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September 28, 20

Philip R Clarke moored on the Southeast Pier below the Soo Locks Thursday - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo by Carmen Paris / Michelle Hill
1-clarke-9-27-12-usace.jpg (82422 bytes)
Waiting for the fog to lift.

Basic Marine Tug Nickelena and Barge at the Lower Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1nickLH9_27_12_rb.jpg (143691 bytes)
Delivering an electrical transformer for the Empire Mine

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Edenborg-9-26-12-dd.jpg (103797 bytes) McKee-and-Sons-2-9-27-12-dd.jpg (66748 bytes) Joe-Thompson-9-27-12-dd.jpg (141628 bytes)    

Detroit River- Mike Nicholls
BBCELBEb24092512mn.jpg (79041 bytes)
BBC Elbe upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
BBCELBEs25092512mn.jpg (90643 bytes) EDENBORGb29092512mn.jpg (122742 bytes)
Edenborg at Nicholson's Detroit.
EDENBORGs31092512mn.jpg (94671 bytes) EBROBORGb13070812mn.jpg (99146 bytes)
Same dock in July.
EBROBORGs11070812mn.jpg (105179 bytes)        
Seaway and Ottawa River - Paul Beesley
1-avataq-9-11-12-pb.jpg (89279 bytes)
Avataq loading in Valleyfield, Quebec.
2-avataq-9-11-12-pb.jpg (101305 bytes)
Another view.
3-wood-9-11-12-pb.jpg (104487 bytes)
Algowood leaving Beauharnois Lock 4, upbound.
4-canemp-9-13-12-pb.jpg (127631 bytes)
Canadian Empress at Masson ferry crossing.  There are 5 ferries that run here, service is 24/7.  Ferry #5 can be seen approaching its dock on the right.
5-empott-9-13-12-pb.jpg (145009 bytes)
Empress of Ottawa leaving her dock in Hull, Quebec.  She is the former Dalhousie Princess from Port Dalhousie, Ontario.
6-ecolos-9-14-12-pb.jpg (89602 bytes)
Ecolos, a solar-powered ferry downriver from Ottawa.
7-pinegl-9-16-12-pb.jpg (124290 bytes)
Pineglen downbound at the St Louis bridge above Beauharnois.
8-marine-9-17-12-pb.jpg (97598 bytes)
Algomarine working her way into the dock in the Mariatown, Ontario area.  She has salt to unload.

Fish Tugs and Work Boats in the Upper Peninsula - Tom Hynes
1-Kathy-8-29-12-th.jpg (76576 bytes)
Kathy at Lower Entry, Portage Lake
2-Kathy-8-29-12-th.jpg (74918 bytes)
stern view
3-Katherine-8-29-12-th.jpg (102869 bytes)
Katherine at Lower Entry, Portage Lake
4-Katherine-8-29-12-th.jpg (93430 bytes)
stern view
5-Dawn-8-29-12-th.jpg (88674 bytes)
Dawn at Lower Entry, Portage Lake
6-PortageLift-8-29-12-th.jpg (96827 bytes)
 Portage Lift Bridge about 11 pm
7-UpperEntry-8-30-12-th.jpg (167902 bytes)
 Unidentified trap net boat near Upper Entry, Portage Lake
8-JEColombe-8-30-12-th.jpg (173236 bytes)
Tug at Yalmer Mattila Dock, Hancock. Believed to be the J.E. Colombe.
9-Beaver-8-30-12-th.jpg (173755 bytes)
National Park Service crane barge Beaver in Houghton
10-CedarRiver-8-31-12-th.jpg (187955 bytes)
Four fish tugs at Cedar River. Iran F. and Robert J. in water. Gill net boat on shore at left possibly named Lucy R.
11-Maddie-P-8-31-12-th.jpg (101512 bytes)
Maddie P. at Naubinway

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-calumet-9-26-12-bv.jpg (91131 bytes)
Calumet unload salt at the City of Toledo Salt Dock
2-Calumet-9-26-12-bv.jpg (53921 bytes)
Bow view
3-Calumet-9-26-12-bv.jpg (118879 bytes)
Another look at the unloading boom.  At that time, the unloading operation was broken down, believed electrical problem.

Vantage Point - Frank Frisk
1-JRB,KEB-9-26-12-ff.jpg.jpg (77841 bytes) 2-JRB,KEB-9-26-12-ff.jpg.jpg (109048 bytes)      

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