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September 24, 20

Presque Isle passing upbound Vantage Pointe Sunday - Frank Frisk
2-PresqueIsle-09-23-12-ff.jpg.jpg (139377 bytes) 3-PresqueIsle-09-23-2012-ff.jpg.jpg (137614 bytes) 1-PresqueIsle-09-23-12-ff.jpg.jpg (104886 bytes)    

Melisa-D at the Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage shortly before sunset on Sunday - Rene Beauchamp
Melisa-D9-23-12-rb.jpg (116416 bytes)        

South Chicago Saturday - Steve Bauer
1-Mssgi-09-22-12-sb.jpg (89384 bytes)
Turning into Calumet Harbor, the Mississagi leaves the choppy waters of Lake Michigan behind as she heads for the Calumet River and North American Salt at 92nd Street.
2-Mssgi-9-22-12-sb.jpg (218972 bytes)
Backing under CN bridge 710 after turning in the harbor for the short trip up the river.
3-Mssgi-9-22-12-sb.jpg (109757 bytes)
Keeping an eye on things from the Wheelhouse.
4-Mssgi-09-22-12-sb.jpg (124187 bytes)
Preparing to dock at North American Salt. 
5-Mssgi-09-22-12-sb.jpg (163925 bytes)
Tied up and unloading into the dome.
6-Chlgr-09-22-12-sb.jpg (127430 bytes)
A couple hours behind the Mississagi, the St. Marys Challenger arrives at Calumet Harbor destined for Lake Calumet and St. Marys Cement.
7-Chlgr-09-22-12-sb.jpg (156397 bytes)
Passing under bridge 710.
8-Chlgr-09-22-12-sb.jpg (160051 bytes)
Clear of 92nd St bridge and passing the Mississagi unloading salt at North American.
9-Chlgr-09-22-12-sb.jpg (200649 bytes)
No railroad delay today as she approaches the NS-5 bridge.
10-Chlgr-09-22-12-sb.jpg (238173 bytes)
Approaching 100th St.
11-Chlgr-09-22-12-sb.jpg (94263 bytes)
Passengers on the bow enjoying a beautiful first day of Fall. 
12-Chlgr-09-22-12-sb.jpg (254953 bytes)

A wave from the stern passing 106th St.


Oshawa, Ont. - Andre Blanchard
1-stprima-9-21-12-ab.jpg (87253 bytes)
Stellaprima at dock. She has been docked there since September 19.
2-djed-9-21-12-ab.jpg (104740 bytes)
Police vessel "David J. Edwards" patrolling the harbor prior to the arrival of HMCS Ville de Quebec.
3-amdean-9-21-12-ab.jpg (133303 bytes)
Americo Dean heading outbound to move a dredge out of the main channel to make way for the HMCS Ville de Quebec.
4-mrkane-9-21-12-ab.jpg (76074 bytes)
Tug M.R. Kane arriving in Oshawa to assist with the docking of HMCS Ville de Quebec.
5-jerryg-9-21-12-ab.jpg (105881 bytes)
Jerry G would also heading out to assist the docking on the HMCS Ville de Quebec into port.
6-hmcsvdq-9-21-12-ab.jpg (84540 bytes)
 HMCS Ville de Quebec being pulled into the port backwards. Jerry G would be pulling at the stern, and M.R. Kane was providing guidance at the bow (not seen in this picture).
7-vdqmrk-9-21-12-ab.jpg (92755 bytes)
HMCS Ville de Quebec and M.R. Kane passing the Stellaprima.

