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October 5, 20

Algoma rededicates Algobay as the Radcliffe R Latimer
Algoma-rededication.jpg (105749 bytes)
Algoma Central CEO Greg Wight, The Honourable H.N.R. Jackman, Aba Sergio, Jacqueline Latimer, Radcliffe Latimer, Ship Chief Engineer Kaz Mankiewicz, Captain Clarence Vauther  stand in front of the renamed vessel following a ceremony in Port Colborne October 4.

Welland Canal - Capt Clarence Vautier
RadcliffeRLatimer10-04-12-CV.jpg (82814 bytes)
Radcliffe R Latimer at wharf 18, old fuel dock. Picture taken after a name change on the former Algobay.
KongoStar10-04-12-CV-.jpg (125970 bytes)
Kongo Star entering Port Colborne Piers
Wigeon10-04-12-CV.jpg (90494 bytes)
Wigeon secured at Port Colborne
ImperialSarnia10-04-12-CV.jpg (104297 bytes)
Imperial Sarnia at I M S newly arrived from Hamilton at Port Colborne

VSL Centurion renamed - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_9085.jpg (93856 bytes)
At Sorel-Tracy on Tuesday, the Phoenix Sun, formerly VSL Centurion . This new name was painted on this last weekend. However, this name was in the official documents since sometime in August.

John D. Leitch in Lorain, Ohio -

leitch10-3-12.jpg (53807 bytes)
The freighter ran into a concrete pier and a Northern Border Initiative boat. Both were damaged.


Mississagi and the John D. Leitch in Lorain - Jim Bobel
01-John-D-Leitch-10.20.12-JCB.jpg (93731 bytes)
John D Leitch loading at the Jonick Dock.
02-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (118645 bytes)
Mississagi passing the the former shipyards turned marina in the Black River.
03-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (142068 bytes)
Mississagi crew enjoying the ride up the Black River.
04-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (133518 bytes)
deck hands work on getting the skip ready.
05-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (133596 bytes)
deck hands wrestle the skip over the railing.
06-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (89660 bytes)
Mississagi after unloading a partial load of stone and turning in the basin she heads for Lake Erie.
07-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (148193 bytes)
Mississagi slowly passes the John D Leitch as she loads at the Jonick Dock.
08-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (103144 bytes)
The sterns passing.
09-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (93654 bytes)
Mississagi makes the turn after passing underneath the NS Railroad Bridge.
10-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (64511 bytes)
Charles Berry Bascule Bridge starts to open for the Mississagi on her way to Lake Erie.
11-Mississagi-10-2-12-JCB.jpg (47845 bytes)
The lights from the Bascule Bridge turn the Pilot House red as she passes under the Bascule Bridge.
1-John-D-Leitch-10-3-12-JCB.jpg (80241 bytes)
Stopped after striking an unmanned small boat in the river.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1hcj9_25_12_rb.jpg (130981 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson unloading stone into the hopper
2vjlk9_27_12_rb.jpg (160214 bytes)
Victory/James L. Kuber arriving to load ore
3keb9_28_12_rb.jpg (143625 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker, stern view, loading ore
4jgm9_30_12_rb.jpg (178651 bytes)
John G. Munson loading ore

Sam Laud in Grand Haven on Tuesday - Andrew Keson
Swinging-the-boom.jpg (72859 bytes)
Unloading at Verplank's dock in Ferrysburg
lining-up-pile.jpg (93502 bytes) Laud-Pilot-house.jpg (100873 bytes) laud-stern.jpg (168881 bytes)  

St. Marys Challenger at South Chicago Monday - Lou Gerard
_DSC0305_51696.jpg (92591 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger rounding Wisconsin Steel Bend with tug Karen Andrie in background.
 _DSC0335_51726.jpg (98245 bytes)
Challenger passing KCBX.
_DSC0375_51766.jpg (100440 bytes)
Approaching 95th St. after going through NS5.
_DSC0401_51792.jpg (71712 bytes)
Past 92nd St. heading for Lake Michigan.

Point Edward and Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-jgm-9-21-12-MD.jpg (101156 bytes)
John G. Munson downbound at 1 & 2.
2-sam-9-21-12-MD.jpg (101904 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound above 1 & 2.
3-kam-9-22-12-a-md.jpg (90654 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound above 1 & 2
4-kam-9-22-12-b-md.jpg (121461 bytes)
Below 1 & 2.
5-hcj-9-22-12-md.jpg (99249 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson downbound at 1 & 2.
6-int-9-22-12-a-md.jpg (88396 bytes)
American Integrity head on.
7-int-9-22-12-b-md.jpg (66261 bytes)
Low cloud formations this time of year.
8-sag-9-23-12-md.jpg (93818 bytes)
Saginaw downbound at 1 & 2.
9-vic-9-24-12-md.jpg (101970 bytes)
Tug Victory and barge James L. Kuber head into Lake Huron.
10-mon-9-24-12-md.jpg (92582 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais downbound at 1 & 2.
11-cor-9-26-12-md.jpg (84492 bytes)
American Courage downbound above 1 & 2.
12-ced-9-26-12-md.jpg (63432 bytes)
A look between the upright's of the Cedarglen.
13-prt-9-28-12-md.jpg (104865 bytes)
Huron Belle returns from a pilot change.
14-lake-9-28-12-md.jpg (104630 bytes)
Algolake downbound above 1 & 2.
15-way-10-1-12-md.jpg (72643 bytes)
Algoway below 1 & 2.
16-jrb-10-1-12-a-md.jpg (59569 bytes)
James R. Barker downbound above 1 & 2.
17-jrb-10-1-12-b-md.jpg (74638 bytes)
Making the turn.
18-amar-10-2-12-md.jpg (121063 bytes)
Algomarine heads into Lake Huron.
19-prc-10-2-12-md.jpg (117591 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke follows.
20-ihar-10-2-12-md.jpg (79902 bytes)
Indiana Harbor downbound above 1 & 2.
21-bel-10-2-12-md.jpg (78599 bytes)
Huron Belle meeting the Atlantic Superior at 1 & 2.

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Arthur-M-Anderson-10-3-12-dd.jpg (124475 bytes) Victory-3-10-3-12-dd.jpg (170909 bytes) McKee-and-Sons-10-2-12-dd.jpg (149510 bytes) Amstelborg-10-2-12-dd.jpg (154851 bytes)  

Imperial Sarnia downbound at Point Edward from the Bluewater Bridge, July 1985 - Marc Dease
imperialsarnia85.jpg (152860 bytes)        

Imperial Sarnia launch day 1948, Hull #139 - Dave Otterman collection
Imperial-Sarnia.jpg (100382 bytes)
Yard workers in the foreground with a ring-side seat. Note the newsreel photographer with his camera and tripod under the port bow.

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