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December 10, 20

South Chicago Saturday - Steve Bauer
1-Calwy-12-08-12-sb.jpg (111363 bytes)
After unloading a cargo of stone at Buffington Harbor, Indiana, the Cason J. Callaway has backed out and is departing for KCBX over in nearby South Chicago.
2-Mtwc-12-08-12-sb.jpg (81637 bytes)
The Manitowoc arrives at Calumet Harbor in a light rain for the CFT dock, with the Callaway in close pursuit.  She will head straight in while the Callaway will spin.
3-Mtwc-12-08-12-sb.jpg (162383 bytes)
Passing under bridge 710 approaching 92nd St.
4-Mtwc-12-08-12-sb.jpg (128672 bytes)
Holding short of 95th St bridge, while the NS runs freight trains.
5-Calwy-12-08-12-sb.jpg (153237 bytes)
Right behind the Manitowoc, the Cason J. Callaway holds short of 92nd Street.
6-Calwy-12-08-12-sb.jpg (101722 bytes)
Getting a "big" wave from the bridge wing.
7-Calwy12-08-12-sb.jpg (130086 bytes)
Approaching 95th.
8-Calwy-12-08-12-sb.jpg (115760 bytes)
The "Over The Hull Gang" ready to tie her up, while probably wondering if the boatnerds ever stay home.
9-Calwy-12-08-12-sb.jpg (125234 bytes)
Getting ready to dock at KCBX.
10-Calwy-12-08-12-sb.jpg (127962 bytes)
Crew members going over the side.

Baie St. Paul in Montreal on Dec. 3rd two days after its arrival from China - Rene Beauchamp
Baie-St.Paul-031212.jpg (179100 bytes) IMG_9336.jpg (103447 bytes)
Tundra aground off Ste-Anne-de-Sorel, QC since Wednesday Nov.28.

Bluewing inbound Hamilton - Eric Holmes
Bluewing--09-12-12-eh.jpg (48696 bytes)        

 Peter R Cresswell up at Brockville Ont. - Murray Blancher
1-Peter-R-Cresswell-06-12-12-mb.jpg (84298 bytes) 2-Peter-R-Cresswell-06-12-12-mb.jpg (103399 bytes)      

Welland Canal and Hamilton -  Julie Fletcher
julies-pictures-205.jpg (139469 bytes)
Hamilton Energy
julies-pictures-208.jpg (112887 bytes) julies-pictures-165.jpg (99370 bytes)
Sub in Hamilton at Heddle

Capt Henry Jackman Sneaks through the Fog past Detroit - Rich McLenon
3-Capt-Henry-Jackman.jpg (39607 bytes)
Heading Downbound
4-Capt-Henry-Jackman.jpg (42608 bytes)
Back into the fog

Presque Isle and barge joined after the barge underwent dry docking - Wendell Wilke
piatanchor0001.jpg (80907 bytes)
Tug Presque Isle awaiting her barge
pitow127120001.jpg (90251 bytes)
Barge Presque Isle in tow

Hermann Schoening discharging steel at Oshawa on Dec. 6 - Lorraine Morrill
12312---Hermann-Schoening.jpg (156211 bytes) 12319---Hermann-Schoening.jpg (167941 bytes)      

Recent Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick
hcjmich112512_rb.jpg (91755 bytes)
Michipicoten departing the Upper Harbor ore dock with Herbert C. Jackson at anchor
2hlwhcj112512_rb.jpg (96159 bytes)
H. Lee White departing the Upper Harbor with Jackson at anchor
3michjjb113012rb.jpg (115847 bytes)
Michipicoten arriving at the Upper Harbor with John J. Boland at anchor off the Lower Harbor
4jjbcg1113012rb.jpg (152198 bytes)
John J. Boland at anchor, Lower Harbor

Hamilton Dec. 3 - John van der Doe
Hamilton-3-december-2012-(2).jpg (119467 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(3).jpg (82040 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(4).jpg (122271 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(5).jpg (129950 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(6).jpg (73150 bytes)
Hamilton-3-december-2012-(9).jpg (75928 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(12).jpg (102419 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(13).jpg (103005 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(14).jpg (68699 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(15).jpg (165051 bytes)
Hamilton-3-december-2012-(17).jpg (74106 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(18).jpg (105842 bytes) Hamilton-3-december-2012-(19).jpg (85898 bytes)    

Mississagi outbound Parry Sound after unloading, Algorail waiting on the Algoway - Ron Walker
Parry-sound-002.jpg (110950 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - Meaford at Calumet Elevator in South Chicago in 1976.  Lou Gerard Sr.
im553.jpg (88386 bytes)        

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