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September 17, 20

Welland Canal Saturday - Roger LeLievre
1AlgomaSpirit1RL.jpg (50627 bytes)
Algoma Spirit leaving Lock 7.
2AlgomaSpirit2RL.jpg (44801 bytes)
Spirit's Capt. Seann O'Donoughue (right) and guests.
3AlgomaSpirit3RL.jpg (60711 bytes)
Boatnerds admire the Spirit's stern.
4Lubie1RL.jpg (68545 bytes)
New Polish saltie Lubie in Lock 7.
6Maumee2RL.jpg (34345 bytes)
Maumee's trip board ? status, "Retired."
7Maumee3RL.jpg (84378 bytes)
Boatnerds good for goodies with Maumee as a backdrop.
8Maumee4RL.jpg (74445 bytes)
Maumee, bow shot.
9Nerds-on-CanalRL.jpg (55635 bytes)
Boatnerds are a friendly lot.
11NorrisSignsRL.jpg (106091 bytes)
ULS signs from Norris' boom.
12Norris-lifeboatRL.jpg (129931 bytes)
Norris' lifeboat, still life, with flowers.
14NorrisBoomRL.jpg (99869 bytes)
Norris' boom waiting for a new home.
15NorrisPilothouseRL.jpg (74279 bytes)
James Norris' pilothouse.
16StMarysCementIIrl.jpg (67954 bytes)
St. Marys Cement II with a stunning cloud backdrop.

Port Colborne Scrap Yard Tour - Doug Pruder
portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(4).jpg (152846 bytes) portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(3).jpg (205419 bytes) portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(7).jpg (146849 bytes) portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(6).jpg (205927 bytes) portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(9).jpg (252428 bytes)
portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(2).jpg (323453 bytes) portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(1).jpg (219428 bytes) portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(8).jpg (240242 bytes) portcolborne9-15-12-dp-(5).jpg (137428 bytes) 5Lubie2RL.jpg (70204 bytes)

ISMA Port Huron Lodge #2 annual picnic cruise aboard the USN Sea Cadet Training Ship Gray Fox Saturday -  Frank Frisk
1-ISMA-9-15-12-ff.jpg.jpg (129139 bytes)
One perspective young USN SeaCadet got to wheel the boat under the direction of Capt. Jim Acheson.
2-ISMA-9-15-12-ff.jpg.jpg (204496 bytes)
The Lodge had three members, all former ISMA Grand Lodge Presidents on board for the trip. Capt. George Haynes, Capt. Jim Leaney and Capt. Bill Cline. 
3-ISMA-9-15-12-ff.jpg.jpg (182184 bytes) 4-ISMA-9-15-12-ff.jpg.jpg (188000 bytes) 5-ISMA-9-15-12-ff.jpg.jpg (101443 bytes)
Jim Acheson and PH Lodge #2 member and Lake Huron Lore Marine Society News Editor Wendy LaFond

St. Marys Challenger at South Chicago Friday - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-9-14-12-lg-DSC0782.jpg (148098 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger inbound steaming under the "J" bridge.
Stmarchall-9-14-12-lg-DSC0814.jpg (167247 bytes)
Clear of NS5 approaching 100th St.
Stmarchall-9-14-12-lg-DSC0836.jpg (150811 bytes)
Passing the H. Lee White loading coal at KCBX.
Stmarchall-9-15-12-lg-DSC0899.jpg (117084 bytes)
Challenger outbound rounding Wisconsin Steel Bend.
Stmarchall-9-15-12-lg-DSC-0955.jpg (154851 bytes)
Waiting for NS5 to go up and 2 tank barges waiting for the Challenger to clear.
Stmarchall-9-15-12-lg-DSC-0983.jpg (154214 bytes)
Coming through 95th St. bridge.
Stmarchall-9-15-12-lg-DSC0998.jpg (90639 bytes)
In Calumet Harbor heading for the Lake.

Navy week in Buffalo - Brian W.
 1-Navy--Week-9-15-12-BW.jpg (208277 bytes)
200 years of U.S. Military "Firepower For Freedom" sits tied to the wall in the Watson Basin of the Buffalo River. USS Niagara, USS Little Rock, USS The Sullivans, USS Hurricane, & the USCG Katmai Bay.
2-Navy--Week-9-15-12-BW.jpg (246632 bytes)
Stern view of the Hurricane showing doors for small boat launch & recovery.
3-Navy--Week-9-15-12-BW.jpg (149093 bytes)
Seahawk helo on static display at the Erie Basin.
4-Navy--Week-9-15-12-BW.jpg (152941 bytes)
HMCS Ville De Quebec in Lackawanna, moored at the Gateway Metroport Terminal. The old Bethlehem Steel Coke Ovens are seen to the right, now under demolition.
5-Navy--Week-9-15-12-BW.jpg (154899 bytes)
Crewman on board Ville De Quebec maintain high security on the fantail overlooking Buffalo Outer Harbor & the South Entrance.
6-Navy--Week-9-15-12-BW.jpg (116590 bytes)
US Air Force C-130 from Niagara Falls circles overhead in preparation for Navy Leap Frog Jump Team demo back @ the Erie Basin in Buffalo, seen from the Flight Deck of the DeWert looking out from Lackawanna Canal.
7-Navy--Week-9-15-12-BW.jpg (127671 bytes)
The DeWert from the port bridge wing on the Quebec at the Gateway Metroport Main Dock. Security measures included the temporary fencing, concrete crash barriers, & floodlights seen to the left.  
8-Navy--Week-9-15-12-BW.jpg (137616 bytes)
Words to live by back in 1813 that still carry strong meaning even today in our modern age.
9-Navy-Week-9-15-12.jpg (24078 bytes)
Gateway Metroport pier by night with abandoned coke ovens as a backdrop. Red lights are from the Steel Winds turbines, & the blue lights are waterborne security patrols near entrance to Lackawanna Canal.
1-Coast-Guard-Demo-9-16-12-BW.jpg (32412 bytes)
US Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter inbound for a rescue demonstration on the Buffalo River. They were doing a simulated water recovery of a victim from a vessel in distress.
2-Coast-Guard-Demo-9-16-12-BW.jpg (102591 bytes)
The helo hovered over the Watson Basin of the Buffalo River, just off the Katmai Bay & USS Hurricane. They dropped a rescue swimmer into the water, he swam to a nearby boat, and was recovered by the winch. 
3-Coast-Guard-Demo-9-16-12-BW.jpg (49778 bytes)
After the demonstration was over the helicopter crew preformed a few passes over downtown Buffalo & the waterfront. Thousands of people were in attendance to see the events. Here they are with the HSBC tower.

Seaway, Mariatown and Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher
1-Algolake-14-09-12-mb.jpg (113719 bytes)
Algolake down at Mariatown
2-Manitoba-14-09-12-mb.jpg (55547 bytes)
Manitoba up at Iroquois
3-Manitoba-14-09-12-mb.jpg (45748 bytes) 4-Algoma-Olimpic-14-09-12-mb.jpg (80288 bytes)
5-Algoma-Spirit-14-09-12-mb.jpg (77892 bytes)
Algoma Spirit up at Mariatown
6-Fraserborg-15-09-12-mb.jpg (85521 bytes)
Fraserborg up at Iroquois
7-Frsaerborg-15-09-12-mb.jpg (87600 bytes) 8-Peter-R-Cresswell-15-09-12-mb.jpg (141944 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell unloading salt at Rideau Bulk dock Mariatown

 Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Mississagi-9-15-12-dd.jpg (104659 bytes)
Westbound Mississagi

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