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October 1, 20

Hamilton, Ont. Sunday - Bill Bird
1-Michipicoten-09-30-12-a-bb.jpg (94297 bytes)
Michipicoten at the piers
2-Michipicoten-09-30-12-b-bb.jpg (115258 bytes)
heading into the harbor
3-Omni-Richelieu-09-30-12-a-bb.jpg (146563 bytes)
Tug Omni Richelieu heading to Clarkson to aid a departing tanker
4-ImperialSarniatow-09-30-12-a-bb.jpg (156366 bytes)
Scrap tow of former Imperial Sarnia (most recently Provmar Terminal 2) headed to Port Colborne
5-Vigilant1-09-30-12-bb.jpg (111640 bytes)
Lead tug Vigilant 1
6-ImperialSarnia-09-30-12-a-bb.jpg (133880 bytes)
tanker closeup
7-ImperialSarniasuperstructure-09-30-12-a-bb.jpg (101753 bytes)
8-ImperialSarniasign-09-30-12-a-bb.jpg (86546 bytes)
IMS reminder they're environmentally friendly
9-ImperialSarniastern-09-30-12-a-bb.jpg (99673 bytes)
10-LacManitoba-09-30-12-a-bb.jpg (114606 bytes)
stern tug Lac Manitoba
11-ImperialSarniatow-09-30-12-b-bb.jpg (109586 bytes)
tow moving into Lake Ontario

Seaway - Jim Scrimger
1-Solina-Algoma-Discovery-9-26-12-JS--.jpg (163768 bytes)
Solina passing Algoma Discovery anchored at Prescott. 
2-Algoma-Discovery-Algoma-Montrealais-9-26-12-JS-.jpg (136812 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais passing Algoma Discovery anchored at Prescott. 
3-Manitoba-9-29-12-JS-.jpg (94757 bytes)
Manitoba under Johnstown Bridge.
4-Kaministiqua-9-29-12-JS-.jpg (93180 bytes)
Kaministiqua, upbound, under Johnstown Bridge.
5-Manitoba-Kaministiqua-9-29-12-JS-.jpg (176974 bytes)
Manitoba and Kaministiqua at Johnstown Bridge.
6-Kaministiqua-Manitoba-9-29-12-JS-.jpg (142234 bytes)        

Tugs Donald Bert and Debbie Lyn from Goderich pushing Greek cargo carrier Stefania I into Sarnia grain elevators Saturday - Jim Newman
stefania-I.jpg (164889 bytes)        

St. Clair, Mich. Whistle blast Saturday - Ken Borg
IMG_0014.jpg (203221 bytes)
Whistle blast "power plant".
IMG_0015.jpg (74568 bytes)
St. Clair Whistle blast  logo.
IMG_0016.jpg (282500 bytes)
Attaching whistle to steam manifold
IMG_0017.jpg (93279 bytes)
Blowing the smaller whistles.  This one from a Detroit Edison Co,  steam crane.
IMG_0020.jpg (113475 bytes)
Blowing a salute to the CSL Laurentien.
IMG_0033.jpg (134443 bytes)
The sun shines on the smaller whistles.
IMG_0051.jpg (68883 bytes)
Blowing the whistle off the tug Sulphite

Herbert C. Jackson in the St. Marys River Saturday - James Sumption
jackson9-29-12.jpg (49712 bytes)
At Mission Point with the full moon overhead.

Detroit River Panoramics - Matt Miner
TecumVEnk-MM-9-29-12.jpg (46733 bytes)
Taken Saturday from Ballenger Park.
Tecum-MM-9-29-12.jpg (50880 bytes) DetSky-MM-9-29-12.jpg (57065 bytes)    

Welland Canal Thursday - Philip Nash
1-ASIClipper-27-09-12-pn.jpg (161468 bytes)
Tug ASI Clipper at small boat dock below Lock 1.
2-Yacht-27-09-12-pn.jpg (113664 bytes)
Pleasure craft at the small boat dock.
3-GoFourth-27-09-12-pn.jpg (125971 bytes)
Pleasure craft Go Fourth.
5-AlouetteS-27-09-12-pn.jpg (137959 bytes)
Tug Wilf Seymour and Barge Alouette Spirit departing Wharf 2 in Port Weller upbound for Lock 1.
4-WilfSeyBarge-27-09-12-pn.jpg (103304 bytes)
Bow of the Barge Alouette Spirit.
6-McKeil-27-09-12-pn.jpg (73607 bytes)
McKeil company logo on barge.
7-Alouette-27-09-12-pn.jpg (65453 bytes)
Alouette company logo on barge.
8-WilSey-27-09-12-pn.jpg (131125 bytes)
Tug Wilf Seymour.
9-Cuyahoga-27-09-12-pn.jpg (114231 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound just past Port Robinson, Ontario.
10-Solina-27-09-12-pn.jpg (76860 bytes)
Solina passing the Algomarine who was at Wharf 12 in Port Colborne having completed repairs and waiting to depart.
11-Solina-27-09-12-pn.jpg (72333 bytes)
Solina heading for Lock 8 passing by Old Robin Hood Elevators in Port Colborne.
12-Pilot-27-09-12-pn.jpg (50230 bytes)
Pilot on the wing of the Solina.
13-Solina-27-09-12-pn.jpg (83082 bytes)
Stern of Solina approaching Lock 8.
14-Algomarine-27-09-12-pn.jpg (89854 bytes)
Algomarine departing Wharf 12 following the Solina upbound for Bruce Mines, Ontario. Capt Henry Jackman sliding from the North end of Wharf 12 to the South end to continue repairs to cargo hold, expect to be there for approximately 9-14 days.
15-Cedarglen-27-09-12-pn.jpg (69838 bytes)
Cedarglen entering Lock 8 downbound.

Detroit River from the tour boat Friendship
DSC_0745.jpg (90985 bytes)
Friendship returns to its dock at the Portofino Restaurant in Wyandotte
DSC_0752.jpg (109955 bytes)
Returning from an afternoon cruise.
DSC_0761.jpg (67883 bytes)
Deer swimming across the Detroit River
DSC_0765.jpg (162071 bytes) DSC_0769.jpg (87863 bytes)
Landing in Wyandotte
DSC_0774.jpg (100122 bytes) DSC_0775.jpg (77321 bytes)
Trying to find a way off the fenced condo grounds.
DSC_0786.jpg (110558 bytes)
Diamond Jack follows the Friendship out.
DSC_0792.jpg (132324 bytes) DSC_0794.jpg (213734 bytes)
Former stack markings.
DSC_0754.jpg (22567 bytes) DSC_0835.jpg (74078 bytes) DSC_0824.jpg (12123 bytes)
Moon rise
DSC_0843.jpg (18711 bytes)
Under Ambassador Bridge
DSC_0854.jpg (221332 bytes)
Off Windsor.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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