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September 12, 20

Motor Yacht Blue Moon on the St. Clair River Tuesday
1-bluemoon-11sep12-djd.jpg (73897 bytes)
At Marine City on Tuesday - Don Detloff
2-bluemoon-11sep12-djd.jpg (86869 bytes) 3-bluemoon-11sep12-djd.jpg (76800 bytes) 1-MY-Blue-Moon-9-11-2012-ff-jpg.jpg (104742 bytes)
Downbound to Montreal Tuesday past the Great Lakes Maritime Center Port Huron at 1:45 p.m. - Frank Frisk
2-MY-Blue-Moon-9-11-2012-ff-jpeg.jpg (86560 bytes)

 USS DeWert arrived in Buffalo Tuesday followed by the HMCS Ville De Quebec - Brian W.
1-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (76348 bytes)
The DeWert arrives at the Pinney Dock in Ashtabula, under tow of the Rhode Island.
2-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (261856 bytes)
 The New York eases the stern into the wall.
3-DeWert-9-11-12-BW1.jpg (158959 bytes)
After loading a Press Embarkment, the DeWert is being towed out of Ashtabula stern first by the New York while the brig USS Niagara waits outside the breakwall to escort us down the lake.
4-DeWert-9-11-12-BW1.jpg (122884 bytes)
Tugs heading back to dock.
5-DeWert-9-11-12-BW1.jpg (164451 bytes)
The armed guard keeps watch as we ease out onto a beautiful sun lit lake Erie, powering up the main engines & bound for Buffalo. 
6-DeWert-9-11-12-BW1.jpg (112959 bytes)
The old & the new. The USS Niagara is seen with a nuclear power plant in the background off the Ohio shore.
7-DeWert-9-11-12-BW1.jpg (161345 bytes)
Pulling away from Ashtabula, we leave the sailing ship far behind as the Dewert starts to increase speed.
8-DeWert-9-11-12-BW1.jpg (148705 bytes)
The main engines are now being run up to full military power as we toss a huge "Rooster Tail" in our wake.
9-DeWert-9-11-12-BW1.jpg (106326 bytes)
This is the rotational base for the old missile launcher. The firing rail was removed & the magazine below was sealed in "as is" condition pending some future use, possibly after a future foreign sale of the ship.
10-DeWert-9-11-12-BW1.jpg (136379 bytes)
 A water leak plugging demo was conducted while underway.
11-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (144172 bytes)
The Navy boarding team prepares a demonstration to take down a suspected pirate gang.
12-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (149856 bytes)
A sailor plays the roll of a pirate crewmen illegally aboard a fictitious merchant ship.
13-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (165168 bytes)
There's always 2 ways to surrender, the easy way, or, there's always that "other" way. This tough guy chose the latter & paid the price.
14-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (189636 bytes)
A fire fighting demo on the flight deck.
15-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (181328 bytes)
 Firemen rescue an incapacitated "victim".
16-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (103251 bytes)
The 57 MM Naval Gun with the Buffalo Skyline.
17-DeWert-9-11-12-BW-128.jpg (110821 bytes)
The Buffalo Fire Boat Edward M Cotter leads the way as the Great Lakes tugs come out the Buffalo South Entrance to bring her in.
18-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (18698 bytes)
Erie County Sheriff's Air One passing by.
19-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (128334 bytes)
The Navy armed guards man the 50 Caliber Browning machine gun.
20-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (151212 bytes)
Marines man the rail with the 40 MM saluting cannon in the way into Buffalo Harbor.
21-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (138112 bytes)
We pass the Cotter & the Coast Guard patrol as we enter the piers.
22-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (149667 bytes)
The DeWert is towed through the Outer Harbor Southern Channel for Lackawanna by the tug Washington. The old Bethlehem Steel plant looms in the distance.
23-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (151970 bytes)
The New Jersey works our stern, holding her just off the dock fenders.
24-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (136357 bytes)
 Port security bomb sniffing dogs work the dock at the Gateway Metroport in Lackawanna.
25-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (150922 bytes)
Lines are secure at the stern, the ship has just completed her run down the lake, & the flag flies at half staff in honor of September 11th.
26-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (113806 bytes)
A poignant reminder of those who didn't make it back home, one table is set in the ship's mess hall for our fallen & missing service members that won't be coming to dinner tonight.
27-DeWert-9-11-12-BW.jpg (96003 bytes)
The HMCS Ville De Quebec arrives under the escort of two tugs and the US Coast Guard as she proudly  flies the Canadian flag on the way in from the lake for Lackawanna.

Seaway -  Jim Scrimger
1-Wicko-9-10-12-JS--.jpg (136811 bytes)
icko going upstream at Prescott.
2-Wicko-9-10-12-JS-.jpg (122830 bytes) 3-Wicko-Tim-S-Dool-9-10-12-JS--.jpg (129604 bytes)
Wicko and Tim S Dool meeting
4-Wicko-Tim-S-Dool-9-10-12-JS-.jpg (141156 bytes) 5-Tim-S-Dool-9-10-12-JS-.jpg (135154 bytes)
6-Tim-S-Dool-9-10-12-JS-.jpg (68905 bytes)
Tim S Dool heading downstream

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Algomarine-9-10-12-bv.jpg (100129 bytes)
Algomarine unloading at The Anderson
2-Algomarine-9-10-12-bv.jpg (80850 bytes)
The unloading boom

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Joyce-VanEnkevort-9-10-12-dd.jpg (137029 bytes)
Westbound Joyce L. VanEnkevor
Ostrander-Integrity-9-11-12-dd.jpg (117702 bytes)
Eastbound Ostrander/Integrity
Manistee-9-10-12-dd.jpg (123997 bytes)
Eastbound Manistee
Philip-R-Clarke-9-10-12-dd.jpg (126791 bytes)
Eastbound Philip R. Clarke

American Steamship Company fleet-mates along the St. Clair River on Monday - Kevin Majewski 
1.AmInte-9-10-12-KM.jpg (94829 bytes)
American Integrity passing the Pine River in St. Clair
2.AmInt-9-10-12-KM.jpg (76870 bytes)
Pushing a bow wave
3.AmIn-9-10-12-KM.jpg (111188 bytes)
Kicking up some prop wash
4.AmI-9-10-12-KM.jpg (82570 bytes)
Upbound in the St. Clair River
5.AI-9-10-12-KM.jpg (86850 bytes)
On her way, above St. Clair
6.AmMari-9-10-12-KM.jpg (84010 bytes)
Followed by fleet-mate American Mariner just above Marine City
7.AmMar-9-10-12-KM.jpg (80738 bytes)
Pushing a bow wave
8.AmMa-9-10-12-KM.jpg (117594 bytes)
 Kicking up a little wash
9.AmM-9-10-12-KM.jpg (97391 bytes)
Upbound in the St. Clair River
10.WJMc-9-10-12-KM.jpg (104826 bytes)
Another American Steamship Co. fleet-mate the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. unloading coal at the Recor Point Edison plant in St. Clair

Cason J. Callaway at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1cjc9_1_12_rb.jpg (166817 bytes)
Loading ore on the first evening of September

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