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November 5, 20

Defiance and Ashtabula in Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Defiance---Ashtabula-11-3-12-BW.jpg (90106 bytes)

The barge Ashtabula unloads on the City Ship Canal. The Sand Supply Co. has an "unimproved dock" facility in Buffalo. Lines are put ashore to keep her centered in the channel while the cargo is discharged.

2-Defiance---Ashtabula-11-3-12-BW.jpg (87464 bytes)
This detail view shows the bow mounted unloading rig's conveyor structure & kingpost for the boom. The Emergency Towing Bridle is hanging over the bow. The barge has only 1 bow anchor, on the Starboard side.
3-Defiance---Ashtabula-11-3-12-BW.jpg (70278 bytes)
barge's stern boarding ladders and the tug's upper wheel house. The davit crane is used to lower a small boat so crewmen can bring the lines ashore.
4-Defiance---Ashtabula-11-3-12-BW.jpg (81632 bytes)
To the right you can see the small boat used for the line handlers. A reminder that they really are up a wild creek is lodged in the barge's skeg seen in the left - center of the photo.
5-Defience---Ashtabula--11-3-12-BW.jpg (99376 bytes)
Here is a stern view of the tug Defiance inside her barge's notch. The broken down remains of the old West Shore R.R. Coal Wharf can be seen behind her stern to the right along the riverbank.
6-Ohio-Street-Bridge-by-sunset-11-12-BW.jpg (63328 bytes)
Sun setting behind the Ohio St. Lift Bridge last week before all the bad weather came in.

Tug Definace and barge Ashtabula in Buffalo -
Rob Wolcott
1-Washington-11-03-12-rw.jpg (103640 bytes) 2-Wash-Ashtabula-11-03-12-rw.jpg (87139 bytes) 3-wash-ashtabula-11-03-12-rw.jpg (196276 bytes) 4-Defiance-11-03-12-rw.jpg (149069 bytes) 5-Defiance-11-03-12-rw.jpg (199928 bytes)

Ships in Duluth - Nick Stenstrup
7-CH-11-3-12-ns.jpg.jpg (109165 bytes)
The 355 foot long vessel Copenhagen loading at CHS 2 in Superior, Wis.
24-BH-11-3-12-ns.jpg.jpg (105113 bytes)
The University of Minnesota Duluth research vessel Blue Heron at the DECC for the Gales of November event
91-FSL-11-3-12-ns.jpg.jpg (98144 bytes)
The 656 foot long vessel Federal St. Laurent anchored off the Duluth Piers
102-FSL-11-3-12-ns.jpg.jpg (124916 bytes)
It was very windy while the Federal St. Laurent was anchored
120-FSL-11-3-12-ns.jpg.jpg (83454 bytes)
Another view of the Federal St. Laurent anchored off the Duluth piers.

Port Huron and Marysville traffic on Sunday - Kevin Majewski
1.DoAnP-11-4-12-KM.jpg (47899 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder downbound at Marysville
2.DoAn-11-4-12-KM.jpg (62017 bytes) 3.DoA-11-4-12-KM.jpg (89911 bytes) 4.D-11-4-12-KM.jpg (82256 bytes) 5.Do-11-4-12-KM.jpg (75418 bytes)
Continuing downbound in the St. Clair River
6.Mand-11-4-12-KM.jpg (73655 bytes)
Saltie Mandarin, one of the 'Duck' boats.
7.Man-11-4-12-KM.jpg (101918 bytes) 8.SloH-11-4-12-KM.jpg (54465 bytes)
Saltie tanker Sloman Hera at anchor in Lake Huron above 7 & 8

Munson in the Rouge
- Ron Piskor
1-munson-11-3-2012-rjp.jpg (89122 bytes)
With its unloading boom swung to port,the John G.Munson is delivering stone along the Rouge River Industrialscape at sunset. The white vapors from coke being quenched can be seen over the Munson's starboard side.

St. Clair downbound at Harsens Island -
John Hoskins
IMG_1432.jpg (58821 bytes)        

