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October 28, 20

Toledo, Saturday
Col. James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship Move - Roger LeLievre
1SchoonmakerDock102712rl.jpg (67865 bytes)
At the dock, waiting for the tugs to arrive.
2Flags102712rl.jpg (92049 bytes)
An array of flags blow in the stiff breeze.
3PaulLaMarreIII102712rl.jpg (82673 bytes)
Paul LaMarre III on the bridge wing, helping coordinate the tow.
4Nebraska102712rl.jpg (131016 bytes)
Tug Nebraska on the bow.
5Nebraska102712rl.jpg (73432 bytes)
Nebraska stack.
6AwayFromTheDock102712rl.jpg (86949 bytes)
Away from the dock; tug Mississippi on the stern. Guests enjoy the ride on deck.
7AwayFromTheDock102712rl.jpg (109701 bytes)
Closer view of the Mississippi.
8MississippiPrairieland102712rl.jpg (109788 bytes)
Mississippi and Prairieland pass.
9Wheelhouse102712rl.jpg (99879 bytes)
Supervising from the pilothouse.
10Midstream102712rl.jpg (111276 bytes)
Cruising down the river.
11CherryBridge102712rl.jpg (64348 bytes)
Lining up for the Cherry Street Bridge.
12CherryBridge102712rl.jpg (71873 bytes)
Heading through the draw.
13Mississppi102712rl.jpg (88740 bytes)
Mississippi on the stern.
14Stack102712rl.jpg (53874 bytes)
 Historic Shenango Furnace Co. stack marking.
15BridgeWing102712rl.jpg (46979 bytes)
Coordinating the tow: Great Lakes Towing Fleet Captain Jeff Stabler (left), Schoonmaker Curator Paul C. LaMarre III and Paul LaMarre Jr.
16NewDock102712rl.jpg (88022 bytes)
Backing into the new dock as the centerpiece of a new National Marine Museum of the Great Lakes
17NewDock2102712rl.jpg (103510 bytes)
Mississippi on the port side.
18Mississippi102712rl.jpg (83828 bytes)
A final push and the Schoonmaker is home.
19TuckingIn102712rl.jpg (72068 bytes) 20Logbook102712rl.jpg (67939 bytes)
Guests sign the ship's original guest log, dating from 1912.
21Logbook.jpg (74894 bytes)
Detail of the guest log from July 1912 - the Schoonmakers were aboard.
22FromDock102712rl.jpg (81038 bytes)
View from the dock as the lines are secured.

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Puffin-10-27-12-bv.jpg (86918 bytes)
Puffin under ADM Grain dock
2-Puffin-10-27-12-bv.jpg (122313 bytes)
Another view
3-CSLLaurentien-10-27-12-bv.jpg (107116 bytes)
CSL Laurentien being loaded at The Andersons
4-FederalKumano-10-27-12-bv.jpg (106540 bytes)
Federal Kumano being unloaded at Toledo Midwest International dock.
1-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (124986 bytes)
Stern view of the Schoonmaker
2-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (104469 bytes)
Bow view of the Schoonmaker 
3-Mississippi-10-27-12-bv.jpg (134974 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Mississippi at the stern end
4-Nebraska-10-27-12-bv.jpg (137561 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Nebraska at the forward end
5-Nebraska-10-27-12-bv.jpg (141045 bytes)
Stern end off the wall while Great Lakes tug Nebraska pull the forward end off
6-Nebraka-10-27-12-bv.jpg (107185 bytes)
Another view
7-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (109030 bytes)
Col. James M. Schoonmaker head out into the channel
8-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (95090 bytes)
Bow view with Great Lakes tug Nebraska
9-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (103912 bytes)
Col James M. Schoonmaker with the Great Lakes tug Mississippi.
10-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (125727 bytes)
in the channel
11-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (118361 bytes)
heading for the King bridge (Cherry Street)
12-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (128256 bytes)
In front of downtown Toledo
13-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (142141 bytes)
Going through the King bridge (Cherry Street)
14-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (173312 bytes)
Another view
15-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (168445 bytes)
Stern end going through
16-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (106442 bytes)
Past the bridge and heading to her new home
17-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (145429 bytes)
Getting ready to back into her new home
18-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (159900 bytes)
Another view
19-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (145070 bytes) 20-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (131133 bytes) 21-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (115785 bytes)
 Mississippi removes she line and gives it to the bulldozer on land
22-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (132442 bytes) 23-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (124828 bytes)
Moving down the wall with the help from the bulldozer
24-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (128475 bytes)
Moving down the wall
25-Nebraska-10-27-12-bv.jpg (98339 bytes)
tug Nebraska done
26-Mississippi-10-27-12-bv.jpg (103180 bytes)
Mississippi continues to move the Schoonmaker
27-Schoonmaker-10-27-12-bv.jpg (103609 bytes)
Col. James M. Schoonmaker at her new home
28-Sandpiper-10-27-12-bv.jpg (126286 bytes)
Sandpiper taking a look at the Schoonmaker
29-Marine1-10-27-12-bv.jpg (173785 bytes)
Toledo's fireboat Marine I and Sheriff boat on the river

