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December 18, 20

Baie St. Paul on her inaugural trip up the Welland Canal Monday - Dan Miller
BaieStPaul12-17-12-dm-(2).jpg (118548 bytes) BaieStPaul12-17-12-dm-(4).jpg (71915 bytes) BaieStPaul12-17-12-dm-(5).jpg (90566 bytes) BaieStPaul12-17-12-dm-(3).jpg (85444 bytes) BaieStPaul12-17-12-dm-(6).jpg (70625 bytes)
BaieStPaul12-17-12-dm-(1).jpg (102580 bytes)        

Baie St. Paul's first trip through the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-BaieStPaul-12-17-12-a-bb.jpg (79536 bytes)
Upon departing Lock 7, Capt Jim Leaney blows a salute  3 long and 2 short
2-BaieStPaulbowdetail-12-17-12-a-bb.jpg (48473 bytes)
bow detail including celebratory flags and a rolled up Jacob's ladder
3-BaieStPaulelectricdeckhand-12-17-12-a-bb.jpg (59062 bytes)
electric deckhand sitting higher than most
4-BaieStPaulsuperstructure-12-17-12-a-bb.jpg (87999 bytes)
5-BaieStPaulwheelhouse-12-17-12-a-bb.jpg (83604 bytes)
wheelhouse closeup
6-BaieSt.Paul-12-17-12-b-bb.jpg (74472 bytes)
heading to Port Colborne
7-BaieStPaul-12-17-12a-bb.jpg (87000 bytes)

Baie St Paul at Cote St Catherine wharf Saturday - Kent Malo
BaieStPaul12-15-12-km-c.jpg.jpg (74101 bytes) BaieStPaul12-15-12-km-d.jpg.jpg (48832 bytes) BaieStPaul12-15-12-kn-e.jpg.jpg (64957 bytes)    

Tugs in Kingston - Tom Rutledge
omni-richelieu-in-Kingston.jpg (128795 bytes) molly-mi-in-kingston.jpg (176046 bytes)      

Cheboygan, Mich. - Dianne Donati
USCGC-Mackinaw-12-17-12-dd.jpg (63412 bytes) Joe-Thompson-12-1712-dd.jpg (107477 bytes)      

Recent Welland Canal - John van der Doe
HMCS-282-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(2).jpg (123796 bytes)
HMCS Athabaska
CCGC-Amundsen-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(3).jpg (88070 bytes)
CCGC Amundsen
Port-Weller-Drydock-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(11).jpg (98453 bytes) Andre-H-Ocean-Delta-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(8).jpg (91433 bytes)
Andre H
Andre-H-Ocean-Delta-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(9).jpg (116861 bytes)
Ocean Delta
Algosoo-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(7).jpg (135981 bytes)
Algosoo-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(8).jpg (108203 bytes) Algosoo-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(11).jpg (132660 bytes) Federal-Yukon-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(12).jpg (126470 bytes)
Federal Yukon
Federal-Yukon-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(15).jpg (116375 bytes)
Federal-Yukon-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(14).jpg (219461 bytes) Federal-Yukon-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(16).jpg (105919 bytes) Algosoo-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(18).jpg (169168 bytes) Algoma-Progress-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(45).jpg (104626 bytes)
Algoma Progress
Algoma-Progress-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(21).jpg (107331 bytes)
Manitoba-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(20).jpg (106610 bytes)
Federal Yukon
Manitoba-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(25).jpg (90360 bytes) Manitoba-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(26).jpg (89639 bytes) Manitoba-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(29).jpg (164721 bytes) Manitoba-Cuyahoga-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(32).jpg (154707 bytes)
Cuyahoga--Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(27).jpg (123610 bytes)
Winter-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(42).jpg (79047 bytes)
Winter-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(44).jpg (43232 bytes) Winter-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(45).jpg (97712 bytes) Michigan-Great-Lakes-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(40).jpg (131013 bytes)
Great Lakes
Michigan-Great-Lakes-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(42).jpg (119163 bytes) Michigan-Great-Lakes-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(44).jpg (103281 bytes) North-Contender-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(67).jpg (83689 bytes)
North Contender
North-Contender-Welland-Canal-13-December-2012-(69).jpg (95332 bytes)  

Fishing Tugs at Breakwater Park in Oconto, Wis. - Dick Doeren
DSC00247.jpg (109532 bytes)
 Frank J
DSC00259.jpg (131274 bytes)
 The Carolyn
DSC00006.jpg (135901 bytes)
 Art Swaer IV

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