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October 15, 20

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-sedna-14-10-12-rb.jpg (106269 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes aground next to the Johnstown Bridge.
2-sedna-14-10-12-rb1.jpg (86953 bytes)
Tim S Dool is the first ship to pass the grounded vessel.
1-bain-14-10-12-rb.jpg (70312 bytes)
Group Ocean's Ocean Georgie Bain passing Mariatown on her first trip through this part of the river.
1-oregon-13-10-2012-rb.jpg (83435 bytes)
BBC Oregon passing Mariatown at dawn.
2-amundsen-13-10-2012-rb.jpg (96565 bytes)
CCGS Amundsen passing Mariatown and heading for dry dock at Port Weller.
3-amundsen-13-10-2012-rb.jpg (75644 bytes)
The Amundsen was used as a floating scientific station in the Arctic.
4-kwinte-13-10-2012-rb.jpg (84522 bytes)
Kwintebank approaching Iroquois Lock.
5-leon-13-10-2012-rb.jpg (98704 bytes)
Leonard M towing MM Newfoundland with storage tanks for Long Harbour NFLD.
6-leon-13-10-2012-rb.jpg (88722 bytes)
Lac Manitoba on the tail of the tow.

Welland Canal - Skip GIllham
Miedwe-L.-7-IMG_3483.jpg (192594 bytes)
Miedwe downbound in Lock 7 at Thorold.
Greenwing-B.L.1-IMG_3492.jpg (105062 bytes)
Greenwing unloading potash from Russia below Lock 1 - second day there - and it is immediately put into trucks and taken away.
John-B.-Aird-IMG_3485.jpg (141381 bytes)
John B. Aird downbound entering Lock 3 on Oct. 13.
Eider-Above-L.-7-IMG_3484.jpg (104002 bytes)
Eider above Lock 7 undergoing repairs Oct. 13.

Greenwing delivering a load of potash from Russia to the docks at Port Weller, Ontario - Mervyn Cripps
greenwing10-14-12-mc.jpg (79587 bytes)
Registered in Cyprus, with a Ukrainian crew, crossing took 27 days.

Port Dolomite, Drummond Island and DeTour Chuck Wagner
1-JHT-10-12-12-cw.jpg (75162 bytes) 2-JHT-10-12-12-cw.jpg (101909 bytes) 3-JHT-10-12-12-cw.jpg (134638 bytes) 4-JHT-10-12-12-cw.jpg (130703 bytes) 5-LJK-10-12-12-cw.jpg (77629 bytes)
6-SOL-10-12-12-cw.jpg (103541 bytes) 7-LJ-10-12-12-cw.jpg (108575 bytes) 8-LJ-10-12-12-cw.jpg (98773 bytes) 9-SOL-10-12-12-cw.jpg (95376 bytes)  

South Chicago Friday -  Lou Gerard and Jay Williams
Radrlatimer-10-12-12-lg-DSC_0808.jpg (102949 bytes)
G tug Colorado pulling Radcliffe R. Latimer away from North American Salt dock at 92nd St.
Radrlatimer-10-12-12-lg-DSC_0812.jpg (104441 bytes)
The Latimer approaching 95th St. enroute to KCBX.
Radrlatimer-10-12-12-lg-DSC_0841.jpg (197173 bytes)
Clear of NS5 approaching 100th St. in low light.
Radrlatimer-10-12-12-lg-DSC_0853.jpg (92483 bytes)
Docking at Morton Salt waiting for the H. Lee White to depart KCBX.
Artmanderson-10-12-12-lg-DSC_0856.jpg (70536 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson waiting in Calumet Harbor for the White to depart.

Presque Isle tug and barge being mated October 12 - Jim Conlon
presqueisle10-12-12.jpg (92330 bytes)
Bay of Green Bay off of Sherwood Point in Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1prt10_2_12_rb.jpg (139565 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha unloading coal
2prc10_4_12_rb.jpg (83270 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke loading ore, view from the lakeshore
3keb10_7_12_rb.jpg (254522 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker, bow view at the ore dock
4hjlokeb10_7_12_rb.jpg (251163 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar loading ore with fleet mate Kaye E. Barker departing

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
John-G-Munson-10-12-12-dd.jpg (151607 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - Sir Denys Lowson on the Detroit River in 1976 - R.E. Barber
1976-Aug.,-S.S.-Sir-Denys-Lowson.jpg (55547 bytes)        

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