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November 27, 20

A seagulls view of the James M. Schoonmaker at its new home in Toledo, Ohio - Ron Piskor
1-jmschoon-11-24-2012-rjp.jpg (150355 bytes)
The location of Schoonmaker's old mooring can be seen in the distance just below the Anthony-Wayne suspension bridge.

HMCS Ojibwa one step closer to home
Ojibwa-moves-safely-into-offload-slipIMG_1790-l1.jpg (107678 bytes) Workers-measure-depth-as-dredge-grooms-l1.jpg (127700 bytes)      

Thursday at Welland Canal -  Bill Bird
1-CSLLaurentien-11-22-12-a-bb.jpg (86065 bytes)
CSL Laurentien-clear of Lock 7
2-CSLaurentien-11-22-12-b-bb.jpg (84760 bytes)
bound for Toledo with ore
3-AlgomaNavigator-11-22-12-a-bb.jpg (150983 bytes)
Algoma Navigator clear of Bridge 5
4-AlgomaNavigator-11-22-12-b-bb.jpg (129600 bytes)
approaching flight locks on her way to Goderich
5-Erieborg-11-22-12-a-bb.jpg (108175 bytes)
Erieborg on her way to Lock 3
6-Erieborg-11-22-12-b-bb.jpg (94071 bytes)
AIS says Chicago
7-AlgomaMontrealaisAmundsen-11-22-12-bb.jpg (84628 bytes)
Clear of Lock One Algoma Montrealais passing Amundsen which will get a refit at drydock
8-AlgomaMontrealais-11-22-12-a-bb.jpg (86381 bytes)
9-AlgomaMontrealais-11-22-12-b-bb.jpg (82008 bytes)
headed for Thunder Bay
10-Algosoo-11-22-12-a-bb.jpg (87747 bytes)
Algosoo having departed Lock 3
11-Algosoo-11-22-12-b-bb.jpg (109045 bytes)
under Glendale Ave bridge AIS says Sandusky

Fish tug Sony being lifted for maintenance at her home dock in the Ashtabula River - John Jackson
1-sony-11-14-11-JJ.jpg (99639 bytes)
She is better known by the local  name "the Bum Boat" as she served in "the Bum Trade" tending ships as a sort of floating convenience store. Her same owner is still serving cold beverages to the public in port.

Samuel de Champlain tow
Samuel-de-Champlain-11-12-jj.jpg (46639 bytes)
Tug Wisconsin and tug Samuel de Champlain docked in the Port Washington, WI marina, earlier last week, before heading to Sturgeon Bay, WI for repairs due to damage sustained in a fire in its engine room. - Jim Jentges
SdC-TM-11-24-12rpr.jpg (113202 bytes)
Tug Missouri towing Samuel de  Champlain  northbound off Belgium, Wis. Saturday - Rich Reichelsdorfer

Cuyahoga from the Hope Memorial Bridge Sunday - Kate White
1-Rebecca-Lynn-11-25-12-kw.jpg (166985 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn and barge
2-Rebecca-Lynn-11-25-12-kw.jpg (164701 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn
1-Dorothy-Ann-Pathfinder-11-25-12-kw.jpg (203003 bytes)
Dorothy Ann Pathfinder.

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-sun-21-11-2012-rb.jpg (49590 bytes)
Phoenix Sun passing Mariatown on her way to Hamilton.
2-weser-22-11-2012-rb.jpg (108872 bytes)
Federal Weser passing Mariatown.
1-dalmig-19-11-2012-rb.jpg (81089 bytes)
Ferry Dalmig passing Ogdensburg down bound after a 10 year layup in Hamilton. Sold to new owners.
2-wisconsin-16-11-2012-rb.jpg (79634 bytes)
BBC Wisconsin passing Mariatown.
3-rebel-19-11-2012-rb-013.jpg (69379 bytes)
 The Rebel Queen passing Mariatown.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1vjlk_11_13_12rb.jpg (169850 bytes)
Victory and James L. Kuber at the ore dock, view from the breakwall
2hcj_11_14_12rb.jpg (140710 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading ore
3mmkeb11_16_12rb.jpg (138330 bytes)
Mesabi Miner passing fleet mate Kaye E. Barker after unloading coal
4keb11_16_12rb.jpg (157258 bytes)
 Kaye E. Barker unloading stone into the hopper after shifting sides of the dock

Federal Rideau downbound off Port Huron Thanksgiving Morning - Bruce Hurd
FedRideau112212.jpg (57340 bytes)        

Twin Ports - Brad Krekelberg
twinports-11-12-bk-(1).jpg (106726 bytes)
Lakes Contender/Ken Boothe Sr. at Graymont in Superior
twinports-11-12-bk-(2).jpg (113324 bytes)
American Century making the turn into the harbor
twinports-11-12-bk-(3).jpg (63410 bytes)
Algorail coming out of the sunset
twinports-11-12-bk-(4).jpg (90285 bytes) twinports-11-12-bk-(5).jpg (83708 bytes)
twinports-11-12-bk-(6).jpg (111189 bytes)
James R. Barker arrives
twinports-11-12-bk-(7).jpg (130994 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson in Two Harbors

Toronto Thursday - John van der Doe
Toronto-22-November-2012-(1).jpg (111847 bytes)
 Toronto Drydock
Toronto-22-November-2012-(2).jpg (102677 bytes) Toronto-22-November-2012-(4).jpg (97004 bytes) Toronto-22-November-2012-(8).jpg (151797 bytes)
Bluebell  approaches the Redpath plant assisted by the Mr. Kane and La Prarie
Toronto-22-November-2012-(9).jpg (168606 bytes)
Toronto-22-November-2012-(10).jpg (139839 bytes) Toronto-22-November-2012-(12).jpg (116205 bytes) Toronto-22-November-2012-(14).jpg (207155 bytes)    