Hamilton Friday - John McCreery
1-FedMackinac-11-2-12-jm.jpg (142749 bytes)
Federal Mackinac inside the Burlington piers
2-FedMackinac-11-2-12-jm.jpg (127696 bytes)
Stern view with fleet mate Federal Kumano at the west end of the harbor
3-FMackinac-Ruddy-11-2-12-jm.jpg (126839 bytes)
Federal Mackinac crossing the harbour and passing Ruddy in the anchorage
4-FMackinac-Ruddy-11-2-12-jm.jpg (196894 bytes)
Sterns of the Mackinac and Ruddy
5-FMackinac-11-2-12-jm.jpg (115531 bytes)
Federal Mackinac gets tug assistance from Ocean Golf
6-FMackinac-11-2-12-jm.jpg (103865 bytes)
Approaching her berth
7-FKumano-11-2-12-jm.jpg (165001 bytes)
Federal Kumano loading a grain cargo at Parrish and Heimbecker
8-Ruddy-11-2-12-jm.jpg (124479 bytes)
 Ruddy waiting for a berth
9-Algosoo-11-2-12-jm.jpg (150382 bytes)
Algosoo in port with a cargo for Dofasco
10-Pierson-Algosoo-11-2-12-jm.jpg (122387 bytes)
 Five in One - left to right, Robert S Pierson, BBC Campana, Jo Spirit, Soley 2, Algosoo

Escanaba and Green Bay - Lee Rowe
IMG_0897.jpg (169909 bytes)
Joseph L Block in Escanaba.
IMG_0904.jpg (110661 bytes)
Sichem Onomichi in Green Bay
IMG_0917.jpg (98281 bytes)
 J Asher and barge in the bay of Green Bay.

Burlington, Ont. - Eric Holmes
1-Manitoba-29-10-12-eh.jpg (94396 bytes)
Manitoba outbound Hamilton off Burlington
2-Janadesganges-29-10-12-eh.jpg (62195 bytes)
Jana Desganges anchored off the Petro Canada Piers in Bronte
3-ManJdesganges-29-10-12-eh.jpg (42057 bytes)
 Manitoba passing the anchored Jana Desganges.

The Beauty and Muscle behind the Col. James M. Schoonmaker tow - Ron Piskor
1-miss-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (289980 bytes)
The G Tug Mississippi ties off behind the Schoonmaker’s stern awaiting the arrival of the tug Nebraska to handle the bowline.
2-crew-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (161035 bytes)
Two of the Schoonmaker’s beautiful crew members that greeted and checked in the guests that were boarding the tow..
3-neb-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (215072 bytes)
The G Tug Nebraska heads toward the Schoonmaker passing the old restored brick building fronts along Toledo’s Water Street.
4-nebsch-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (142995 bytes)
With Nebraska on the bowline the tow is seen passing the confluence of Swan Creek and the Maumee River with the 1920 Washington Street rolling lift bridge in the background.
5-schchst-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (172516 bytes)
The tow passing through the Cherry Street Drawbridge.
6-plchst-10-27-1012-rjp.jpg (152290 bytes)
The Geo.Gradel Co. tug Prairieland spots the Schoonmaker’s starboard side through the Cherry Street draw.
7-schmisschst-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (135080 bytes)
The Schoonmaker’s stern about to pass through the Cherry Street draw.
8-misssch-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (157289 bytes)
The Mississippi on the sternline guides the Schoonmaker downriver to it’s new home..
9-pl-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (126529 bytes)
Prairieland approaching the Schoonmaker’s starboard side to provide help guiding her into the new slip.
10-catsch-10-27-2012-rjp.jpg (149288 bytes)
With the Mississippi passing the sternline ashore, a Geo. Gradel Construction D8 Caterpillar was utilized to position the Schoonmaker in her new slip.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1jjb10_21_12rb.jpg (77231 bytes)
Joseph L. Block unloading stone into the hopper, view from the lakeshore
2keb10_22_12rb.jpg (140493 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading ore
3_10_26_12mqtrb.jpg (271048 bytes)
New sign at the Upper Harbor ore dock
4hcj10_27_12rb.jpg (165209 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson at the ore dock

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Joe-Thompson-2-10-28-12-dd.jpg (161733 bytes) BBC-Balboa-10-28-12-dd.jpg (113429 bytes)      

Fish tugs - Monty Young
Doretta-L.jpg (132941 bytes)
 Doretta L at Port Stanley
Jo-Anna-I-(2).jpg (201037 bytes)
Jo-Anna I at Wheatley
J-P-Siddall.jpg (162053 bytes)
JP Siddall at Port Burwell

Lake views - Amy Roehl
1-Manistee-5-20-11-AR.jpg (93576 bytes)
Manistee heading down the Manistee River into Lake Michigan
2-DetourReef-5-24-11-AR.jpg (99216 bytes)
Detour Reef Lighthouse
3-OldPresqueIsle-7-23-12-AR.jpg (142837 bytes)
Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

