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October 12, 20

Manitowoc loading at Port Dolomite – Chuck Wagner
1-BlkCrt-10-10-12-cw.jpg (105666 bytes)
What a 1,700 ft freighter might look like. Joseph L. Block headed for the Straits meeting the Stewart J. Cort headed for De Tour. Note the spray coming over the Block’s bow.
2-Man-10-11-12-cw.jpg (88762 bytes) 3-Man-10-11-12-cw.jpg (112506 bytes) 4-Man-10-11-12-cw.jpg (98517 bytes)  

Lake Michigan Traffic from the Radcliffe R Latimer - Clarence Vautier
JosephLBlock10-10-12-cv.jpg (79949 bytes)
Joseph  L Block
Manitowoc10-10-12-cv-.jpg (47975 bytes)
 Manitowoc, at Lansing shoal.  

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-finn-10-10-2012-rb.jpg (109890 bytes)
Finnborg heading up the Seaway below Iroquois Lock.
1-helles-08-10-2012-rb.jpg (46327 bytes)
Hellespont Centurian coming out of the fog at Mariatown.
2-helles-08-10-2012-rb.jpg (56591 bytes)
She is leaving the Lakes after her first visit here.
3-helles-08-10-2012-rb.jpg (59478 bytes)
Heading down river.
4-sandy-08-10-2012-rb.jpg (119309 bytes)
Empire Sandy heading home from Montreal.

Tug Kimberly Anne helps to turn the barge Metis after unloading at Essroc's Rochester, N.Y. Terminal on Tuesday - Tom Brewer
kimberlyanne-metis-10-9-12.jpg (137384 bytes)        

Welland Canal Monday - Skip Gillham
CSL-Assiniboine-Bel.-L.-2-IMG_3449.jpg (70915 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine below Lock 2.
Thalassa-Desgagnes-Bel.-L.-1-IMG_3453.jpg (97895 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes below Lock 1

St. Clair River Monday - Kevin Majewski
1.FedDan-10-8-12-KM.jpg (80824 bytes)
The saltie Federal Danube downbound, just above St. Clair, Michigan
2.FedDa-10-8-12-KM.jpg (105330 bytes) 3.FeDa-10-8-12-KM.jpg (99532 bytes) 4.FeD-10-8-12-KM.jpg (77310 bytes)
Cargo hatches open, anchor drawn tight
5.FD-10-8-12-KM.jpg (89826 bytes)
Stern view showing the free fall lifeboat
6.AmeCen-10-8-12-KM.jpg (79117 bytes)
American Century downbound at Marysville
7.AmeCe-10-8-12-KM.jpg (78299 bytes)
Passing American Steamship Company fleet-mate Walter J. McCarthy Jr.
9.AmC-10-8-12-KM.jpg (117802 bytes)    

Tecumseh downbound above Montreal Monday - Kent Malo
Tecumseh10-08-12-km.jpg (64971 bytes) Tecumseh10-08-12-km-b.jpg (83548 bytes)      

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Alpena-3-10-9-12-dd.jpg (108279 bytes) Dorothy-Ann-Pathfinder-3-10-9-12-dd.jpg (154427 bytes) Radcliffe-R-Latimer-2-10-10--12-dd.jpg (150478 bytes) Robert-S.-Pierson-10-8-12-dd.jpg (125864 bytes)  

Bradshaw McKee in Cleveland after backing up at collision bend - Kate White
1-Bradshaw-McKee-10-8-12-kw.jpg (143653 bytes)        

Radcliffe R Latimer upbound passing Detroit Friday - Mike Nicholls
LATIMERRADCLIFFERb11100512mn.jpg (73334 bytes) LATIMERRADCLIFFERs16100512mn.jpg (83195 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives - Michel St-Denis
01-Hudson-Transport-1982msd.jpg (58846 bytes)
Hudson Transport (1982)
02-White-Fish-Bay-1983msd.jpg (155369 bytes)
White Fish Bay (at St. Lambert Lock 1983)
03-White-Fish-Bay-1983msd.jpg (110521 bytes) 04-Royal-boat-Britania-1984msd.jpg (128699 bytes)
Royal boat Britania (at St.Lambert Lock 1984)
05-Royal-boat-Britania-1984msd.jpg (120476 bytes)
06-Royal-boat-Britania-1984msd.jpg (144754 bytes) 07-Frances-A-Small-feb1967msd.jpg (81069 bytes)
Frances A Small (Feb 1967)

Lincoln Grahlfs, winner of a Shipmaster's raffle, pictured with Captain O'Donoughue, on board the Algoma Spirit
odonoughue---grahlfs.jpg (39726 bytes)        

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