Soley at Brockville - Murray Blancher
1-Soley-1-22-11-12-mb.jpg (84147 bytes) 2-Soley-1-22-11-12-mb.jpg (102359 bytes)      

Karfi shown arriving at her Washington Island dock coming back from Rock Island - Wendell Wilke
karfi0001.jpg (76505 bytes)        

Cleveland Nov. 18 - Paul Magyar
1-MANISTEE-ALPENA-11-18-12-PM.jpg (98581 bytes)
Alpena towed by the tug Iowa passing the Manistee at the wall with engine trouble.
2-ALPENA-11-18-12-PM.jpg (127134 bytes)
Alpena making the Lafarge dock.
3-AMERICAN-COURAGE-11-18-12-PM.jpg (71083 bytes)
American Courage approaching Norfolk Southern Bridge 1 after a partial unload at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.
4-MANISTEE-11-18-12-PM.jpg (156329 bytes)
Manistee unbound with a load of stone passing beneath the Eagle Street lift bridge.
5-MANISTEE-11-18-12-PM.jpg (136823 bytes)
Manistee beneath Norfolk Southern Bridge 2 and the under-construction I-90 Innerbelt bridge.

Ojibway Loading at the Owen Sound Elevator, Nov. 19. - John G. Mackay
OJIBWAY-2012-001.jpg (154291 bytes) OJIBWAY-2012-002.jpg (130365 bytes) OJIBWAY-2012-003.jpg (122918 bytes) OJIBWAY-2012-004.jpg (148246 bytes) OJIBWAY-2012-005.jpg (239415 bytes)
OJIBWAY-2012-006.jpg (145924 bytes)        

 Keewatin in Port McNicoll on Nov. 15
SS-Keewatin-(2)+.jpg (185624 bytes) SS-Keewatin-(10)+.jpg (104825 bytes)      

Baie St Paul in Shanghai returning from sea trials in October
Baie-St-Paul-10-12.jpg (84170 bytes)        

Mesabi Miner departing Duluth in August - Aidan Kemp
lutsen-2012_2012-08-05_1368.jpg (72060 bytes)        

Capt Matthew Flinders - Paul Beesley
Earlier this month I was asked to sail on the Capt Matthew Flinders from Heddle drydock in Hamilton, Ontario to her normal dock in Toronto.

The Flinders was built in southern Australia as a dinner/dance boat but when it was unable to make a profit it was sold to a Toronto concern for the same purpose.  The ship sailed all the way across the Pacific, through the Panama Canal, up the East coast of North America and up the St Lawrence Seaway, all at a stately speed of 8 knots and without any cabins.  Crew hung tarps to gain privacy.

My first encounter with the Flinders was in West Palm Beach, Florida.  She was being converted to a casino ship on short-term charter to replace another ship lost in a hurricane.  The Flinders was based at Riviera Beach, just north of West Palm.  I was on board for US Coast Guard inspections and as Captain sailed several times each day to the 3 mile limit to facilitate gambling.

At the time she had a slow-speed diesel engine.  Her generator was in a sound-proof booth.  No hearing protection was required in the engine room. 

In Florida we had to take a pilot for each trip, much to the local pilotage authority's chagrin.  Pilots were required if your draft was greater the 8 feet, and ours was.  There was no way we could get her lighter.  The charterer suggested we repaint the draft marks to show a shallower draft.  Silly man.
1-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (84106 bytes)
Capt Matthew Flinders on the blocks at Heddle Marine, Hamilton, Ontario.
2-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (74516 bytes)
Bilge keels.  These are meant to dampen the rolling in a seaway.  In the large Atlantic swells off Florida she rolled fiercely, really interfered with gambling, drinking and eating.
3-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (82033 bytes)
Stern thruster, prop and rudder in comparison to yard worker.
4-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (174239 bytes)
Looking aft from the bow.  She has lovely lines.
5-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (114846 bytes)
Looking forward in the main deck salon.  This was full of gambling gear when I was on her in Florida.
6-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (105874 bytes)
Deck below main salon.  Each deck has a stage.
7-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (166240 bytes)
Main driver.
8-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (151499 bytes)
Another view.
9-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (145093 bytes)
Water pumps.
10-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (141677 bytes)
Galley.  No Air Conditioning here.  In the Gulf Stream the Galley staff worked in intolerable conditions.
11-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (130335 bytes)
 Wheelhouse looking to port.
12-flinder-11-6-12-pb.jpg (146587 bytes)
Captain maneuvering to drop off the shipyard rep after trials.  Only the thrusters are controlled from the wings.

Historical perspective - John G. Munson maiden voyage - Dick Sheehy
JohnGMunson8-21-52DS.jpg (113229 bytes)
August 21, 1952 of the brand new John G. Munson as she was leaving Manitowoc on her maiden voyage.

September 2010 Bounty at the Cote-Ste Catherine Lock and Montreal Old Port - Roland Van Bulck
1_Bounty_2010Sep13.jpg (89783 bytes) 2_Bounty_2010Sep13.jpg (101619 bytes) 3_Bounty_2010Sep13.jpg (106100 bytes) 4_Bounty_2010Sep13.jpg (177434 bytes) 5_Bounty_2010Sep19.jpg (158134 bytes)

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