Defiance/Ashtabula Christening - George Lee
ashtabula-defiance10-27-12-(2).jpg (96068 bytes)
Ashtabula prior to Christening
ashtabula-defiance10-27-12-(3).jpg (120923 bytes)
7200 hp Defiance
ashtabula-defiance10-27-12-(4).jpg (153352 bytes)
Procession begins ceremony
ashtabula-defiance10-27-12-(5).jpg (140268 bytes)
Capt. Scott Bravener addresses the gathering of suppliers, customers and interested onlookers
ashtabula-defiance10-27-12-(7).jpg (127569 bytes)
Deck view of Ashtabula
ashtabula-defiance10-27-12-(6).jpg (127747 bytes)
Cargo of sand destined for Buffalo
ashtabula-defiance10-27-12-(8).jpg (107253 bytes)
Defiance lower wheelhouse
ashtabula-defiance10-27-12-(1).jpg (118795 bytes)
Defiance EMD 3600 hp 20-645 port main engine

St. Mary's River Saturday Morning - Scott McLellan
1-V&JLK---10-27-12---SM.jpg (95478 bytes)
Tug Victory and barge James L Kuber upbound heading for Essar Steel.
2-AlgProv-10-27-12-SM.jpg (68973 bytes)
Algoma Provider making the turn at Johnson's Point
3--AlgProv--10-27-12-SM.jpg (80878 bytes)
stern view of the Algoma Provider making the turn at Stribling Point.

Hamilton and Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-PhoenixStar-10-26-12-jm.jpg (122041 bytes)
Phoenix Star backing all the way down to the Richardson elevator
2-Mamry-10-26-12-jm.jpg (136487 bytes)
Mamry downbound above lock 7
3-Mamry-10-26-12-jm.jpg (120077 bytes)
Stern view
4-McKeeSons-10-26-12-jm.jpg (126081 bytes)
McKee Sons at the approach to lock 4 west
5-McKeeSons-10-26-12-jm.jpg (128267 bytes)
McKee Sons departing lock 7
6-Manistee-10-26-12-jm.jpg (136254 bytes)
Manistee waiting on the wall above 7
7-Manistee-McKee-10-26-12-jm.jpg (118270 bytes)
Fleet mates meet above lock 7. Both vessels somewhat rare visitors in the canal
8-Manistee-10-26-12-jm.jpg (111586 bytes)
Stern view of Manistee bound for Ogdensburg
9-SichemOnomichi-10-26-12-jm.jpg (147691 bytes)
Three different stacks as the Sichem Onomichi slips by Marine Salvage
10-Onomichi-Maumee-10-26-12.jpg (135038 bytes)
Maumee awaits her fate as the Onomichi escapes to the open lake

Ashtabula & Defiance at Sarnia Oct. 26 - Peter Luney
Ashtabula-at-Pont-Edward-Oct-26-2012-2.jpg (110634 bytes) Defiance-at-Point-Edward-Oct-26-2012-2.jpg (113744 bytes) Ashtabula-at-Point-Edward-Oct-26-2012-1.jpg (66834 bytes)    

South Chicago Wednesday - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-10-24-12-lg-DSC-0863.jpg (90844 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger Approaches 100th St. as a tug waits for her to clear early in the morning.
Stmarchall-10-24-12-lg-DSC-0900.jpg (106171 bytes)
Approaching 106th with more tug action.
Stmarchall-10-24-12-lg-DSC_0021.jpg (67678 bytes)
Coming around Cargill Bend.

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Arthur-M-Anderson-10-25-12-dd.jpg (181884 bytes) Arthur-M-Anderson-2-10-26-12-dd.jpg (119197 bytes) Calumet-10-26-12-dd.jpg (106813 bytes) Calumet-passing-Arthur-Anderson-10-26-12-ddjpg.jpg (138890 bytes) Algoma-Enterprise-10-27-12-dd.jpg (96595 bytes)

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-hera-24-10-2012-rb.jpg (81958 bytes)
Sloman Hera passing Mariatown.
2-hera-24-10-2012-rb.jpg (84992 bytes)
Stack view. Note emblem on cabin. This is also on the bow.
3-hera-24-10-2012-rb.jpg (100666 bytes)
Sloman Hera slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
4-houghton-24-10-2012-rb.jpg (120812 bytes)
Houghton at Morrisburg. Built 1944 at Houston.