Oshawa Harbor - Lorraine Morrill
11174---Dean-Construction-Dredge.jpg (112129 bytes)
Dean Construction doing dredging of the channel
11185---Americo-Dean-–-Oshawa-9-21-12ldm.jpg (208532 bytes) 11187---MR-Kane-–-Oshawa-9-21-12ldm.jpg (122455 bytes)
MR Kane
11209---Stellaprima-–-Oshawa-9-21-12ldm.jpg (131232 bytes) 11249--HMCS-Ville-De-Quebec---Oshawa-9-21-12ldm.jpg (123642 bytes)
HMCS Ville De Quebec
11221--HMCS-Ville-De-Quebec---Oshawa-9-21-12ldm.jpg (131999 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-JohnBAird-09-21-12-bb.jpg (69925 bytes)
John B Aird stopped at sand dock in Port Weller harbor
2-MrsC-09-21-12-bb.jpg (154684 bytes)
pilot boat Mrs. C about to make a delivery and pickup
3-AtlanticSuperior-09-21-12-a-bb.jpg (82813 bytes)
Atlantic Superior clear of Lock One
4-AtlanticSuperior-09-21-12-b-bb.jpg (94711 bytes)
After leaving harbour Atlantic Superior would go to anchor and be refuelled by Hamilton Energy
5-Algosea-09-21-12-a-bb.jpg (112475 bytes)
Algosea at the Homer Bridge
6-Algosea-09-21-12-b-bb.jpg (108795 bytes)
On her way to Lock 2
7-McKeeSons-09-21-12-a-bb.jpg (107156 bytes)
McKee Sons and tug Invincible in Port Colborne harbor
8-McKeeSons-09-21-12-b-bb.jpg (103682 bytes)
headed to Wharf 16 above Bridge 21 to take on supplies.
9-TrapRock-09-21-12-bb.jpg (82910 bytes)
Near McKee Sons stern trucks are being loaded with trap rock, used in paving roads.
10-StephenBRomanMcKeeSons-09-21-12-bb.jpg (80818 bytes)
Stephen B Roman passing McKee Sons
11-StephenBRoman-09-21-12-a-bb.jpg (85142 bytes)
Roman closeup
12-StephenBRoman-09-21-12-b-bb.jpg (79520 bytes)
stern shot 
13-PhoenixStar-09-21-12-a-bb.jpg (94695 bytes)
Phoenix Star approaching Bridge 21
14-PhoenixStarbow-09-21-12-bb.jpg (78362 bytes)
Bow profile
15-PhoenixStarstern-09-21-12-bb.jpg (81751 bytes)
stern profile
16-PhoenixStar-09-21-12-b-bb.jpg (95419 bytes)
heading to west wall above Lock 8 for lubricants and supplies before resuming trip with wheat for Port Cartier.

Algoway arrived in Lorain with a load of Potash - Jim Bobel
1-Algoway-9-20-12-JCB.jpg (137828 bytes)
The Lorain High Titans Homecoming Bonfire burns brightly on Lakeview Beach last night. The freighter Algoway circles in Lake Erie in background.
2-Algoway-9-20-12-JCB.jpg (134654 bytes) 3-Algoway-9-20-12-JCB.jpg (58282 bytes)
Heading for the Inner Harbor.
4-Algoway-9-20-12-JCB.jpg (93285 bytes)
In the inner harbor.
5-Algoway-9-20-12-JCB.jpg (56382 bytes)
Lining up for the Black River.
6-Algoway-9-20-12-JCB.jpg (125724 bytes)
With both Lorain lights flashing the vessel lines up in the river.
7-Algoway-9-20-12-JCB.jpg (101154 bytes)
Waiting for the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge to open.

Detroit - Ken Borg
IMG_9882.jpg (101102 bytes)
McKee Sons and Invincible in the old channel of the 
Rouge River.  They had just come from unloading coal at Detroit Edison Trenton Channel Power Plant and came here to load coke.
IMG_9888.jpg (74028 bytes)
Tecumseh hovering in the Detroit River waiting to go  to Sterling Fuel in Windsor, Ont.
IMG_9892.jpg (87997 bytes)
St. Marys Cement II/Sea Eagle II departing Sterling  fuel in Windsor, Ont and turning to go down the Detroit River.
IMG_9893.jpg (90712 bytes)
Phoenix Star coming down the Detroit River.

