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November 12, 20

Calumet River Sunday - Steve Bauer
1-Andrsn-11-11-12-sb.jpg (171411 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson stopped under the CN bridge on Sunday.  She took about a 40 minute hit at 92nd when the bridge could not raise due to a power failure.
2-Andrsn-11-11-12-sb.jpg (184593 bytes)
Train traffic cools their wheels at NS-5 while a crewman watches the clearance at 95th St.
3-Andrsn-11-11-12-.jpg (159334 bytes)
Backing toward NS-5.  Thirty Seven years ago to the day she was involved in a search on Lake Superior for any survivors of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
4-Andrsn-11-11-12-sb.jpg (161572 bytes)
The "Over The Hull" crew gets ready to take a ride in the chair to secure the Anderson at KCBX.
5-Andrsn-11-11-12-sb.jpg (126986 bytes)
Inching up to the south dock at KCBX.  In the background, the John B. Aird takes on a load of petroleum coke at Beemsterboer.
6-Aird-11-11-12-sb.jpg (146360 bytes)
The John B. Aird loading at Beemsterboer.

St. Clair River, Sunday - Kevin Majewski
1.Jana-11-11-12-KM.jpg (87101 bytes)
Tanker Jana Desgagnes at the Suncor dock in Sarnia.
2.CSLa-11-11-12-KM.jpg (109779 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine moored at the Cargill facility in Sarnia.

Recent Activity at the Harbors in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1jjb10_29_12rb.jpg (90490 bytes)
John J. Boland backing in to the Lower Harbor with coal for the Shiras Dock
2jjb10_30_12rb.jpg (155067 bytes)
John J. Boland loaded with ore at the Upper Harbor and waiting out Storm Sandy
3jjb11_1_12rb.jpg (208749 bytes)
Boland still waiting two days later
4dapath11_1_12rb.jpg (195630 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder loaded with ore and waiting

Seaway Saturday - Murray Blancher
3-Sagenauy-10-11-12-mb.jpg (107230 bytes)
Saguenay up at Prescott, Ont.
2-Vega-Desgagnes-10-11-12-mb.jpg (119958 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes down
1-Algosar-10-11-12-mb.jpg (97715 bytes)
Algosar up at Cardinal, Ont.

Federal Ems arrived in the Port of Antwerp on Sunday  - Chris Rombouts
Federal-Ems-Antw-11-11-12-cr1.jpg (101992 bytes) Federal-Ems-Antw-11-11-12-cr2.jpg (89000 bytes) Federal-Ems-Antw-11-11-12-cr3.jpg (92077 bytes) Federal-Ems-Antw-11-11-12-cr4.jpg (99514 bytes)
She has plenty of room to spare in the Berendrecht lock, the biggest lock in the world.

James R Barker passing tug John M. Selvick at 9 mile point Saturday - L. Swantek
2012-11-10-11.39.06.jpg (47031 bytes)        

Amherst Islander was taken Nov. 7 in the Welland Canal - Graham Grattan
1-amherst-11-7-12-gg.jpg.jpg (184209 bytes)
On delivery trip off lakes to Honduras, note Jeep and Jacuzzi on forward deck.

Port Colborne Nov. 7 - Skip GIllham
Spruceglen-PC-IMG_3627.jpg (87261 bytes) Ojibway-PC-IMG_3631.jpg (148551 bytes) Terminal-II--PC-IMG_3632.jpg (130956 bytes) James-Norris-PC-IMG_3634.jpg (146775 bytes) Charlie-E.-PC-IMG_3635.jpg (191666 bytes)
J.W.-Cooper-PC-IMG_3625.jpg (233044 bytes)        

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_0951.jpg (124699 bytes)
Michipicoten arriving at the dock.
IMG_0982.jpg (65449 bytes)
Philip Clarke arriving while Michipicoten finishes her load.

Seaway Nov. 7 -
Murray Blancher
1-Pochard-07-11-12-mb.jpg (124919 bytes)
Pochard entering Iroquois Lock
2-Pochard-07-11-12-mb.jpg (120542 bytes) 3-Cuyahoga-07-11-12-mb.jpg (96729 bytes)
Cuyahoga unloading at Prescott Elevator

Duluth weekend of Nov. 2 - Peter Lapinski
tecumseh-(2).jpg (64544 bytes)
 Tecumseh entering
tecumseh-(3).jpg (74768 bytes) tecumseh-(4).jpg (75566 bytes) tecumseh-(5).jpg (84067 bytes) tecumseh-(6).jpg (84710 bytes)
tecumseh-(7).jpg (124484 bytes) tecumseh-(8).jpg (136125 bytes) tecumseh-(9).jpg (87570 bytes)
Docking at harvest states
tecumseh-(10).jpg (96703 bytes) tecumseh-(1).jpg (80140 bytes)
image33.jpg (96972 bytes)
image31.jpg (61231 bytes)
Federal St Laurent at anchor
image28.jpg (104320 bytes)
Great Lakes trader at CN
image25.jpg (93717 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy at lakehead pipeline

Saltie Emile and Tug Spartan in Oshawa Nov. 4 - Lorraine Morrill
Emilie---Oshawa-11-4-12.jpg (150875 bytes) Spartan---Oshawa-11-4-12.jpg (167164 bytes)      

Indiana Harbor Nov. 3 - Brad Kayganich
1-StClair-11-03-12-BK.jpg.jpg (63295 bytes) 2-IndHarbor-11-03-12-BK.jpg.jpg (87447 bytes)      

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Marietje-Deborah-2-11-6-12-dd.jpg (146965 bytes) Philip-R-Clarke-11-5-12-dd.jpg (156097 bytes) Victory-11-6-12-dsd.jpg (145000 bytes) John-G-Munson-2-11-9-12-dd.jpg (175410 bytes) Calumet-2-11-8-12-dd.jpg (165606 bytes)

Alpena during July 2012 - Gary Schweitzer
alpena2012-g-(4).jpg (106314 bytes) alpena2012-g-(5).jpg (122931 bytes) alpenab2012-g-(3).jpg (129538 bytes) alpena2012-g-(2).jpg (127075 bytes) alpena2012-g-(3).jpg (95862 bytes)
alpena2012-g-(1).jpg (133152 bytes) alpenab2012-g-(5).jpg (44591 bytes) alpenab2012-g-(2).jpg (98972 bytes) alpenab2012-g-(4).jpg (160088 bytes) alpenab2012-g-(1).jpg (157741 bytes)
alpena2012-g-(6).jpg (144927 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - HMS Bounty in Florida 1979 - George Lee
Bounty-stern.jpg (169106 bytes) Bounty-deck.jpg (198478 bytes) Bounty-engineroom.jpg (100034 bytes)
main engine (2) Caterpillar D342

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