Sault Ste. Marie October 11 - 16 - Philip Nash
1-Yancanuck-11-10-12-pn.jpg (94103 bytes)
Yancanuck with the Tug Avenger IV in the background at the Purvis dock in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario as snow falls.
2-CG45657-11-10-12-pn.jpg (141475 bytes)
CG45657 a new addition to U.S. Coast Guard Soo. The vessel is a 45 ft. Response Boat built in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
3-Virginiaborg-11-10=12-pn.jpg (69074 bytes)
Virginiaborg upbound at Mission Point for Thunder Bay, Ontario.
4-PRClarke-12-10-12-pn.jpg (85811 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke downbound below Soo Locks with the Supply Vessel Ojibway alongside.
5-PRClarke-12-10-12-pn.jpg (104080 bytes)
Off loading supplies onto the Clarke.
6-WJMcCarthy-12-10-12-pn.jpg (64063 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy JR. downbound meeting the upbound Algowood below Mission Point.
7-WJMcCarthy-12-10-12-pn.jpg (65319 bytes)
 Algowood heading to Thunder Bay, Ontario to load and the McCarthy loaded with coal for St. Clair and Essexville, Michigan.
8-Algowood-12-10-12-pn.jpg (46837 bytes)
Algocanada downbound passing the Algowood below Soo Locks.
9-PresqueIsle-14-10-12-pn.jpg (61242 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Shipyard after repairs were completed to their unloading boom.
10-PresqueIsle-14-10-12-pn.jpg (65740 bytes)
Presque Isle's repaired unloading boom
11-PresqueIsle-14-10-12-pn.jpg (70637 bytes)
Close up of the repaired boom.
12-DorothyAnn-15-10-12-pn.jpg (87045 bytes)
Tug Dorothy Ann and Barge Pathfinder downbound.
13-OFrederick-15-10-12-pn.jpg (129494 bytes)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tug Owen M. Frederick with Barge Harvey locking downbound in MacArthur Lock.
14-DrummondIs-16-10-12-pn.jpg (51042 bytes)
Tug Drummond Islander II and Barge at the Sugar Island Ferry dock for repairs to the retaining wall.
15-DrummondIs-16-10-12-pn.jpg (146520 bytes)
Close up of Drummond Islander II
16-KenBoothe-16-10-12-pn.jpg (61298 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr. and Barge Lakes Contender downbound.
17-KenBoothe-16-10-12-pn.jpg (61944 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr.
18-Finnborg-16-10-12-pn.jpg (96975 bytes)
Finnborg at the Government dock in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Parry Sound, Ontario in Early October - Philip Nash
1-Cambrian-10-10-12-pn.jpg (115590 bytes)
Cambrian a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Search & Rescue Vessel
2-Cambrian-10-10-12-pn.jpg (126719 bytes)
3-StillWatch-10-1-12-pn.jpg (102990 bytes)
 Research/Survey Vessel Still Watch former Heavenbound and ex. Canadian Coast Survey Vessel Ville Marie.
4-StillWatch-10-1-12-pn.jpg (101588 bytes)
Still Watch
5-MinkIsle-10-1-12-pn.jpg (118254 bytes)
Tug Mink Isle former Brompton Duchess. Vessel length is 50 feet.
6-MinkIsle-10-1-12-pn.jpg (148518 bytes)
Mink Isle built in 1947 used on Lake Superior as a work tug. In 1986 current owner
found her in terrible condition sitting on a barge in Sault Ste. Marie. Extensive renovations were made.
7-Trimac-10-10-12-pn.jpg (128502 bytes)
Work Boat Trimac
8-IslandQueen-10-10-12-pn.jpg (84568 bytes)
Sightseeing cruise ship Island Queen V 
9-SamuelRIsley-10-10-12-pn.jpg (123603 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley at the Coast Guard Base in Parry Sound.
10-Train-ParryS-10-10-12-pn.jpg (62903 bytes)
Train crossing the CPR Trestle near Parry Sound Harbour.  It was built in 1907.
11-Train-ParryS-10-10-12-pn.jpg (69357 bytes)
Trestle is 1695 feet long and 105 feet high.

Indiana Harbor entering Muskegon in May -
100_3538.jpg (100675 bytes)        

Aquarama in Windsor, Ontario in the early nineties - Tim Rusling
Aquarama3.jpg (77566 bytes) Aquarama2.jpg (93636 bytes) Aquarama1.jpg (81472 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives - John Henderson
ShipChicagoTribune.jpg (115418 bytes) ShipWCFord2.jpg (81421 bytes) ShipTadoussac.jpg (91439 bytes) ShipTugRace1.jpg (79173 bytes) ShipYankcanuck1.jpg (92183 bytes)

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