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September 26, 20

Point Edward - Marc Dease
1-amar-9-9-12-a-md.jpg (90410 bytes)
American Mariner downbound above 1 & 2.
2-amar-9-9-12-b-md.jpg (77400 bytes)
 Making the turn.
3-aent-9-9-12-a-md.jpg (89988 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise downbound.
4-aent-9-9-12-b-md.jpg (106329 bytes)
Below 1 & 2.
5-aque-9-9-12-a-md.jpg (151811 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois upbound clear of the bridges.
6-aque-9-9-12-b-md.jpg (108198 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
7-sag-9-9-12-md.jpg (84983 bytes)
Saguenay downbound at 1 & 2.
8-jjb-9-9-12-md.jpg (59491 bytes)
John J. Boland making the turn at 1 & 2.

Welland Canal Tuesday - Bill Bird
1-BBCRhine-09-25-12-a-bb.jpg (113857 bytes)
BBC Rhine on her way to Lock 2
2-BBCRhine-09-25-12-b-bb.jpg (107501 bytes)
stern shot-headed to Montreal.
3-AlgomaMontrealais-09-25-12-a-bb.jpg (74568 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais entering Lock 3
4-AlgomaMontrealais-09-25-12-b-bb.jpg (79667 bytes)
Leaving the lock
5-AlgomaMontrealais-09-25-12-c-bb.jpg (86794 bytes)
on her way to Lock 2
6-AlgomaMontrealais-09-25-12-d-bb.jpg (99656 bytes)
also headed to Montreal.

Arcelor Mittal dock collapse in Burns Harbor, Ind. - USCG
Arcelor Mittal-Burns Harbor2.jpg (1255781 bytes) Arcelor Mittal-Burns Harbor1.jpg (1079163 bytes) Arcelor Mittal-Burns Harbor3.jpg (855742 bytes)    

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-MobyDick-9-24-12-bv.jpg (131008 bytes)
Barge Moby Dick being pull out by Geo. Gradel tug Praireland
2-Praireland-9-24-12-bv.jpg (181005 bytes)
tug Praireland
3-Praireland-9-24-12-bv.jpg (125244 bytes)
Another look at the barge Moby Dick and tug Praireland
1-Manistee-9-24-12-bv.jpg (83179 bytes)
Manistee being loaded with coal at the Toledo Docks
2-Manistee-9-24-12-bv.jpg (119593 bytes)
Another view
3-Manistee-9-24-12-bv.jpg (142711 bytes)
Forward deck house view
4-Manistee-9-24-12-bv.jpg (123110 bytes)
Another view of the Manistee under the shiploader
6-Emptiesrailcars-9-24-12-bv.jpg (273629 bytes)
A pair of empties which came off the rotary dumper are heading for the towel retarders before heading to the empty hole.
7-Emptiesrailcar-9-24-12-bv.jpg (227676 bytes)
Rail cars passing through the retarders, in background, empties coming off the rotary dumper
1-NationalGreatLakesMuseum-9-24-12.jpg (118520 bytes)
Ground breaking ceremony for the National Great Lakes Museum.
2-NGreatLakesMuseum-9-24-12.jpg (135995 bytes)
Officials gathered in front of the future site of the National Great Lakes Museum
3-NationalGreatLakesMuseum-9-24-12-bv.jpg (161184 bytes)
 Ceremony site
4-NGreatLakes-Museum-9-24-12-bv.jpg (116069 bytes)
Ceremony shovels
5-NGreatLakesMuseum-9-24-12-bv.jpg (101760 bytes)
Toledo's Mayor Bell
6-NGreatLakesMuseum-9-24-12-bv.jpg (104044 bytes)
Paul Toth, President & CEO of the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority
7-NGreatLakesMuseum-9-24-12-bv.jpg (110033 bytes)
Executive Director Christopher Gillcrist of the Great Lakes Historical Society
8-NGreatLakesMuseum-9-24-12-bv.jpg (164214 bytes)
Dignitaries getting ready to break ground

Seaway - Jim Scrimger
1-Apollon,Ogdensburg-9-23-12-JS-.jpg (154545 bytes)
2-Apollon-9-23-12-JS-.jpg (116320 bytes) 3-Canadian-Empress-Algoma-Enterprise-CSL-Laurentien-9-17-12-JS-.jpg (84559 bytes)
Canadian Empress, Enterprise going upstream passing CSL Laurentien just west of the Johnstown bridge.
4-Algoma-EnterpriseOgdensburg-9-17-12-JS-.jpg (151936 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise.
5-Canadian-Empress-9-17-12-JS-.jpg (137617 bytes)
Canadian Empress docking at Prescott,On.
6-Canadian-Empress-Algoma-Enterprise-9-17-12-JS--.jpg (126087 bytes)
 Canadian Empress docking with Algoma Enterprise heading upstream.
7-CSL-Laurentien-Ogdensburg-9-17-12-JS-.jpg (162292 bytes)
CSL Laurentien
8-CSL-Laurentien-9-17-12-JS-.jpg (96644 bytes)    

Welland Canal and Seaway -  Paul Beesley
1-12-0920-Elisalex-Schulte-(3).jpg (86454 bytes)
Elisalex Schulte above Lock 1.
2-12-0920-Elisalex-Schulte-(5).jpg (88443 bytes)
On her way to Lock 2.
9-12-0910-Atlantic-Huron-(1).jpg (88907 bytes)
Atlantic Superior on a rare trip above Montreal, below Lock 2.
4-12-0921-John-D-Leitch-(1).jpg (79739 bytes)
Followed by the John D Leitch.
5-12-0921-John-D-Leitch-(2).jpg (85692 bytes)
On her way to Lock
6-12-0921-Algosea.jpg (88276 bytes)
Algosea below Lock 2 with the Vega Desgagnes in the background waiting for a turnback at the lock.
7-12-0921-Algosea-(4).jpg (94179 bytes)
Another view.
 1-12-0909-Ruddy.jpg (113349 bytes)
Canfornav's Ruddy upbound at Brockville, Ontario.
2-12-0909-Ruddy-(4).jpg (89913 bytes)
On her way.
3-12-0909-John-Spence-niagara-Spirit-(2).jpg (68875 bytes)
Niagara Spirit pushed by the John Spence in the area of Crysler Park, Ontario.
4-12-0910-John-B-Aird-(2).jpg (94506 bytes)
John B Aird above the Eisenhower Lock.
5-12-0910-John-B-Aird-(4).jpg (105927 bytes)
Another view.
6-12-0910-Algobay-(3).jpg (92942 bytes)
Algobay, now the Radcliffe R Latimer, leaves the Snell Lock.
7-12-0910-BBC-Rhine-(1).jpg (106024 bytes)
BBC Rhine above the bridge at Cornwall, Ontario.
8-12-0910-BBC-Rhine-(3).jpg (107305 bytes)
Approaching the Snell lock.
3-12-0921-Atlantic-Superior.jpg (65311 bytes)
Farther down the river we met the Atlantic Huron.
10-12-0910-Atlantic-Huron-(4).jpg (85153 bytes)
Also upbound.

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