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October 16, 20

Seaway - Jim Scrimger
1-CCGS-Amundsen-Prescott-10-13-12-JS-.jpg (100973 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Amundsen upstrean at Prescott.
2-Ocean-George-Bain-bridge-10-15-12-JS--.jpg (228632 bytes)
Tug Ocean Bridge Bain under Johnstown bridge going to aid of the Sedna Desgagnes aground just west of the bridge.
3-Ocean-George-Bain-Sedna-Desgagnes-bridge-10-15-12-JS-.jpg (137860 bytes)
Ocean Bridge and Sedna Desgagnes.
4-Ocean-George-Bain-Sedna-Desgagnes-10-15-12-JS-.jpg (132913 bytes) 5-Solina-Prescott-port-10-15-12-JS-.jpg (252095 bytes)
Solina heading downstream with newly enlarged Prescott port facilities in foreground. 
6-Sedna-Desgagnes--Solina--bridge-10-15-12-JS--.jpg (135506 bytes)
Solina carefully passing Sedna Desgagnes.
7-Solina-Johnstown-bridge-10-15-12-JS--.jpg (151067 bytes)
Solina & Johnstown bridge.

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Sedna-Desgagnes-15-10-12-mb.jpg (99134 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes aground at Johnstown, Ont.
2-Sedna-Desgagnes-15-10-12-mb.jpg (134330 bytes) 3-Sedna-Desgagnes-15-10-12-mb.jpg (124614 bytes) 4-Marlene-Green-15-10-12-mb.jpg (119186 bytes)
Marlene Green down at Maitland, Ont.
5-Marlene-Green-15-10-12-mb.jpg (81774 bytes)
6-Marlene-Green-15-10-12-mb.jpg (113840 bytes) 7-Federal-Ems-15-10-12-mb.jpg (141562 bytes)
Federal Ems down at Brockville, Ont.
8-Federal-Ems-15-10-12-mb.jpg (84407 bytes)    

Duluth and Two Harbors - Nick Stenstrup
2-AC-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (116832 bytes)
American Century loading iron ore at sunrise.
14-IH-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (123752 bytes)
Indiana Harbor loading iron ore in Two Harbors
86-MM-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (71259 bytes)
Mesabi Miner arriving Duluth
104-MM-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (108067 bytes) 138-AC-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (126641 bytes)
American Century departing Duluth
149-AC-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (106144 bytes) 157-IHAC-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (87894 bytes)
American Century departing while the Indiana Harbor arrives
173-IHAC-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (58539 bytes)
Indiana Harbor makes the turn and the Century departs
197-IH-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (72007 bytes)
Indiana Harbor inbound Duluth coming from Two Harbors for repairs
213-IH-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (121147 bytes)
218-SC-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (113474 bytes)
St. Clair loading in Two Harbors
257-SC-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (143021 bytes) 370-RHPJM-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (95660 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin arriving at sundown 
382-RHPJM-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (95491 bytes)
Stern with the bridge
426-IH-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (100658 bytes)
Indiana Harbor departing
437-IH-10-14-12-ns.jpg.jpg (78358 bytes)        

St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
LowWater1RL.jpg (71082 bytes)
From left, Paul. R. Tregurtha, Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder, Algoma Enterprise (at anchor).
LowWater2RL.jpg (68479 bytes)
Low water Monday afternoon.

Alpena at South Chicago Monday - Lou Gerard
Alpena-10-15-12-lg-DSC_0866.jpg (122580 bytes)
Alpena rounding Wisconsin Steel Bend with some nice Fall colors.
Alpena-10-15-12-lg-DSC_0912.jpg (105261 bytes)
Steaming under the 'J' bridge with the Amstelborg at Iroquois Landing to the right.
Alpena-10-15-12-lg-CSC_0928.jpg (68564 bytes)
Heading out into Lake Michigan bound for Alpena.

Sarnia Monday - George Lee 
limeisland10-15-12.jpg (165074 bytes)
Lime Island owned by Babcock Marine Services, Sarnia
limeislandb10-15-12.jpg (168551 bytes)
Sault Ste. Marie Mich. painted over on the stern
algosar10-15-12.jpg (94083 bytes)
Algosar in temporary layup
saginaw-rudder10-15-12.jpg (116549 bytes)
Rudder work continues on Saginaw

Marquette and Soo - Lee Rowe
IMG_0724.jpg (131554 bytes)
Ken Booth Sr. and Lakes Contender at the Marquette ore dock Monday.
IMG_0734.jpg (115647 bytes) IMG_0099.jpg (42339 bytes)
Ojibway coming out of the fog in September. 
IMG_0171.jpg (38626 bytes)
Algosteel in the fog
IMG_0237.jpg (71078 bytes)
Kaye E Barker downbound

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