit in Trois Rivieres undergoing bow repairs.

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan - Dianne Donati
Joe-Thompson-3-8-28-12-dd.jpg (122462 bytes) Samuel-DeChamplain-8-28-12-dd.jpg (101818 bytes) Joe-Thompson-8-27-12-dd.jpg (140379 bytes)    

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