Paul R. Tregurtha passing Marysville -  Frank Frisk
2-prt-9-20-12-ff.jpg.jpg (98298 bytes) 4-prt-9-20-12-ff.jpg.jpg (96440 bytes) 3-prt-9-20-12-ff.jpg.jpg (91668 bytes) 5-prt-9-20-12-ff.jpg.jpg (91694 bytes)  

Stellaprima departing Hamilton along the Burlington Northshore - Eric Holmes
1-Stellaprima-19-09-12-eh.jpg (95199 bytes)        

Umiavut heading for Valleyfield Quebec, meeting the Algobay above Les Escoumins pilot station  - Capt. Clarence Vautier
Umiavut9-20-12-cv.jpg (121981 bytes)        

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1kbslc9_3_12_rb.jpg (136645 bytes)
Lakes Contender loading ore
2mmhjlo9_6_12_rb.jpg (139015 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar loading ore with fleet mate Mesabi Miner arriving with coal
3_mm_9_6_12_rb.jpg (105846 bytes)
Mesabi Miner backing in to unload coal into the hopper
4hcj9_14_12_rb.jpg (128078 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson, morning ore load

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
CSLLAURENTIENb02091512mn.jpg (91405 bytes)
CSL Laurentien downbound off Belanger Park
2CSLLAURENTIENs03091512mn.jpg (99099 bytes) 1-MCLEODNORMANb07091512mn.jpg (92117 bytes)
Norman Mc Leod and tug Everlast turning downbound after departing the Rouge Short-cut canal.
3-EVERLASTb08091512mn.jpg (89436 bytes) 2-MCLEODNORMANs10082312mn.jpg (106180 bytes)

St. Joseph, Mich. - Lou Gerard
Samlaud-9-16-12-lg-DSC1024.jpg (91512 bytes)
Sam Laud followed by the Alpena approach St. Joseph Mich.
Samlaud-9-16-12-lg-DSC1028.jpg (83592 bytes)
Sam Laud in St. Joe Channel with lots of onlookers.
Alpena-9-16-12-lg-DSC1063.jpg (106722 bytes)
Alpena passes Northpier Lighthouse.
Alpena-9-16-12-lg-DSC1085.jpg (116355 bytes)
Alpena going through CSX swing bridge.
Alpena-9-16-12-lg-DSC1109.jpg (116633 bytes)
At the Lafarge dock.
Samlaud-9-16-12-lg-DSC1115.jpg (116766 bytes)
Sam Laud unloading stone.
Mississagi-9-16-12-lg-DSC1121.jpg (113842 bytes)
Mississagi at anchor off of St. Joe waiting for Sam Laud to leave.

 St. Joseph - Jeff Barber
slaud-9-16-2012-jb.jpeg.jpg (76518 bytes)
Downbound Lake Michigan with stone for Dock 63
alpena-9-16-2012-jb.jpeg.jpg (84772 bytes)
Coming from S. Chicago
mississ-9-16-2012-jb.jpeg.jpg (89133 bytes)
Downbound at full speed with a cargo of salt
missis-9-16-2012-jb.jpeg.jpg (93037 bytes)
Preparing to drop the hook

Seaway - Jim Scrimger
1-Atlantic-Erie-9-15-12-JS-.jpg (122610 bytes)
Atlantic Erie just east of Cardinal, Ont.
2-John-D-Leitch--Algoma-Guardian-9-16-12-JS-.jpg (101561 bytes)
Algoma Guardian passing John D Leitch at Ogdensburg, N.Y.
3-Algoma-Guardian--runabout-9-16-12-JS-.jpg (74514 bytes) 4-Algoma-Guardian-9-16-12-JS-.jpg (115317 bytes) 5-John-D-Leitch-9-16-12-JS-.jpg (89454 bytes)
John D. Leitch
6-John-D-Leitch--sailboat-9-16-12-JS-.jpg (114728 bytes)
sailboat passing John D Leitch
7-John-D-Leitch--sailboat-9-16-12-JS-.jpg (137583 bytes) 8-John-D-Leitch--sailboat-9-16-12-JS-.jpg (126874 bytes) 9-John-D-Leitch-9-16-12-JS-.jpg (88560 bytes)
John D Leitch just west of Ogdensburg

