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December 17, 20

Baie St. Paul on her maiden trip from China via Montreal and the research vessel Reuben Lasker operated by NOAA downbound on her delivery trip from Marinette to Norfolk - Rene Beauchamp
Baie-St.-Paul12-15-12-rb-(2).jpg (106938 bytes)
Baie St. Paul Seaway on Dec. 15.
Baie-St.-Paul12-15-12-rb-(1).jpg (88728 bytes) Reuben-Lasker12-15-12.jpg (110007 bytes)
Reuben Lasker

CSL vessel Baie St. Paul first time at the Cote St. Catherine Lock near Montreal - Roland Van Bulck
1-BSP-12-15-12-rvb.jpg (99537 bytes)
Entering the lock
2-BSP-12-15-12-rvb.jpg (90814 bytes)
In the lock
3-BSP-12-15-12-rvb.jpg (155122 bytes)
After leaving the lock

Reuben Lasker on her recent sea trials in Green Bay - Marinette Marine Corp
Reuben-Lasker12-5-12.jpg (97014 bytes)        

Port Weller Shipyard Photos and Imminent Departure of HMCS Athabaskan Dec. 13 - Paul Beesley
1-pwdd-12-13-12-pb.jpg (90900 bytes)
Tugs Ocean Delta and Andre H arrived recently to tow the warship to Halifax.  HMCS Athabaskan was recently removed from the drydock and secured to the fit-out wall.  CCGS Amundsen will be at the yard for the winter.
2-pwdd-12-13-12-pb.jpg (94883 bytes)
Lots of new steel work, although you can't see it, and new paint.  The funnel looks to be changed again and the mast has been made larger.  Only the navigation radars have scanners.  All weapons still ashore.
3-pwdd-12-13-12-pb.jpg (132352 bytes)
Andre H and Ocean Delta waiting.  The tow is scheduled to leave on Saturday, weather and other conditions permitting.
4-pwdd-12-13-12-pb.jpg (210929 bytes)
In the black paint can be seen draft marks and a modified Plimsoll Mark.  The mark has no designations such as WNA or FW as you would find on a commercial ship.
5-pwdd-12-13-12-pb.jpg (79312 bytes)
On the wheelhouse-top of the Athabaskan can be seen a few workers.  A crew of unknown size has joined the ship.

HMCS Athabaskan tied up below Lock 1 Sunday to be towed back to Halifax  - Cody Law
1-HMCSAthbskn-12-15-2012-CL.jpg (75511 bytes) 2-HMCSAthbskn-12-15-2012-CL.jpg (68843 bytes) 4-HMCSAthbskn-12-15-2012-CL.jpg (84814 bytes) 5-AndreH-12-15-2012-CL.jpg (156992 bytes)
Tug Andre H will be one of two tugs towing HMCS Athabaskan back to Halifax to complete repairs.
6-OcnDelta-12-15-2012-CL.jpg (136859 bytes)
7-OcnDelta-12-16-2012-CL.jpg (144055 bytes) 8-GrtRepublic-12-15-2012-CL.jpg (91729 bytes)
Great Republic upbound approaching Lock 1 in the Welland Canal.
10-GrtRepublic-12-15-2012-CL.jpg (278392 bytes)    

Hamilton Dec. 12 - John McCreery
1-ThreeRivers-12-12-12-jm.jpg (103668 bytes)
Three Rivers approaching the Burlington piers
2-ThreeRivers-12-12-12--jm.jpg (102022 bytes)
Three Rivers inbound from Sorel with steel cargo for Pier 14
3-ThreeRivers-12-12-12-jm.jpg (126246 bytes)
Stern view headed to the anchorage to wait for a berth
4-Lubie-12-12-12-jm.jpg (119783 bytes)
Lubie at anchor
5-Sunset-12-12-12-jm.jpg (81900 bytes)
Hamilton Harbour sunset and a distant Three Rivers and Lubie waiting in the anchorage  

Three Rivers - Eric Holmes
Threerivers-12-12-12-eh.jpg (85970 bytes)
Inbound Hamilton (off the northshore)

