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September 9, 20

Prescott, Ont. - Jim Scrimger
1-Nordana-Aggersborg-9-7-12-JS-.jpg (81514 bytes)
Nordana Aggersborg
2-Nordana-Aggersborg-9-7-12-JS-.jpg (132147 bytes) 3-Nordana-Aggersborg-9-7-12-JS-.jpg (104847 bytes) 4-Nordana-Aggersborg-9-7-12-JS-.jpg (74077 bytes)
Wind turbine parts
5-Algoma-Discovery-9-7-12-JS--.jpg (73908 bytes)
 Algoma Discovery with Ogdensburg in the background.
6-Algoma-Discovery-9-7-12-JS-.jpg (79345 bytes) 7-Algoma-Discovery-9-7-12-JS-.jpg (124418 bytes) 8-Algoma-Discovery-9-7-12-JS-.jpg (113726 bytes)    

Aggersborg slides the wall into Iroquois Lock on her first trip into the Lakes - Ron Beaupre
1-aggers-07-09-12rb.jpg (95570 bytes)        

McKee Sons in the Wyandotte/Trenton Channel of the Detroit River Friday
IMG_9541.jpg (71542 bytes)
McKee Sons and Invincible down the Wyandotte Channel of the Detroit River heading for The Detroit Edison Co. Trenton Channel Power Plant (two stacks in distance).
IMG_9543.jpg (111443 bytes)
McKee Sons going through the draw of the Grosse Isle toll bridge.
IMG_9545.jpg (109484 bytes)
The tug Wyoming which is helping the McKee Sons going through the draw of the toll bridge.
IMG_9557.jpg (90351 bytes)
The McKee Sons going through the draw of the Wayne County Grosse Isle bridge.
IMG_9565.jpg (104736 bytes)
Wyoming coming about to push the McKee Sons to the dock.
IMG_9570.jpg (96401 bytes)
McKee Sons and Wyoming with power plant in background.

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Calumet-9-8-12-dd.jpg (130353 bytes) John-G-Munson-9-8-12-dd.jpg (120528 bytes) Alpena-5-9-8-12-dd.jpg (111725 bytes)    

Manistee in Cleveland Thursday - Paul Magyar
1-MANISTEE-9-6-12-PM.jpg (134048 bytes)
Manistee passing beneath Norfolk Southern Bridge #1 entering the Cuyahoga River.
2-MANISTEE-9-6-12-PM.jpg (112816 bytes)
Making the turn at Superior Bend.
3-MANISTEE-9-6-12-PM.jpg (79776 bytes)
On her way in from the lake with stone from Marblehead destined for CRP-W. 3rd Street.

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-cuyah-8-25-12-pb.jpg (90048 bytes)
Cuyahoga below Lock 2.
2-cuyah-8-25-12-pb.jpg (77474 bytes)
Approaching Lock 1.
3-soo-8-25-12-pb.jpg (72366 bytes)
Algosoo below Lock 3.
4-gargan-8-25-12-pb.jpg (75195 bytes)
Garganey below Lock 2.
5-gargan-8-25-12-pb.jpg (85002 bytes)
Garganey approaching Lock 1.
1-smith-8-08-12-pb.jpg (80279 bytes)
CCGS FCG Smith setting out from Trois Rivieres, Quebec for a day of sounding.
2-palermo-8-08-12-pb.jpg (85726 bytes)
 Maersk Palermo downbound from Montreal.
3-congo-8-08-12-pb.jpg (94262 bytes)
HHL Congo fully loaded.
4-mamill-8-08-12-pb.jpg (174844 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft ashore on an island to work on one of the shore navigation facilities.  Note her crane in the air.
5-floren-8-08-12-pb.jpg (78054 bytes)
Florence M towing a McNally barge upbound.
6-caval-8-07-12-pb.jpg (106365 bytes)
Cavalier Maxim making a turn in the river.
7-tracy-8-07-12-pb.jpg (197677 bytes)
CCGS Tracy at the CG base in Quebec City.  She is normally based in Sorel, Quebec.
8-sichmon-8-08-12-pb.jpg (76975 bytes)
Early morning arrival.  Sichem Montreal gets help from tug Ocean Bravo while docking in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

St. Mary's Challenger at night unloading in Owen Sound - Al Mooney
CHALLENGER-JULY-1-2012-002.jpg (100612 bytes)        

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