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September 7, 20

Navy week celebration in Detroit on Thursday - Kevin Majewski
1.Niagara-9-6-12-KM.jpg (171449 bytes)
U.S. Brig Niagara moored in Detroit
2.Niagar-9-6-12-KM.jpg (181017 bytes)
Looking aloft at the Niagara's rigging
3.Niaga-9-6-12-KM.jpg (164752 bytes)
On board for the tour
4.Niag-9-6-12-KM.jpg (129761 bytes)
One of the Niagara's 32 pounder Carronades
5.Nia-9-6-12-KM.jpg (143766 bytes)
View of the stern
6.Katmai-9-6-12-KM.jpg (147213 bytes)
USCGC Katmai Bay (WTGB-101)
7.Katma-9-6-12-KM.jpg (64332 bytes)
Plaque on board with profile relief of the ship
8.Kat-9-6-12-KM.jpg (140600 bytes)
Looking forward from the bridge
9.Ville-9-6-12-KM.jpg (55749 bytes)
The Canadian Patrol Frigate HMCS Ville de Quebec (FFH 332) moored along the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario  
10.USCG-9-6-12-KM.jpg (103587 bytes)
USCG Boat 25510 patrolling the U.S. Navy Exclusion Zone around the vessels moored for Navy Week celebrations
11.Hurri-9-6-12-KM.jpg (82385 bytes)
Coastal Patrol Craft USS Hurricane (PC-3) moored in front of the new Port Detroit Terminal
12.Hurr-9-6-12-KM.jpg (132878 bytes)
 Interior view  of the bridge
13.Hur-9-6-12-KM.jpg (123237 bytes)

Forward Mk38 Chain Gun mount

14.Sche-9-6-12-KM.jpg (51846 bytes)
The saltie Federal Schelde upbound in the Detroit River gets the once-over from a USCG Helicopter as it passes between the  HMCS Ville de Quebec moored on the Windsor side and the USS Hurricane moored on the Detroit side
15.Diam-9-6-12-KM.jpg (79005 bytes)
The tour boat Diamond Queen gets the same attention from the USCG as it passes the Navy's exclusion zone. The Diamond Queen is the former Arnold Line Mackinac Island ferry Mohawk

Welland Canal photos from late August - Paul Beesley
1-ever-8-26-12-pb.jpg (104372 bytes)
Norman McLeod and tug Everlast below Lock 2.
2-ever-8-26-12-pb.jpg (76615 bytes)
On her way to Lock 1.
3-mich-8-28-12-pb.jpg (90331 bytes)
Michigan pushing the barge Great Lakes below Lock 2.
4-mich-8-28-12-pb.jpg (92288 bytes)
Michigan in the notch.
5-mich-8-28-12-pb.jpg (83043 bytes)
Also on her way toward Lock 1 and Lake Ontario.
6-biscay-8-28-12-pb.jpg (176135 bytes)
USCGC Biscayne Bay leaving Lock 2.
7-biscay-8-28-12-pb.jpg (122585 bytes)
These Bay Class are very capable for their size and age.
8-biscay-8-28-12-pb.jpg (90939 bytes)
Sign says it all.
9-biscay-8-28-12-pb.jpg (98083 bytes)
 Leading a convoy of three toward Lock 1.
10-unity-8-28-12-pb.jpg (109672 bytes)
 Unity follows the Biscayne Bay out of Lock 2.
11-unity-8-28-12-pb.jpg (86999 bytes)
Also on her way to Lake Ontario.
12-newyork-8-28-12-pb.jpg (122781 bytes)
Sichem New York above Lock 1.
13-newyork-8-28-12-pb.jpg (139370 bytes)
Sliding the wall toward Lock 2.
14-vdq-8-28-12-pb.jpg (67461 bytes)
HMCS Ville de Quebec at the Glendale bridge with a 3/4 moon over the turret.
15-vdq-8-28-12-pb.jpg (86756 bytes)
 VDQ, her nickname, approaching Lock 3.

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Joe-Thompson-9-6-12-dd.jpg (130843 bytes)        

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