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September 2, 20

St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
1Algoma-Spirit-RL1.jpg (36185 bytes)
Algoma Spirit, upbound on Friday.
2Algoma-Spirit-RL2.jpg (48654 bytes)
Stern view of the Spirit.
3Algonorth-1RL.jpg (44137 bytes)
Algonorth at the Purvis scrapyard.
4Algonorth-2RL.jpg (76440 bytes)
Algonorth's aft cabin, with the tug Kam.
5Ford,-EM---RL.jpg (70977 bytes)
E.M. Ford remains.
6Ford,-EM---detailRL.jpg (120974 bytes)
Detail of the Ford's well-worn 100-plus-year-old hull plating.
7Nokomis---Canadian-lock2.jpg (85304 bytes)
Nokomis exits the Canadian Lock.
8Yankcanuck-RL.jpg (64976 bytes)
Yankcanuck in long-yerm layup in Soo Harbor.
9Lambert-Spirit-RL.jpg (53458 bytes)
Barge Lambert Spirit.
10Salvor-RL.jpg (59252 bytes)
Tug Salvor pushing the Lambert Spirit.
11Ecosse-RL.jpg (43408 bytes)
Tug Ecosse trailing the tug and barge.
12Block,-Jos-L-RL.jpg (47009 bytes)
Joseph L. Block at Nine Mile.
13Tecumseh-Saginaw-RL.jpg (44138 bytes)
Tecumseh downbound, followed by the Saginaw.
14Tecumseh-anchor-RL.jpg (33402 bytes)
Tecumseh anchored pending inspection. She may have struck something in Soo Harbor.
16Low-water.jpg (51034 bytes)
Abnormally low water in the St. Marys River Saturday afternoon. Tecumseh is anchored in the distance.
17Federal-Katsura-full-moon-RL.jpg (45208 bytes)
Federal Katsura and the full "blue" moon Friday night.

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_9845.jpg (75715 bytes)
Saginaw departing the dock after loading taconite pellets.
IMG_9851.jpg (107270 bytes)
Pilot house
IMG_9868.jpg (60178 bytes)
Leaving the harbor
IMG_9877.jpg (167127 bytes)
 Kaye E Barker unloading stone.
IMG_9882.jpg (103651 bytes)
Cason J Callaway.

 Hamilton harbor - Bill Bird
1-TimSDool-09-01-12-a-bb.jpg.jpg (101493 bytes)
With a load of ore from Quebec , Tim S Dool slides towards the south end of the Dofasco dock
2-Algomarine-09-01-12-bb.jpg (73575 bytes)
Algomarine also with ore arrived in harbour earlier, waited for the Dool to pass and then backed across the harbour towards Dofasco
3-AlgomarineTimSDool-09-01-12-bb.jpg (87021 bytes)
Algomarine making the turn at Dofasco.
4-AlgomarineTimSDool&fuelbarge-09-01-12-bb.jpg (116699 bytes)
Algomarine and Dool both unloading with Dool about to be fuelled.
5-Cuyahoga-09-01-12-a-bb.jpg (99728 bytes)
Having taken on a load of slag Cuyahoga prepares to leave Hamilton
6-Cuyahoga-09-01-12-b-bb.jpg (81889 bytes)
making the turn towards the Burlington Ship Canal
7-Cuyahoga&boats-09-01-12-bb.jpg (79276 bytes)
A flotilla of pleasure craft precedes Cuyahoga
8-Cuyahoga-09-01-12-c-bb.jpg (88501 bytes)
9-Cuyahogabow-09-01-12-bb.jpg (89348 bytes)
bow profile
10-Cuyahogastern09-01-12-bb.jpg (75138 bytes)
stern profile
11-Cuyahoga-09-01-12-d-bb.jpg (117699 bytes)
passing through the canal
12-Cuyahoga-09-01-12-e-bb.jpg (82904 bytes)
heading into Lake Ontario on her way to Alpena

Lower Lakes on Lake Ontario - Rob Wolcott
2-Manitoba-8-30-12-rw.jpg (92604 bytes)
Manitoba as she heads downbound in Lake Ontario on the Morning of the 30th
3-Manitoba-8-30-12-rw.jpg (61369 bytes)
Head on shot as she makes her way toward CIP 16 South.
1-Manitoba-8-30-12-rw.jpg (103742 bytes) 4-Manitoba-8-30-12-rw.jpg (79957 bytes) 5-Manitoba-8-30-12-rw.jpg (93023 bytes)
With her Fairbanks Morse diesels, Manitoba heads down the lake earning her keep.
1-Michipicoten-9-1-12-rw.jpg (93355 bytes)
Catching up to Michipicoten on her run upbound on the seaway.
2-Michipicoten-9-1-12-rw.jpg (101345 bytes)
 Stern shot as her new diesel power plant moves her through lake Ontario
3-Michipicoten-9-1-12-rw.jpg (165175 bytes)
Cabin detail of the last remaining Bethlehem steel built laker sailing under her own power. She was built as Elton Hoyt 2nd at Sparrows Point shipyard due to the back log of shipyards  on the lakes.
4-Michipicoten-9-1-12-rw.jpg (80130 bytes)
Classic lines of one of the best looking lakers built.
5-Michipicoten-9-1-12-rw.jpg (78840 bytes)
Bow profile as Michipicoten heads to Port Weller for her trip up the canal.

