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December 3, 20

 Baie St-Paul on her delivery trip - Bruno Boissonneault
Baie-St-Paul-1-12-12.jpg (58949 bytes)
Above the bridges at Quebec Saturday morning

Four Group Ocean tugs tried vainly to free the grounded Tundra Saturday at Sorel - Normand Daneau 
Tundra12-01-12-nd-b.jpg (110002 bytes)
Tundra from different views
OceanJupiter12-01-12-nd.jpg (100697 bytes)
Tug Ocean Jupiter
Tundra12-01-12-nd-a.jpg (71489 bytes) Tundra12-01-12-nd-e.jpg (93627 bytes) OceanCharlie12-01-12-nd.jpg (94356 bytes)
Tug Ocean Charlie
OceanRossGaudreault12-01-12-nd-d.jpg (87046 bytes)
Ocean Ross Gaudreault
OceanRossGaudreault12-01-12-nd.jpg (82447 bytes) Tugs12-01-12-nd-.jpg (55647 bytes)
Tugs in the fog
MissisaugaExpress12-01-12-nd.jpg (56210 bytes)
Missisauga Express sea bound passing the grounded Tundra.

Milwaukee Saturday - Steve Bauer
1-Prsqule-12-01-12-sb.jpg (143412 bytes)
The tug Presque Isle is tied up in Milwaukee while the barge portion of the vessel is at Sturgeon Bay for its five year survey.
2-Chlgr-12-01-12-sb.jpg (138263 bytes)
Nosed up to the Kinnickinnic Avenue bridge, the St. Marys Challenger unloads its last cargo of the 2012 season.
3-Chlgr-12-01-12-sb.jpg (151781 bytes)
Having just departed St. Marys Cement, the Challenger backs past Barnacle Buds as patrons come out to observe the move.
4-Chlgr-12-01-12-sb.jpg (100132 bytes)
Clear of the restaurant, she backs toward the UP swing bridge. 
5-Chlgr-12-01-12-sb.jpg (102988 bytes)
Halfway through her spin before heading out to the Lake Michigan.
6-Chlgr-12-01-12-sb.jpg (140849 bytes)
Passing under the Hoan Bridge.
7-Chlgr-12-01-12-sb.jpg (115354 bytes)
Fishermen take advantage of a warm day as the Challenger passes the pier light.

The 86 meter Schillig registered at Gibralter seen here at Bay Bulls, Newfoundland -  Clarence Vautier.
Schillig12-01-12-cv.jpg (99696 bytes)
Bound for Aberdeen, Scotland

Traffic along the St. Clair River at Port Huron and Marysville on Saturday - Kevin Majewski
1.IndH-12-1-12-KM.jpg (106539 bytes)
Indiana Harbor upbound at Port Huron
2.Ind-12-1-12-KM.jpg (105567 bytes)
Bridge under the Blue Water Bridge
3.In-12-1-12-KM.jpg (107720 bytes)
Entering Lake Huron
4.Heloi-12-1-12-KM.jpg (114056 bytes)
The saltie Heloise upbound at Marysville
5.Helo-12-1-12-KM.jpg (88171 bytes)
A look at the bow
6.Hel-12-1-12-KM.jpg (104916 bytes)
Stern view
7.He-12-1-12-KM.jpg (82251 bytes)
H. Lee White downbound passing the Heloise above Marysville
8.HLeeWh-12-1-12-KM.jpg (79582 bytes)
Downbound at Marysville
9.HleeW-12-1-12-KM.jpg (95079 bytes)
Aft view
10.HLee-12-1-12-KM.jpg (94723 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes upbound at Marysville passing the H. Lee White
11.HLe-12-1-12-KM.jpg (95261 bytes)
A completed pass
12.HL-12-1-12-KM.jpg (110246 bytes)
H. Lee White continuing downbound
13.CatDe-12-1-12-KM.jpg (114527 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes upbound
14.CatD-12-1-12-KM.jpg (111357 bytes)
Forward view
15.CaD-12-1-12-KM.jpg (101006 bytes)

Algoma Quebecois Saturday clearing Lock 7 upbound - Skip Gillham
Algoma-Quebecois-Ab.-L.7-(2).jpg (75856 bytes)
 It then backed back into the Lock, perhaps waiting for a downbound ship.

