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September 15, 20

Welland Canal Gathering - Dave Wobser
11-A-Transport-9-14-12-djw.jpg (87083 bytes)
Algoma Transport waiting above Lock 1 Friday
12-Algosteel-9-14-12-djw.jpg (101519 bytes)
Algosteel exiting Lock 1
13-AlgomaTwo-9-14-12-a-djw.jpg (91374 bytes)
Algosteel meeting Algoma Transport above Lock 1
14-AlgomaTwo-9-14-12-b-djw.jpg (128632 bytes)
15-CSLTad-9-14-12-a-djw.jpg (74594 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac below Lock 3
16-CSLTad-9-14-12-b-djw.jpg (92963 bytes)
Tadoussac stern view
17-Algosea-9-14-12-djw.jpg (80852 bytes)
Algosea departing Lock 7
18-Algosea-9-14-12-djw.jpg (80716 bytes)
Algosea stern view
19-Algosea-AtlErie-9-14-12-djw.jpg (77010 bytes)
Meeting Atlantic Erie above lock 7
20-Atl-Erie-9-14-12-djw.jpg (82116 bytes)
Atlantic Erie approaching Lock 7
21-Atl-Erie-9-14-12-djw.jpg (98783 bytes)
 Entering Lock 7.
1-T-Desgagne-9-13-12-djw-a.jpg (102240 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes leaving Lock 7 upbound Thursday afternoon.
2-T-Desgagne-9-13-12-djw-b.jpg (90605 bytes)
Desgagnes stern view
3-Ruddy-9-13-12-djw-a.jpg (90984 bytes)
Ruddy above Lock 1
4-Ruddy-9-13-12-djw-b.jpg (54079 bytes)
Ruddy crew checking the scenery between the locks
5-Ruddy-9-13-12-djw-c.jpg (97825 bytes)
Ruddy canal pilot on the starboard wing
6-Ruddy-9-13-12-djw-d.jpg (98589 bytes)
Ruddy stern view
7-Algolake-913-12-djw-a.jpg (87817 bytes)
Algolake leaving Lock 2
8-Algolake-9-13-12-djw-b.jpg (99218 bytes)
Algolake stern view
9-NightShot-9-13-12-djw.jpg (106329 bytes)
"How do you set this for a night shot?"

St. Marys River - Emily J. Perkins-Henderson
1-Blough-9-5-12-ep.jpg (36141 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound just past the Rock Cut coming out of a dense fog that completely obscured the Rock Cut.
2-Calumet-9-2-12-ep.jpg (132395 bytes)
Calumet downbound at the Soo Locks. Just finished locking through.
3-LContend-9-4-12-ep.jpg (55678 bytes)
Lakes Contender and tug Ken Boothe Sr. downbound past the Rock Cut.
4-LContend-9-4-12-ep.jpg (73920 bytes)
Stern view
5-SJCort-9-6-12-ep.jpg (93044 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort downbound
6-SJCort-9-6-12-ep.jpg (82095 bytes) 7-Alpena-9-7-12-ep.jpg (88437 bytes) 8-Callaway-9-2-12-ep.jpg (100891 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway downbound
9-I-Harbor-9-4-12-ep.jpg (50494 bytes)
Indiana Harbor at night in the fog
10-JLBlock-9-5-12-ep.jpg (123192 bytes)
Joseph L. Block
11-Kiyi-09-05-12-ep.jpg (78352 bytes)
Kiyi downbound
12-Oberstar-9-7-12ep.jpg (78471 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar d
13-Spruce-9-4-12-ep.jpg (55137 bytes)

Hamilton and Canal - John McCreery
1-FederalWeser-9-12-12-jm.jpg (153767 bytes)
Federal Weser arriving from Montreal with steel cargo for pier 14W
2-Star-Guardian-9-12-12-jm.jpg (101924 bytes)
Phoenix Star passing the Algoma Guardian below lock 2
3-PhoenixStar-9-12-12-jm.jpg (131908 bytes)
Star upbound into lock 2 on her second trip to Thunder Bay
4-PhoenixStar-9-12-12-jm.jpg (107782 bytes)
Phoenix Star passing through the Homer bridge
5-Roman-Star-9-12-12-jm.jpg (132305 bytes)
Roman and Star meet below lock 3 
6-SBRoman-9-12-12-jm.jpg (162090 bytes)
Roman approaching the Homer bridge
7-SBRoman-9-12-12-jm.jpg (110395 bytes)
Roman outbound to Lake Ontario
8-PhoenixStar-9-12-12-jm.jpg (67332 bytes)
The Star in ballast approaches the Glendale bridge
9-PhoenixStar-9-12-12-jm.jpg (111760 bytes)
Star's stack markings
10-Algosoo-9-12-12-jm.jpg (78484 bytes)
Algosoo arriving Port Weller from Hamilton, bound for Duluth
11-Frontenac-9-12-12-jm.jpg (79522 bytes)
Frontenac, still catching the lake breezes, arrives at Port Weller
12-Frontenac-9-12-12-jm.jpg (101704 bytes)
Approaching the wall below lock 1
13-Frontenac-BlueMoon-9-12-12-jm.jpg (85576 bytes)
Blue Moon takes lock 1 from the upbound Frontenac
14-Frontenac-9-12-12-jm.jpg (110688 bytes)
Frontenac at approach to 2
15-Cuyahoga-9-12-12-jm.jpg (115856 bytes)
Cuyahoga up out of lock 1. Earlier, at Hamilton, she appeared to be loading cargo at Parrish and Heimbecker and Hamilton Port Authority indicated a destination of Buffalo. 