South end Lake Michigan Dec. 12 - Tom Kort
01-stmary-12-12-tk.jpg (108908 bytes)
 St Marys Challenger tied up for winter storage.
02-stmary-12-12-tk.jpg (97888 bytes)
Bow view
03-stmary-12-12-tk.jpg (92697 bytes)
Another view
04-boland-12-12-tk.jpg (82444 bytes)
John J. Boland was at anchor off of Gary.
05-boland-12-12-tk.jpg (168397 bytes)
06-boland-12-12-tk.jpg (98522 bytes)
Riding high in the water.
07-boland-12-12-tk.jpg (70379 bytes) 08-ems-12-12-tk.jpg (84345 bytes)
Federal EMS unloading at Burns Harbor.
09-ems-12-12-tk.jpg (215775 bytes)
View of the dock and EMS.
10-ems-12-12-tk.jpg (112322 bytes)
 View of the work in progress.
11-ems-12-12-tk.jpg (144096 bytes)
View into the hold. You can see the lift truck that was working in the hold.
12-ems-12-12-tk.jpg (74597 bytes)
Steel coilscoming out.
13-ameri-12-12-tk.jpg (161627 bytes)
American Integrity at Burns harbor .
14-ameri-12-12-tk.jpg (123593 bytes) 15-ameri-12-12-tk.jpg (135739 bytes)
16-ameri-12-12-tk.jpg (250153 bytes) 17-cort-12-12-tk.jpg (69494 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort was at anchor off of Burns Harbor.
18-cort-12-12-tk.jpg (122525 bytes) 01-gary-12-12-tk.jpg (45898 bytes)
Hammond Water Intake Crib.
02-gary-12-12-tk.jpg (101633 bytes)

Joseph L. Block inbound for layup Dec. 11 - Wendell Wilke
joesphlblock12-11-12-ww.jpg (63848 bytes)        

CSL Tadoussac collided with pier in Toledo
 - U.S. Coast Guard photo, courtesy Marine Safety Unit Toledo

tadoussac12-11-12.jpg (29842 bytes)
A Coast Guard crew aboard a 45-foot Response Boat-Small from Station Toledo, Ohio, inspects a damaged pier along the Maumee River near Toledo after a ship collided with the pier, Dec. 11, 2012.
tadoussacb12-11-12.jpg (64615 bytes)
Causing a puncture in the starboard stern bunker tank.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1hcj12_4_12rb.jpg (151877 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loaded with ore and waiting on winds
2mich12_5_12rb.jpg (153044 bytes)
Michipicoten waiting to load

Melissa Desgagnes anchored in LaPoile Bay - Lucy Vautier
IMG_0304.jpg (90654 bytes) IMG_0308.jpg (79259 bytes) IMG_0315.jpg (86563 bytes)    

Coast Guard Cutter Thunder Bay moored at the Cleveland Moorings Dec. 14. - U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Lauren Laughlin
USCGThunder-Bay.jpg (134589 bytes)
The 140-foot ice-breaking tug homeported in Rockland, Maine arrived in Cleveland Dec. 12 and will spend the 2012-2013 ice-breaking season assisting the 9th Coast Guard District's ice-breaking fleet throughout the Great Lakes.

Submarine HMCS Ojibwa arrives in Port Burwell Ontario
235C0017.jpg (122141 bytes) 235C0024.jpg (138091 bytes) 235C0088.jpg (202658 bytes) 235C0095.jpg (178684 bytes) 235C0122.jpg (207205 bytes)
235C0163.jpg (197357 bytes) 235C0209.jpg (141933 bytes) 235C0217.jpg (162760 bytes) 235C0219.jpg (234005 bytes) 235C9886.jpg (97257 bytes)
235C9896.jpg (84609 bytes) 235C9944.jpg (102786 bytes) 235C9960.jpg (170391 bytes) IMG_9826.jpg (88836 bytes) IMG_9847.jpg (128311 bytes)
IMG_9868.jpg (82764 bytes) IMG_9896.jpg (120502 bytes)      

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
Algorail-12-14-12-dd.jpg (143733 bytes) Tug-General-pushing-barge-12-14-12-dd.jpg (86295 bytes)      

Delphine at Monte Carlo, Monaco in 2009 - Frederick Larkin 
delphine6-09-(2).jpg (87143 bytes) delphine6-09-(1).jpg (95186 bytes)
The dark hulled vessel is Big City, a 141- foot long Trinity Yachts model (Hull no. T041) built in 2009.

Starmount October 1953 - Monty Young Collection
Starmount.jpg (100177 bytes)        

Recent videos from our You Tube Channel

Busy day on the river with mailboat crew Capt. Sam Buchanan and Dispatcher Paul Jagenow. Pilot change on the Ina Theresa, mail & freight to the Sam Laud (nice salute), Molly the mailboat cat, Joseph H. Thompson passing, pilot change on the Eeborg and mail and freight to the American Courage with a nice salute.


Pilot changes and mail delivery on the Detroit River. Fleet Captain Sam Buchanan operates the J.W. Westcott II while Captain's daughter Jessica Buchanan acts as deck hand. Jessica is working at the mail boat while in college.
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