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September 3, 20

Port Weller - John McCreery
1-RebeccaLynn-Algosoo-9-2-12-jm.jpg (99189 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn waiting for lock 1 as Algosoo heads out
2-Algosoo-9-2-12-jm.jpg (97329 bytes)
Algosoo departing Port Weller for Hamilton
3-Manitoba-Algosoo-9-2-12-jm.jpg (86727 bytes)
Manitoba waiting outside the piers
4-Manitoba-Algosoo-9-2-12-jm.jpg (122727 bytes)
Closer view as they are about to pass
5-Manitoba-9-2-12-jm.jpg (89089 bytes)
Manitoba approaches the Port Weller Piers
6-Manitoba-9-2-12-jm.jpg (98382 bytes)
Inside the piers she hangs back waiting for Rebecca Lynn to vacate the lock
7-Manitoba-9-2-12-jm.jpg (114420 bytes)
Evening shadows fall
8-Manitoba-9-2-12-jm.jpg (117798 bytes)
Final approach to lock 1

Algoma Guardian upbound below Lock 3 Monday -  Skip Gillham
Algoma-Guardian-IMG_3313.jpg (152969 bytes)        

Anke approaching Iroquois Lock on her first trip into the Lakes - Ron Beaupre
1-anke-02-09-12rb.jpg (103457 bytes)
Anke was built in China in 2011.
2-anke-02-09-12rb.jpg (142518 bytes)
Concord Shipping of Westfeld, Germany stack colors.

Alpena in Lake Huron passing Cheboygan Sunday - Dianne Donati
Alpena-2-9-2-12-dd.jpg (104478 bytes)        

Green Bay - Matt Ludvigson
1-Alpena-9-1-12-ml.jpg (59182 bytes)
Alpena Arrives at Green Bay on Friday
2-Manistee-9-1-12-ml.jpg (80131 bytes)
Manistee Navigates the Fox River
3-Manistee-9-1-12-ml.jpg (99893 bytes)
Clearing Green Bay's Walnut St. Bridge
4-Manistee-9-1-12-ml.jpg (97588 bytes)
Passing C Reiss Coal

Saginaw at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1sag_8_30_12_rb.jpg (158061 bytes)
 Loading ore in the morning on August 30
2sag_8_31_12_rb.jpg (151167 bytes)
Departing after loading ore in the afternoon on August 31

Welland Canal August 24 - Paul Beesley
1-hanxin-8-24-12-pb.jpg (102885 bytes)
Han Xin in the pond above Lock 7.
2-atleri8-24-12-pb.jpg (95161 bytes)
Atlantic Erie leaves Lock 7 and passes the Han Xin.
3-cslniag-8-24-12-pb.jpg (86800 bytes)
Nice view of the wear incurred when entering locks.  The ships need to rub against the wall in order to guide themselves into the lock chamber.  By doing this they rub off paint and also set in the steel plate between the frames (ribs).  In this photo the frames are quite prominent as a result of the wear.  Steel work is required every so often to repair this. 
4-algosar-8-24-12-pb.jpg (97441 bytes)
Algosar, recently converted to coal it appears, after leaving Lock 7 upbound.
5-algosar-8-24-12-pb.jpg (157826 bytes)
Below the anchor pocket on the Algosar are two guides for the anchor.  One of them has been damaged.  This does not go through the hull so does not affect seaworthiness.
6-algosar-8-24-12-pb.jpg (79253 bytes)
On her way to Port Colborne.
7-hanxin-8-24-12-pb.jpg (89519 bytes)
By evening the Han Xin had reached the Glendale bridge.
8-hanxin-8-24-12-pb.jpg (223199 bytes)
 Calm day and evening light, best conditions for photos.
9-hanxin-8-24-12-pb.jpg (98512 bytes)
The steel upright device just behind the foremast appears to be a float that can be used alongside to give the ship better stability when working heavy cargo.  It attaches to the ship like a raft thereby increasing the ships beam and reducing its tendency to heel.
10-hanxin-8-24-12-pb.jpg (82107 bytes)
Which end is which?

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