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
McKee-&-Sons-4-9-13-12-dd.jpg (124173 bytes) American-Courage-2-9-12-12-dd.jpg (148624 bytes) BBC-Rhine-9-13-12-dd.jpg (101096 bytes)    

Seaway -  Jim Scrimger
1-Phoenix-Star--Prescott-9-11-12-JS-.jpg (70705 bytes) 2-Phoenix-Star--Prescott-9-11-12-JS-.jpg (59041 bytes) 3-Yorktown-Phoenix-Star-9-11-12-JS-.jpg (90484 bytes) 4-Grande-Caribe-Yorktown-Ogdensburg-9-11-12-JS-.jpg (125211 bytes) 5-Yorktown-9-11-12-JS-.jpg (94398 bytes)

Sherwin sitting opposite Fort St. Joe - Howie Wilcox
090.jpg (118627 bytes)        

Wilfred Sykes inbound for Port Dolomite Wednesday - Skip Gillham
IMG_3410.jpg (106903 bytes)        

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Monitowoc-9-12-12-bv.jpg (107144 bytes)
Manitowoc loading at #4 machine at the Toledo Dock, Presque Isle side.
2-CSXRotaryDumper-9-12-12-bv.jpg (136461 bytes)
Empty rail cars coming off the Rotary Dumper
3-pigholepusher-9-12-12-bv.jpg (62031 bytes)
Pig hoe pusher spotting the pig hole
4-Barneypig-9-12-12-bv.jpg (97124 bytes)
The pig going to push up two loaded coal cars up to the dumper
5-Barneypig-9-12-12-bv.jpg (71385 bytes)
Another view of the loaded coal cars going up the ramp to the dumper.
6-Manitowoc-9-12-12-bv.jpg (104466 bytes)
Another view of the Manitowoc being loaded
7-Calument-9-12-12-bv.jpg (82401 bytes)
Calumet unloading at Kaft Food 
8-Calument-9-12-12-bv.jpg (129429 bytes)
Another view
9-AdamECornelius-9-12-12-bv.jpg (83549 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius lay up at the Hanson's Interlake Dock.
1-AtlanticHuron-9-13-12-bv.jpg (122068 bytes)
Atlantic Huron unloading iron ore at Torco dock.
2-AtlanticHuron-9-13-12-bv.jpg (119951 bytes) 3-AtlanticHuron-9-13-12-bv.jpg (101975 bytes) 4-AtlanticHuron-9-13-12-bv.jpg (127700 bytes) 5-Calumet-9-13-12-bv.jpg (82792 bytes)
Calumet leaving Toledo
6-Dean,Ryan-9-13-12-bv.jpg (100249 bytes)
 Electrical forman David Dean (L) and Machine Shop operator Jerry Ryan supervising the replacement of the brake thruster motor on the shiploader travel motor at Presque Isle side of Toledo Docks.
7-brakethruster-9-13-12-bv.jpg (163209 bytes)
Replacement brake thruster motor for shiploader
8-brakethruster-913-12-bv.jpg (130405 bytes)
Place on shiploader where brake thruster goes.  Its for the shiploader travel motor.
9-Repairgang-9-13-12-bv.jpg (133797 bytes)
Work gang (L-R)John Meyers (fork lift),Galen Culver, Mike Dains (electrician), Jerry Ryan and Blain Helton.
10-Saginaw-9-13-12-bv.jpg (99929 bytes)
Saginaw unloading at the Kuhlman corp dock which is in between The Andersons K and E dock.
11-Saginaw-9-13-12-bv.jpg (111542 bytes) 12-Sandpiper-9-13-12-bv.jpg (119048 bytes)
 Harbor Light Cruise Line Sandpiper crusing the Maumee River in front of Andersons K dock.
13-Sandpiper-9-13-12-bv.jpg (109105 bytes) 14-Crow-9-13-12-bv.jpg (126482 bytes)
Geo. Gradel Co. working on the new home for the Museum ship James M.Schoonmaker.  Work barge Crow digging new slip for museum ship.
16-Crow-9-13-12-bv.jpg (211892 bytes)
Big bite
17-Crow-9-13-12-bv.jpg (143529 bytes)
The scow barge #33 being loaded.
18-Museum-9-13-12-bv.jpg (137449 bytes)
 Future site for the museum ship, James M. Schoonmaker
19-GLOstrander,Intergrity-9-13-12-bv.jpg (123603 bytes)
Tug G. L. Ostrander and cement barge Intergrity unloading at Lafarge dock in Toledo
20-GLOstrander-9-13-12-bv.jpg (87399 bytes)
View of the Tug G. L. Ostrander in the notch.
21-Integrity-9-13-12-bv.jpg (60175 bytes)
Tug Integrity's unloading system
22-GLOstrander-9-13-12-bv.jpg (96242 bytes)
Another view of the Tug G. L. Ostrander in the notch

Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian W.
1-USS-Hurricane-9-14-12-BW.jpg (197778 bytes)
USS Hurricane was loaded with visitors, she had a security perimeter around her to keep small craft away, & a period correct US flag was flying over the North Pier to commemorate the War of 1812.
2-USS-Hurricane-9-14-12-BW.jpg (131046 bytes)
 Katmai Bay and the Hurricane were getting lots of attention from the public here in Buffalo. Afternoon wait time in line to tour the ships was about a 1/2 hour each.
1-Katmai-Bay-9-13-12-BW.jpg (218468 bytes)
A patrol keeps watch in the Buffalo River while the Katmai Bay is open for tours at the North Pier (Erie Basin) on the Buffalo River. The skyline of downtown Buffalo rises in the background, lit by the setting sun.
2-Hurricane-9-13-12-BW.jpg (289449 bytes)
Looking forward from the stern of the USS Hurricane shows the rigid inflatable boat ramp for use by US Navy Seals during missions requiring a quick getaway.
3-Hurricane--9-13-12-BW.jpg (183112 bytes)
Aft mounted 30MM Chain Gun. The gun system is controlled through the sensor package seen to the left of the barrel. The 30MM is a heavy hitter when used in close contact with the enemy.
1-Cuyahoga-9-13-12-BW.jpg (97729 bytes)
The Cuyahoga is unloading at the Lake & Rail Elevator pier on the Buffalo River Thursday morning. The Marine "A" Elevator looms in the background to the left, waiting for a boat that will never come.
2-Cuyahoga-9-13-12-BW.jpg (100188 bytes)
The old Marine Unloading legs stand silent sentinel over the ship as geese cruise by. Industrial activity in this section, in what is basically an enlarged creek, contrasts with the natural surroundings found here.
3-Cuyahoga-9-13-12-BW.jpg (87910 bytes)
Later in the evening, the Cuyahoga departs without assistance as the G tugs sit idly at their dock. The ship is using her thruster, the engine, and the knuckle of the Lake & Rail pier to pivot through the turn. 
4-Cuyahoga-9-13-12-BW.jpg (91166 bytes)
Now she's swinging well into the 90 degree bend and about to start down the reach to Ohio St. The Lake & Rail has a slab sided appearance on this section of the river, the only Buffalo elevator with this feature.
5-Cuyahoga-9-13-12-BW.jpg (147123 bytes)
Now caught in the evening's setting sun light, the ship is about 1/2 way through the draw at Ohio St. She needs to make a 45 degree angle turn to Starboard so as to clear the bridge & head downriver.
6-Cuyahoga-9-13-12-BW.jpg (105704 bytes)
Out of the draw & straightening herself for the reach down to Michigan St. Where else would you rather be on a warm summer evening than down by the waterfront, watching free entertainment? It's better than TV!

Pelee Passage, the Detroit River and Kingsville, Ontario - Graham Grattan
1-willtr-9-12-gg.jpg.jpg (151002 bytes)
The fish-tug William T.R. in Pelee Passage
2-albay-9-13-12-gg.jpg.jpg (145459 bytes)
Algobay upbound the Detroit River
3-aleast-9-13-12-gg.jpg.jpg (182376 bytes)
The upbound Algoeast was close behind her fleetmate
4-jiim-9-13-12-gg.jpg.jpg (105249 bytes)
The passenger/auto ferry Jiimaan departing Kingsville for Pelee Island

Port Inland, Mich. - Sally Stram
DSCN0954.jpg (138884 bytes)
 Wilfred Sykes inbound Port Inland, rounding Seul Choix Point
DSCN0955.jpg (111861 bytes) DSCN0964.jpg (99215 bytes) DSCN0946.jpg (112454 bytes)
Lewis J Kuber outbound Port Inland

Great Republic downbound for Quebec City Thursday in the St Lawrence Seaway above Montreal - Kent Malo
GreatRepublic9-13-12-km-a.jpg (88102 bytes) GreatRepublic9-13-12-km-b.jpg (86223 bytes) GreatRepublic9-13-12-km-d.jpg (110093 bytes) GreatRepublic9-13-12-km-c.jpg (85032 bytes)  

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