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
CSL-Assinboine-2-9-21-12-dd.jpg (159927 bytes) American-Mariner-2-9-22-12-dd.jpg (106166 bytes) Joyce-L-Van-Enkevort-9-22-12-dd.jpg (114562 bytes) Ostrander-Integrity-9-22-12-dd.jpg (104229 bytes) Alpena-3-9-22-12-dd.jpg (82283 bytes)

Welland Canal / Hamilton - Roger LeLievre
1AlgomarineRL.jpg (63763 bytes)
Algomarine and morning boatwatchers.
2Cresswell,PeterRL.jpg (57273 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell
3CSLLaurentienRL.jpg (64941 bytes)
CSL Laurentien entering Lock 7.
4Desgagnes,VegaRL.jpg (63984 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes leaving Lock 1.
5DesgagnesVegaCrewRL.jpg (66175 bytes)
Hello from the Desgagnes' crew.
6FederalAsahiRL.jpg (55190 bytes)
Federal Asahi above Lock 7
7Flevoborg.jpg (39932 bytes)
8FlevoborgPilotRL.jpg (40448 bytes)
Flevoborg with the pilot boat Mrs. C. alongside.
9FraserborgRL.jpg (42335 bytes)
10GreatRepublic1RL.jpg (44700 bytes)
Great Republic, coming back from a trip to Quebec City, below Lock 1.
11GreatRepublic2RL.jpg (62322 bytes)
Goose crossing.
12GreatRepublic4RL.jpg (40506 bytes)
Great Republic in the Canal.
13GreatRepublic3RL.jpg (56101 bytes)
Great Republic leaving Lock 7.
14FederalYukonRL.jpg (60498 bytes)
Federal Yukon above Lock 7 at dusk.
15MrsCPilotRL.jpg (177118 bytes)
Pilot boat Mrs. 3.
16StrandjaRL.jpg (83381 bytes)
17MCTAltairRL.jpg (49306 bytes)
Tanker MCL Altair below Lock 1
18AlgomaMontrealaisRL.jpg (47820 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais heads out of 7.
19AlgomaProvider1RL.jpg (41432 bytes)
20AlgomaProvider2RL.jpg (53912 bytes)
Algoma Provider undergoing repairs at Hamilton.
21AlgomaProvider3RL.jpg (73586 bytes)
Algoma Provider has an opening cut in the hull for easy access.
22AlgomaProvider4RL.jpg (57393 bytes)
Algoma Provider stack.

Humorous view from the bridge - Capt. Seann O'Donoughue
Algoma-Spirit-pases-Masena-Boatnerds-in-Wiley-Dondero-Canal----13-Sept-2012.jpg (161326 bytes)
Massena Boatnerds in the Wiley dondero Canal. This is as close as they dare to get to a ship.
LOCK-7-BOATNERDS.jpg (167794 bytes)
Lock 7 Boatnerds - the Highlighted Arrow shows the location where Boatnerds can practice the ritual of watching roaming ships from the safety of a cage.
The Ship Algoma Olympic steaming in the sunset towards the Iroquois Lock, 13 September, 2012.
Massena-Boatnerds-in-their-Natural-Habitat.jpg (326350 bytes)
A rare view of Massena Boatnerds in their natural habitat – Locally know as “Good ’Ol Boatnerds”.
A-Lock-7-Boatnerd-Habitat-as-Viewed-fromthe-Bridge-of-the-Algoma-Spirit---15-September-2012.jpg (150915 bytes)
Lock 7 Boatnerd Habitat, housing urban Boatnerds, who have migrated great distances to unite in an annual gathering, and partake in group shared rituals.

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