 Recent Traffic Hamilton and Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-AMontrealais-11-21-12-jm.jpg (75061 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais at the Burlington piers
2-AMontrealais-11-21-12-jm.jpg (97956 bytes)
Into Hamilton Harbour and the setting sun
3-PhoenixSun-Tundra-11-22-12-jm.jpg (87637 bytes)
Phoenix Sun and Tundra line up on the lake both to enter harbour on same bridge raise
4-PhoenixSun-Tundra-11-22-12-jm.jpg (82604 bytes)
 Phoenix Sun enters the piers with Tundra following close behind
5-PhoenixSun-11-22-12-jm.jpg (120639 bytes)
Phoenix Sun
6-Tundra-11-22-12-jm.jpg (143532 bytes)
7-Tundra-PhoenixSun-11-22-12-jm.jpg (151794 bytes)
Tundra and Sun arrive together and both to load at Parrish and Heimbecker
8-Barnacle-11-21-12-jm.jpg (108482 bytes)
Barnacle up at Lock 2 approach, destination Thunder Bay
9-Isadora-11-21-12-jm.jpg (68786 bytes)
Isadora and Mrs C entering Port Weller
10-PhoenixStar-11-29-12-jm.jpg (114430 bytes)
Phoenix Star upbound in ballast at Port Robinson
11-AOlympic-YMSaturn-11-29-12-jm.jpg (112911 bytes)
Algoma Olympic and YM Saturn above lock 1
12-YMSaturn-11-29-12-jm.jpg (114830 bytes)
YM Saturn
13-Ojibway-11-29-12-jm.jpg (90776 bytes)
Ojibway in ballast at the entrance to lock 1
14-Ojibway-11-29-12-jm.jpg (154942 bytes)
Ojibway raising in lock 1
15-Ojibway-Amundsen-11-29-12-jm.jpg (65302 bytes)
Ojibway passing Amundsen

Oshawa Friday - Lorraine Morrill
12270---Ecosse--Oshawa-11-30-12ldm.jpg (116316 bytes)
Tugs Ecosse and Vigilant I escort the Maltese tanker Soley-1 into Oshawa harbour
12274---Ecosse--Oshawa-11-30-12ldm.jpg (114344 bytes) 12276---Vigilant-I--Oshawa-11-30-12ldm.jpg (111533 bytes) 12278---Vigilant-I--Oshawa-11-30-12ldm.jpg (113612 bytes) 12286---Soley-1-Ecosse.jpg (98204 bytes)
12295---Soley-1-Ecosse.jpg (117889 bytes) 12269---Victorious--John-J-Carrick.jpg (96444 bytes)
Tug Victorious and barge John J Carrick departs from Oshawa Harbour.
12266---Victorious--John-J-Carrick.jpg (118437 bytes)    

Welland Canal Thursday - Bill Bird
1-YMSaturn-11-29-12-a-bb.jpg (83791 bytes)
Maltese flagged tanker YM Saturn in Port Weller harbour
2-YMSaturnbillboard-11-29-12-bb.jpg (179956 bytes)
3-YMSaturnstack-11-29-12-bb.jpg (79734 bytes)
Stack markings
4-YMSaturn-11-29-12-b-bb.jpg (108739 bytes)
headed to Burns Harbor
5-Algoway-11-29-12-a-bb.jpg (108663 bytes)
Algoway an infrequent visitor to the canal on her way to Lake Ontario
6-Algoway-11-29-12-b-bb.jpg (85024 bytes)
headed to Hamilton
7-PhoenixStar-11-29-12-a-bb.jpg (98217 bytes)
Phoenix Star approaching Port Robinson
8-PhoenixStar-11-29-12-b-bb.jpg (68465 bytes)
As I was taking bow shot, Captain Gerry Greig came out to wave
9-PhoenixStar-11-29-12-c-bb.jpg (78587 bytes)
headed to Lake Superior for grain 

Manitowoc loading slag on the Rouge River in Dearborn Thursday - Ken Borg
IMG_0912.jpg (99860 bytes)        

Recent Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1alder11_18_12_rb.jpg (213577 bytes)
USCG Alder secured at Mattson Lower Harbor Park after working aids to navigation
2keb11_21_12_rb.jpg (130698 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker unloading stone into the Upper Harbor hopper
3prc11_22_12_rb.jpg (163545 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke arriving at the Upper Harbor ore dock
4hlwjjb11_24_12rb.jpg (127923 bytes)
John J. Boland loading ore with fleet mate H. Lee White passing en route to the Lower Harbor with coal

Post Card ID's -
Don Geske
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SooOnt-pc-dg-b.jpg (194622 bytes)
What are the the ships names in the Canadian Lock?
SooOntarioPC-DG.jpg (153372 bytes) Dalhousie-City---Tug.jpg (161150 bytes)
What is the tug name at Port Dalhousie next to the Pier?

Historical Perspectives - Imperial Sarnia - Herm Phillips
1-ImpSarnia-7-27-83-hp.jpg (95091 bytes)
Upbound in the St Mary's River in July of 1983.
2-ImpSarnia-7-27-83-hp.jpg (131770 bytes)
The back of the pilot house.
3-ImpSarnia-7-27-83-hp.jpg (99296 bytes)
View of the stack.
4-Impsarnia-7-27-83-hp.jpg (108921 bytes)
Stern shot
5-ImpSarnia-8-11-84-hp.jpg (108142 bytes)
Another shot in the St Mary's River, August of 1984.
6-ImpSarnia-8-12-86-hp.jpg (109933 bytes)
Upbound once again in the St Mary's River, July 1986.

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