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September 10, 20

Cuyahoga Arrives Cleveland for Load of Salt - Rich Nicholls
1-Cuyahoga-9-9-12-rn.jpg (82893 bytes)
Through piers and into west basin.
2-Cuyahoga-tow-9-9-12-rn.jpg (73839 bytes)
Tug California takes stern line
3-California-9-9-12-rn.jpg (74217 bytes)
4-Cuyahoga-9-9-12-rn.jpg (78413 bytes)
Stern shot
5-Cuyahoga-9-9-12-rn.jpg (99312 bytes)
Waiting for N & W No. 1

Sunday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-GreatRepublic-09-09-12-a-bb.jpg (78130 bytes)
Great Republic clearing Lock 7
2-GreatRepublicspraywashing-09-09-12-a-bb.jpg (65803 bytes)
Crew member powerspraying top part of boom's connecting arm
3-GreatRepublic-09-09-12-b-bb.jpg (102006 bytes)
At Port Robinson
4-GreatRepublic-09-09-12-c-bb.jpg (97899 bytes)
I'm told she still has a few more trips to Quebec
5-StephenBRoman-09-09-12-a-bb.jpg (92892 bytes)
Stephen B Roman at the Glendale Bridge
6-StephenBRoman-09-09-12-b-bb.jpg (108534 bytes)
On her way to the flight locks  
7-JohnDLeitchbow-09-09-12-bb.jpg (111387 bytes)
John D Leitch nosing out of Lock 2
8-JohnDLeitchpainting-09-09-12-bb.jpg (157365 bytes)
Crew member keeping busy
9-JohnDLeitchmotorcycle-09-09-12-bb.jpg (181547 bytes)
Motorcycle on stern
10-JohnDLeitch-09-09-12-a-bb.jpg (99517 bytes)
Clear of the lock
11-JohnDLeitch-09-09-12-b-bb.jpg (92626 bytes)
headed to Lock One and eventually Quebec City with ore.

Welland Canal - Eric Holmes
1-Jdleitch-09-09-12-eh.jpg (149564 bytes)
John D Leitch under Bridge 5 (downbound)
2-Jdleitch-09-09-12-eh.jpg (119734 bytes)
Close up
3-Jdleitch-09-09-12-eh.jpg (95633 bytes)
Stern view
4-Jdleitch-09-09-12-eh.jpg (93647 bytes)
John D Leitch and Stephen B Roman passing above Lock 3
5-Sbroman-09-09-12-eh.jpg (81510 bytes)
Stephen B Roman above Lock 3 (upbound)

Phoenix Star secured at Richardson's elevator, Sorel, Quebec, waiting to unload Sunday - Clarence Vautier
PhoenixStar9-09-12-cv.jpg (93817 bytes)
First voyage under the new name

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
McKee-and-Sons-2-9-9-12-dd.jpg (122867 bytes)
Westbound McKee Sons
Catherine-Desgagnes-9-9-12-dd.jpg (106871 bytes)
Eastbound Catherine Desgagnes

Sturgeon Bay Friday - Jay Tiede
IMG_0375.jpg (46493 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha undergoing repairs in the graving dock.
IMG_0376.jpg (66884 bytes) IMG_0380.jpg (114075 bytes) IMG_0363.jpg (101283 bytes)  

Grand Bend and Goderich - Pete Ware
1-Josh-II-5-9-12-pw.jpg (90839 bytes)
Josh II tied up in the Grand Bend Harbour,
2-Noskca-J-7-9-12-pw.jpg (110780 bytes)
Noskca-J arriving in the Port of Goderich
3-Noskca-J-7-9-12-pw.jpg (124875 bytes)
Port-quarter view of the Noskca-J docking in the inner harbour of Goderich
4-Algoma-Transporter-6-9-12-pw.jpg (110336 bytes)
Algoma Transfer in the Port of Goderich,

Mary Page Hannah in Sturgeon Bay at the west side dock - Brad Busse
1-MaryPageHannah-8-25-12bb.jpg (50621 bytes)        

Summer 2012 Shipping Video

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