HMS Bounty - Rene Beauchamp.
Bounty-130610-RBMTL.jpg (126706 bytes)
HMS Bounty visited Great Lakes ports on six occasions. 1986, 1989, 1997, 2003, 2004 and 2010. -  Bounty in the St. Lawrence Seaway in 2010 on June 13.
Bounty-190910.jpg (163656 bytes)
Open to the public in Montreal on Sept. 19, 2010 in the Old Port.
uscgbountyb.jpg (113070 bytes)
USCG photo
of the Bounty sinking 90 miles southeast of Hatteras, N.C., Oct. 29.
uscgbounty.jpg (108243 bytes)  

1974 Lake Manitoba Photos - John Cassell
In the spring of 1974 I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to join the crew of the Lake Manitoba as they made their first trip of the season from the port of Johnstown, Ontario to a grain transfer facility in Baie-Comeau, Quebec. The Manitoba had loaded Canadian wheat at the Lakehead on its last trip of the 1973 season and tied up for the winter lay-up at the National Harbours Board grain elevators in Johnstown along with its sisters the Lake Winnipeg and the Menihek Lake.
1--LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (67347 bytes)
Lake Manitoba passes other ships in Lake St. Lawrence
2-LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (79804 bytes)
Moving through broken ice
3-LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (101248 bytes)
Bringing on fresh supplies in Montreal
4-LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (54674 bytes)
Two-man cabin
5-LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (82849 bytes)
Unloading in Baie-Comeau, Quebec
6-LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (97737 bytes)
A pilot boards the Lake Manitoba
7-LakeManitoba-Srping1974.jpg (105076 bytes)
 Unloading wheat in Baie-Comeau, Quebec
8-LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (53952 bytes)
Unloader in ship's hold
9-LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (78978 bytes)
Lake Manitoba unloading in Baie-Comeau, QC
10-LakeManitoba-Spring1974.jpg (64060 bytes)
Unloading the Lake Manitoba
11-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (65949 bytes)
Unloading the Lake Manitoba in Baie-Comeau, QC
12-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (95045 bytes)
The dirty dishes never stop
13-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (132667 bytes)
A fully equipped on board machine shop
14-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (72069 bytes)
Heading down to the pier at a lock
15-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (94002 bytes)
Beauharnois lock gates jammed with ice
16-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (77545 bytes)
Checking the Sulzer diesel
17-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (96841 bytes)
The Lake Manitoba's engine room
18-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (97007 bytes)
Checking the indicators in the engine control room
19-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (123153 bytes)
Working in the Lake Manitoba's ship's galley  
20-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (51662 bytes)
Captain Scrutton keeps an eye on the progress of the Lake Manitoba
21-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (61065 bytes)
Lake Manitoba docked in Baie-Comeau, QC
22-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (95489 bytes)
 The Lake Manitoba's Chef serves dinner
23-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (86481 bytes)
Good food makes a happy crew
24-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (72296 bytes)
The Silver Isle, a couple of Halco boats and several others wait below Beauharnois to head up river
25-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (71008 bytes)
The Lake Manitoba passes a small tanker
26-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (80022 bytes)
Five members of the Lake Manitoba's twenty-four man crew have dinner  
27-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (87073 bytes)
 Serving dinner on the Lake Manitoba
28-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (100152 bytes)
Fresh fish for dinner?
29-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (53245 bytes)
Silver Isle waits below Beauharnois
30-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (94951 bytes)
CSL Simcoe passes in the fog
31-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (58985 bytes)
 Checking the Lake Manitoba's Sulzer diesel
32-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (35175 bytes)
The Lake Manitoba at night below the Beauharnois lock
33-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (94311 bytes)
Hosing down the Lake Manitoba's deck
34-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (103140 bytes)
Lock gates are jammed with ice at Beauharnois
35-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (71475 bytes)
 Lake Manitoba in a Seaway lock
37-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (87445 bytes)
 Hosing down the Lake Manitoba's deck
38-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (85334 bytes)
Upbound CSL Simcoe passes the Lake Manitoba as she waits to enter the lock
39-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (106398 bytes)
Sailor's graffiti at the lock
40-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (86605 bytes)
 CSL Simcoe passing the Lake Manitoba
41-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (75289 bytes)
 Lake Manitoba waiting to enter lock in ice filled river
42-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (41749 bytes)
Captain Scrutton views ice covered river on approach to lock
43-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (94188 bytes)
 Loading supplies at Montreal area lock
44-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (80776 bytes)
More graffiti at the lock
45-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (79239 bytes)
Heading down on the bosun's chair
46-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (53276 bytes)
Passing through a Beauharnois lock
47-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (40563 bytes)
Approaching Baie-Comeau, QC
51-LakeManitoba-Spring1974-jjc.jpg (96161 bytes)
Passing through the Iroquois lock

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