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September 6, 20

Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian W.
1-English-River-9-5-12-BW.jpg (173556 bytes)
The English River is underway from LaFarge in Buffalo and heading through the draw at the Michigan St. Bridge as seen from the upper level of the Metrorail (DL&W) train terminal downtown.
2-English-River-9-5-12-BW.jpg (172747 bytes)
Clearing through the draw at Michigan St. the cement boat turns with the curve in the river below the bridge. The St. Mary's Cement (Kellogg) Elevator is seen to the right.
3-English-River-9-5-12-BW.jpg (131726 bytes)
The ship is now lined up for the reach between the train terminal & the General Mills warehouse to the right as the bridge closes behind them.
4-English-River-9-5-12-BW.jpg (110483 bytes)
Here is a close up view of the stern superstructure lit up by the "Sweet Light" of the evening's setting sun. From this point it's about another 10 minute run down to the lake & then on their way to Bath, Ontario. 

Ben passing Loyalist Park below Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-ben-05-09-2012rb.jpg (90148 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.
2-ben-05-09-2012rb.jpg (100388 bytes)      

John J. Boland arrived at KCBX South Chicago Wednesday - Tom Winkle
IMG_20120905_104235.jpg (74113 bytes)        

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Olive-Moore-3-9-5-12-dd.jpg (149045 bytes) Samuel-DeChamplain-2-9-5-12-dd.jpg (143915 bytes) Anke-2-9-5-12-dd.jpg (80099 bytes)    

St Marys River -
Scott McLellan
1-Munson-9-1-12-SM.jpg (106645 bytes)
John G Munson making the turn at Johnson's Point.
2-JRB-9-1-12-SM-(1).jpg (60397 bytes)
James R Barker at sunset approaching Green Point.
3-LAT-9-2-12-SM.jpg (111338 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha makes an early morning passage at Coyle Point.
4-Alpen-9-2-12-SM.jpg (78475 bytes)
Alpena at Johnson's Point
5-Alpen-9-2-12-SM-(4).jpg (83172 bytes)
Alpena completes her turn at Johnson's Point as the sun comes from behind the clouds.
6-MASH-9-2-12-SM.jpg (142913 bytes)
tug Meredith Ashton passes the Dark Hole.
7-A&AC-9-2-12-SM.jpg (84773 bytes)
Ashton approaches the American Century with plans to pass.
8-FedM-9-2-12-SM.jpg (101159 bytes)
Federal Mackinac turns at Johnson's Point
9-Cort-9-2-12-SM.jpg (85604 bytes)
Stewart J Cort.
10-JDL-9-2-12-SM.jpg (86002 bytes)
John D Leitch
11-ACan-9-2-12-SM.jpg (88652 bytes)
Algocanada passing Coyle Point.

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-rcn-9-03-12-pb.jpg (148062 bytes)
Royal Canadian Navy Day at Lock 4.  Foreground: HMCS Ville de Quebec ready to raise. Background:  HMCS Moncton and HMCS Summerside ready to lower.
2-anke-9-03-12-pb.jpg (63650 bytes)
Anke leaving Lock 7.
3-anke-9-03-12-pb.jpg (59696 bytes)
80 Tonne hook lashed down to prevent movement.
4-anke-9-03-12-pb.jpg (79339 bytes)
On her way to Port Colborne.
5-moncton-9-03-12-pb.jpg (108251 bytes)
Coastal Patrol Vessel HMCS Moncton down at the Glendale bridge.
6-summer-9-03-12-pb.jpg (76936 bytes)
Followed by sistership HMCS Summerside.
7-biscayn-9-03-12-pb.jpg (79625 bytes)
The two meet USCGC Biscayne Bay above Lock 3.
8-biscayn-9-03-12-pb.jpg (92108 bytes)
Crew ready for the next lock.
9-biscayn-9-03-12-pb.jpg (108377 bytes)
Close to the bridge.
10-guard-9-03-12-pb.jpg (74080 bytes)
Algoma Guardian upbound above Lock 3.
11-guard-9-03-12-pb.jpg (144333 bytes)
One of these things is not like the other.  Two complete sets of Plimsoll Marks / Load Lines.  Which one is correct?
12-guard-9-03-12-pb.jpg (87410 bytes)
Under the Glendale bridge.
13-vdq-9-03-12-pb.jpg (175711 bytes)
Frigate HMCS Ville de Quebec leaving Lock 7.  Lots of fenders to prevent damage.
14-vdq-9-03-12-pb.jpg (62814 bytes)
Anchor ready. 
15-vdq-9-03-12-pb.jpg (80452 bytes)
Upbound for her next port-of-call.

Welland Canal and Detroit River - John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-5-September-2012-(3).jpg (80850 bytes) Welland-Canal-5-September-2012-(14).jpg (109758 bytes) Detroit-River-3-September-2012-(13).jpg (71530 bytes) Detroit-River-3-September-2012-(15).jpg (61666 bytes) Detroit-River-3-September-2012-(23).jpg (88224 bytes)
Detroit-River-3-September-2012-(26).jpg (72076 bytes) Detroit-River-3-September-2012-(17).jpg (72558 bytes) Detroit-River-3-September-2012-(19).jpg (66341 bytes)    

Gate of Bay Shipbuilding Co. Graving dock in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Sunday -
John Weitermann
Tregurtha-in-Dry-Dock.jpg (80397 bytes)        

Michipicoten upbound in the Seaway at Khanawake Aug. 31 - Kent Malo
Michipicoten8-31-12-km-b.jpg (69872 bytes) Michipicoten8-31-12-km-c.jpg (67174 bytes) Michipicoten8-31-12-km-d.jpg (119323 bytes) Michipicoten8-31-12-km-e.jpg (84085 bytes)  

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