Sam Laud Squeezes by Cleveland Rocks in Cuyahoga River - Rich Nicholls
1-Sam-Laud-8-31-12-rn.jpg (179427 bytes) 2-Sam-Laud-8-31-12-rn.jpg (135816 bytes) 3-SAM-Laud-8-31-12-.jpg (90157 bytes) 4-Sam-Laud-8-31-12-rn.jpg (118306 bytes)  

Sarnia - John McCreery
1-McKeeSons-8-30-12-jm.jpg (142098 bytes)
McKee Sons upbound
2-KEBarker-8-29-12-jm.jpg (125601 bytes)
Kaye E Barker downbound for the Rouge
3-KEBarker-8-29-12-jm.jpg (148584 bytes)
Looking shinny and new
4-CoastGuard-8-29-12-jm.jpg (139827 bytes)
Coast Guard
5-Jackman-8-29-12-jm.jpg (124377 bytes)
On Patrol with Jackman down off the lake
6-Oberstar-8-29-12-jm.jpg (47043 bytes)
Night passage of the Oberstar
7-Oberstar-8-29-12-jm.jpg (185508 bytes)
Closer look
8-Oberstar-8-29-12-jm.jpg (59599 bytes)
 Into the black of Lake Huron
9-Anderson-8-30-12-jm.jpg (147202 bytes)
Anderson makes her turn thank goodness
10-KEBarker-Kam-8-30-12-jm.jpg (122583 bytes)
Sailing in between
11-KEBarker-Kam-8-30-12-jm.jpg (150804 bytes)
Barker at the rear but on the open lake soon took the lead
12-Cruisers-8-31-12-jm.jpg (115022 bytes)
Summer fun X 2
13-HCJackson-8-31-12-jm.jpg (142691 bytes)
Downbound Herbert C Jackson gets slapped by their waves
14-Manistee-8-31-12-jm.jpg (151371 bytes)
Manistee upbound
15-Manistee-Aird-8-31-12-jm.jpg (154791 bytes)
Bow view with the John B Aird
16-HHLAmazon-8-31-12-jm.jpg (117307 bytes)
HHL Amazon down from Thunder Bay
17-HuronLadyII-8-30-12-jm.jpg (125980 bytes)
A friendly wave
18-Munson-8-31-12-jm.jpg (152452 bytes)
Young boat watchers take in the action
19-Ojibway-Algosar-8-29-12-jm.jpg (123132 bytes)
Not everything out - Ojibway and Algosar in the North Slip
20-Victory-JLKuber-8-30-12-jm.jpg (118499 bytes)
Lots of activity on board the Victory, J L Kuber

Seaway Iroquois & Mariatown - Murray Blancher
1-Han-Xin-29-08-12-mb.jpg (127401 bytes)
 Han Xin down at Iroquois
2-Han-Xin-29-08-12-mb.jpg (88208 bytes) 3-Han-Xin-29-08-12-mb.jpg (108032 bytes) 4-Phoenix-Star-29-08-12-mb.jpg (82664 bytes)
Phoenix Star up at Mariatown
5-Phoenix-Star-29-08-12-mb.jpg (53765 bytes)
6-Phoenix-Star-29-08-12-mb.jpg (98450 bytes) 7-Han-Xin-29-08-29-mb.jpg (94492 bytes)
Han Xin down at Mariatown
8-Algolake-30-08-12-mb.jpg (65621 bytes)
Algolake up at Mariatown
9-Molly-M1-30-08-12-mb.jpg (100597 bytes)
 Molly M1 & S V68 up at Mariatown
10-Molly-M1&S-V6-30-08-12-mb.jpg (100282 bytes)
11-Birchglen-31-08-12-mb.jpg (93305 bytes)
 Birchglen down at Iroquois
12-Birchglen-31-08-12-mb.jpg (82665 bytes) 13-Tribu-31-08-12-mb.jpg (95098 bytes)
Yacht Tribu down at Mariatown
14-Michipicoten-31-08-12-mb.jpg (88761 bytes)
Michipicoten up at Mariatown
15-Michipicoten-31-08-12-mb.jpg (84339 bytes)

 New build Federal Sutton this week in IJmuiden - Peter Beentjes
federalsuttoncv.jpg (86306 bytes) federalsuttonca.jpg (89735 bytes)      

