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October 2, 20

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Algobay-10-01-12-a-bb.jpg (82319 bytes)
Algobay loaded with coal for Hamilton downbound at Port Robinson
2-Algobay-10-01-12-b-bb.jpg (112115 bytes)
She'll be returning to canal for re-naming ceremonies on Thursday
3-AlgomaTransport-10-01-12-a-bb.jpg (99501 bytes)
Algoma Transport clear of Lock One
4-AlgomaTransport-10-01-12-b-bb.jpg (91392 bytes)
headed to Quebec
5-ImperialSarniatow-10-01-12-a-bb.jpg (101435 bytes)
Day 2 of former Imperial Sarnia tow sees the trio tied at the sand dock in Port Weller Harbor because the lead tug Vigilant 1 had problems with her steering gear.
6-ImperialSarniatow-10-01-12-b-bb.jpg (103442 bytes)
After a 16 hour delay the two resumes shortly before 4 p.m.
7-ImperialSarniacloseup-10-01-12-a-bb.jpg (84198 bytes)
closeup of former Imperial Sarnia on her way to Lock
8-Imperial-Sarnia-tow-10-01-12-c-bb.jpg (112085 bytes)
stern shot of tow
9-ImperialSarniaAlgobay10-01-12-bb.jpg (87033 bytes)
As tow slides along wall below the lock, she makes a passing entry with Algobay
10-ImperialSarnia-10-01-12-b-bb.jpg (125085 bytes)
tanker about to enter the lock
11-ImperialSarniacrew10-01-12-a-bb.jpg (113598 bytes)
best seat in the house.  Two men on top of pilot house keeping an eye on the tow
12-LacManitoba-10-01-12-a-bb.jpg (196980 bytes)
Tug Lac Manitoba full astern to slow down tow and straighten her out entering the lock 

Algocanada downbound below the Soo Locks -  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo by Carmen Paris
1-algocanada-10-1-12-cp.jpg (68351 bytes)        

Tow of the former Imperial Sarnia - Kent Malo
ImperialSarnia9-30-12-km-a.jpg (152046 bytes)
Crew boarding the Imperial Sarnia more recently the Provmar Terminal 2
ImperialSarnia9-30-12-km-b.jpg (162128 bytes) ImperialSarnia9-30-12-km-c.jpg (127377 bytes)
Lac Manitoba on the stern
ImperialSarnia9-30-12-km-d.jpg (101081 bytes)
Crew fastening the tow line forward
ImperialSarnia9-30-12-km-e.jpg (123597 bytes)
Tow starting to move from the dock, Lac Manitoba on the stern
ImperialSarnia9-30-12-km-f.jpg (115950 bytes)
Departure from Hamilton and last voyage of the Imperial Sarnia  most recently Provmar Terminal 2
Built in 1948 as the Imperial Sarnia 2 in Collingwood, last operated in 1986, served as a fuel storage at Hamilton until 1989.      

Seaway Mariatown Ont. - Murray Blancher
1-Solina-30-09-12-mb.jpg (120058 bytes)
Solina upbound
2-Solina-30-09-12-mb.jpg (109710 bytes)      

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Alpena-10-1-12-dd.jpg (113802 bytes) Ferry-Kristen-D-10-1-12-dd.jpg (128701 bytes)      

Redhead on the St. Marys River - Jim Lehocky
Redhead-9-22-12-jl.jpg (76605 bytes)        

Hamilton Sunday - George Lee
Misc-1175.jpg (85650 bytes) Misc-1177.jpg (89551 bytes) Misc-1172.jpg (93609 bytes) Misc-1174.jpg (132346 bytes) Misc-1167.jpg (115234 bytes)
Misc-1169.jpg (150804 bytes) Misc-1170.jpg (139026 bytes) Misc-1119.jpg (73464 bytes) Misc-1166.jpg (127373 bytes)  

Terminal II (Ex Imperial Sarnia) departing the Burlington Ship Canal - Ann Andersen
023.jpg (201742 bytes)
Tugs Vigilant I & Lac Manitoba line up Terminal II tow for the bridge at Burlington
028.jpg (195912 bytes)
Close up of Terminal II tow.
030.jpg (187586 bytes)
Approaching Burlington Bridge

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