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October 24, 20

Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-Sedna-Dara-10-22-12-jm.jpg (105662 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes en route after her recent grounding in the Seaway.
2-Sedna-Dara-10-22-12-jm.jpg (111733 bytes)
Sedna meets downbound fleet mate the tanker Dara Desgagnes below lock 2.
3-DaraDesgagnes-Amundsen-10-22-12-jm.jpg (106013 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes passing the docked Amundsen as she approaches lock 1
4-DaraDesgagnes-Pilot-10-22-12-jm.jpg (88411 bytes)
Pilot boat Mrs C alongside the Desgagnes.
5-Pilot-10-22-12-jm.jpg (63949 bytes)
Pilot exchange
6-Pilpt-Dara-Isa-10-22-12-jm.jpg (145221 bytes)
All lined up, the Isa approches the Port Weller piers having waited for the Desgagnes to clear. Low water levels are making for new procedures as to where ships can meet and pass below lock 1.
7-Isa-10-22-12-jm.jpg (104823 bytes)
Isa approaches the wall at Port Weller
8-Isa-10-22-12-jm.jpg (136023 bytes)
Isa upbound at the Glendale bridge
9-Isa-10-22-12-jm.jpg (120546 bytes)
Stern view
10-SednaDesgagnes-10-22-12-jm.jpg (150657 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes up out of lock 7
11-Spirit-SednaD-10-22-12-jm.jpg (126549 bytes)
Sedna meets the Algoma Spirit
12-AlgomaSpirit-10-22-12-jm.jpg (132166 bytes)
Algoma Spirit downbound at the entrance to lock 7

St. Clair River and on Lake St. Clair - Graham Grattan
1-colors-10-21-12-gg.jpg.jpg (181385 bytes)
Some lovely fall colors can still be enjoyed.
2-photog-10-21-12-gg.jpg.jpg (234336 bytes)
A dedicated boat watcher catches "our best side".
3-nickel-10-21-12-gg.jpg.jpg (159685 bytes)
The tug Nickelena has just cleared the St. Clair Cut-Off Channel.
4-nickel-10-21-12-gg.jpg.jpg (123672 bytes)
Nickelena and her tow on Lake St. Clair.
5-manist-10-21-12-gg.jpg.jpg (112495 bytes)
Manistee downbound on Lake St. Clair. It looks just like a summer day.
6-konnin-10-22-12-gg.jpg.jpg (163656 bytes)
Konningsborg downbound in the St. Clair River, her "autumn-rust" color compliments the fall foliage.
7-alrail-10-22-12-gg.jpg.jpg (126070 bytes)
Algorail returns to service after a mid-season lay-up.

South Chicago Saturday - Lou Gerard
Artmanderson-10-20-12-lg-DSC_1012.jpg (129535 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson steams under the 'J' bridge. Unusual to see a GLF boat come in bow first.
Artmanderson-10-20-12-lg-DSC_1036.jpg (129062 bytes)
Coming through 92nd St. bridge the Anderson stops and is held for about 1 1/2 hours when a train stops on NS5.
Artmanderson-10-20-12-lg-DSC_1110.jpg (369072 bytes)
After the bridge goes up she proceeds and we can see the cargo in her hold bound for the future Ozinga Dock? up by 117th St.
Artmanderson-10-20-12-lg-DSC_1127.jpg (151351 bytes)
Approaching 100th St. after finally getting through NS5.
Artmanderson-10-20-12-lg-DSC_1133.jpg (102275 bytes)
Taking the bend south of KCBX.
Artmanderson-10-20-12-lg-DSC_1159.jpg (131676 bytes)
Followed by pleasure craft she takes Wisconsin Steel Bend. This is the second cargo of Taconite she has brought in.

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-msm-06-06-12-rb.jpg (104858 bytes)
MSM Douro heading down the Seaway last summer.
2-nordic-20-10-2012-rb.jpg (93939 bytes)
Nordic Oslo passing Loyalist Park above Mariatown.
3-ross-20-10-2012-rb.jpg (100959 bytes)
Ocean Ross Gaudreault with barge Mary River at Loyalist Park.
4-henry-20-10-2012-rb.jpg (105880 bytes)
Ocean Henry Bain with Milne Inlet. These barges were built for work on the Baffin Island mine.
5-cope-21-10-2012-rb.jpg (72390 bytes)
Copenhagen approaching Iroquois Lock.
6-cope-21-10-2012-rb.jpg (120490 bytes)
Stack markings for Sunship Schiffahrtskontor.
7-cope-21-10-2012-rb.jpg (83253 bytes)
Copenhagen is heading into the Lakes for the first time.

Marinette and Marquette - Lee Rowe
IMG_0843.jpg (91707 bytes)
Sikuliaq, new research vessel for Alaska in Marinette, Wis.
IMG_0848.jpg (96974 bytes)
Reuben Lasker in Marinette, Wis.
IMG_0783.jpg (153407 bytes)
Cason J Callaway in Marquette
IMG_0780.jpg (109731 bytes) IMG_0837.jpg (93113 bytes)
IMG_0801.jpg (58424 bytes)
Kaye E Barker arriving at the upper harbor after dropping stone at the Shiras Dock.
IMG_0828.jpg (109583 bytes) IMG_0821.jpg (102775 bytes)    

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Federal-Saguenay-10-21-12-dd.jpg (143545 bytes) Koningsborg-10-21-12-dd.jpg (93038 bytes) Catherine-Desgagnes-2-10-23-12-dd.jpg (98809 bytes) Federal-Leda-2-10-23-12-dd.jpg (126286 bytes) Ziemia-Ladzka-10-21-12-dd.jpg (106072 bytes)

McKee Sons upbound the Cuyahoga with a load of stone from Stoneport - Paul Magyar
1-MCKEE-SONS-10-21-12-PM.jpg (106258 bytes)
She is destined for the Osborne upper dock.

American Mariner from inside the Conneaut Lighthouse - Karen Killilea
marinerashtabula9-2-12.jpg (181727 bytes)        

Recent Activity at the Harbors in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1jjb10_10_12rb.jpg (138241 bytes)
John J. Boland unloading coal at the Lower Harbor with Fall colors
2vjlk10_12_12rb.jpg (116680 bytes)
Victory/James L. Kuber arriving at the Upper Harbor ore dock
3cjc10_17_12rb.jpg (137066 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway loading ore at the Upper Harbor at sunrise
4keb10_17_12rb.jpg (138920 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker docking at the Lower Harbor with stone

Oconto, Wis. Fishing Tugs - Dick Doeren
Art-Swaer-IV-Oconto-WI-10-21-12-DD.jpg (81874 bytes)
 Art Swaer IV
Carolyn-Oconto-WI-10-21-12-DD.jpg (131622 bytes)
Frank-J-Oconto-WI-10-21-12-DD.jpg (105428 bytes)
 Frank J

Algoma Provider downbound against strong headwinds approaching the Cote-Ste-Catherine Lock - Ken Goslett
1-AProvider-10-21-12kg-.jpg (112516 bytes)        

Saltie Kwintebank westbound at the Mackinac Bridge headed for Round Island Passage and Duluth - Robert Bemben
Salty-Kwintebank.jpg (72788 bytes)        

McKee Sons making a rare trip into Cleveland - Kate White
1-McKee-and-Sons-10-21-12-kw.jpg (126634 bytes)
From Columbus Road near the Carter bridge.

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