Seaway - Paul Beesley
1-fron-8-14-12-pb.jpg (61548 bytes)
Frontenac upbound passing the marina.
2-fron-8-14-12-pb.jpg (73284 bytes)
The flag on the left - Commodore?  If so, is it upside down?
3-ojib-8-14-12-pb.jpg (67635 bytes)
Ojibway in ballast upbound in the Wiley-Dondero Canal.
4-ojib-8-14-12-pb.jpg (80614 bytes)
 Ojibway approaching the Eisenhower Lock.
5-umiav-8-15-12-pb.jpg (88605 bytes)
 In Valleyfield, Quebec, the Umiavut heeled over as she loads more supplies for another Arctic Sealift trip.  The government of Nunavut (a territory in Northern Canada) coordinates the eastern Arctic sealift of dry cargo and bulk fuel for government departments, communities and residents.
6-power-8-15-12-pb.jpg (68459 bytes)
Federal Power on her way to the Lakes.
8-lumaaq-8-15-12-pb.jpg (166096 bytes)
Tug Luumaq waiting to be loaded on a ship for the Arctic.  Legend of Lumaaq is:  'From the swirling waters, the woman cries "Lumaaq, Lumaaq!" as a whale tows her away. This is the final episode in the legend of the blind boy who is the victim of an abusive mother. His sight regained, he takes revenge on her by tying her to the line of his harpoon just before he spears the whale.'
9-camill-8-15-12-pb.jpg (85211 bytes)
Camilla Desgagnes, a Ro-Ro (roll on / roll off) ship in Cote to load for the Arctic.  Her stern ramp is visible in the closed position.  It can be lowered unto the dock to allow her to be loaded.
10-camill-8-15-12-pb.jpg (80629 bytes)
Only one crane to load the deck.  Ice-capable bow as well.     NSSI, NEAS and NTCL provide dry cargo sealift services. NSSI and NEAS use general cargo and roll-on roll-off vessels, while NTCL uses a tug and barge combination. The Woodward Group delivers bulk fuel to the Nunavut region using tankers.
1-bowd-8-11-12-pb.jpg (124050 bytes)
Bowditch on her way from Clayton to Ogdensburg to assist a ship.
2-bowd-8-11-12-pb.jpg (155680 bytes)
The Captain of the Bowditch is a pilot on the river and was once Captain on the cruise ship Victorian Empress.
3-colon-8-11-12-pb.jpg (97574 bytes)
Colonel on a light tug transit after bringing up the USS Edson.
4-colon-8-11-12-pb.jpg (110811 bytes)
Another view.  Her AIS said she was bound for NYC.
5-ftwor-8-11-12-pb.jpg (90614 bytes)
USS Fort Worth on her delivery voyage, passing through the American Narrows.
6-ftwor-8-11-12-pb.jpg (95202 bytes)
Stern view.  Marine guard can be seen on the outer decks.
7-ti111-8-11-12-pb.jpg (168071 bytes)
Thousand Islander III with a good load of tourists.
7-anna-8-15-12-pb.jpg (195783 bytes) 8-havel-8-11-12-pb.jpg (103359 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel upbound.
9-simm-8-11-12-pb.jpg (138638 bytes)
 CCGS Simmonds patrolling the Canadian side.
10-simm-8-11-12-pb.jpg (183489 bytes)
Heading up to pass Rockport and work in the Canadian Channel.

Welland Canal - Skip Gillham
Algoma-Enterprise-IMG_3291.jpg (107516 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise downbound Welland Canal above Lock 1.
Rebecca-Lynn-IMG_3287.jpg (96006 bytes)
Tug Rebecca Lynn pushing the barge A-397 downbound below Lock 3.

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan - Dianne Donati
John-D-Letich-3-8-30-12-dd.jpg (121792 bytes) Ostrander-Integrity-8-31-12-dd.jpg (94013 bytes)      

Picton Castle downbound passing the Charles M. Beeghly at Marysville, Michigan
1-Beeghly-8-21-06-wb.jpg (140749 bytes)
August 21, 2006

Historical Perspectives - Vigilant 1 - George Lee  
Canadian-Franko-1977.jpg (59948 bytes)
Vigilant 1 as Glenlivet II, former Canadian Navy assist tug based in Halifax. Sold by Crown Assets Disposal Corporation in 1977 to Frank Rawlings of Chatham, Ontario.
Canadian-Franko.jpg (68233 bytes)
Renamed Canadian Franko, converted for pleasure use on the St. Clair River.
Glenlivet-II-on-drydock-bow.jpg (90881 bytes)
Sold to McKeil Marine Ltd. in 1981and renamed Glenlivet II once again. Original 6 cylinder 400 hp @400 rpm direct reversing Enterprise diesel replaced by Detroit Diesel 16V-71.
Glenlivet-II-on-drydock.jpg (133376 bytes)
On drydock in Hamilton. Subsequently sold to Nadro Marine Ltd., Port Dover, Ontario. Converted to twin screw and repowered with two 16V71T's and Kort nozzles.

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