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December 24 - 25, 20

Launch of the Algoma Equinox Sunday evening in Nantong City, China
Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-021.jpg (108734 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-011.jpg (120309 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-041.jpg (76337 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-051.jpg (69510 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-061.jpg (105834 bytes)
Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-071.jpg (111853 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-081.jpg (81789 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-091.jpg (67917 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-031.jpg (109114 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-00.jpg (95303 bytes)
Algoma-Equinox-Launch-24-Dec-12-10.jpg (91375 bytes)        

Sam Laud up the Cuyahoga River Dec. 14 -
Scott Tish
1-SamLaud-12-14-12-ST.jpg (63404 bytes)
Sam Laud start its journey up the Cuyahoga River passing under drawbridge NS1
2-SamLaud-12-14-12-ST.jpg (69939 bytes)
Heads into Superior Bend passing the Nautica Entertainment Complex
3-SamLaud-12-14-12-ST.jpg (142257 bytes)
Rounds Superior Bend lining up for the approach to Center St.
4-SamLaud-12-14-12-ST.jpg (146820 bytes)
Passing through the Center St. swing bridge
5-SamLaud-12-14-12-ST.jpg (147994 bytes)
Rounds the bend headed toward Collision Bend with the Cleveland Skyline in the background.

Duluth and Two Harbors - Nick Stenstrup
11-BSP-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (75472 bytes)
Baie St. Paul loading iron ore in Duluth
13-AE-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (66643 bytes)
Atlantic Erie heading to CN to load iron ore
249-BSPAE-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (119446 bytes)
 Baie St. Paul and Atlantic Erie loading iron ore in West Duluth
IMG_0252.jpg (165844 bytes) IMG_0258.jpg (129072 bytes)
54-AshDef-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (89674 bytes)
Ashtabula/tug Defiance loading iron ore at BN in Superior
184-WMJJB-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (103714 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. and the John J. Boland in Two Harbors.
204-WJMJ-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (170142 bytes)
Loading iron ore, with a lot of ice on the bow
34-AW-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (119905 bytes)
Algoway unloading salt at Hallett #8
99-AW-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (115038 bytes)
Algoway making the turn to depart
132-AW-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (106565 bytes)
Passing under the bridge
151-AW-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (112902 bytes) 243-AgWay-12-22-12-ns.jpg.jpg (91209 bytes)
 Algoway seen from Two Harbors with a very unique sky

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-csln-11-16-12-md.jpg (103100 bytes)
CSL Niagara takes on a load at the elevator.
2-cjc-11-17-12-md.jpg (68977 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway emerges from the fog.
3-alp-11-17-12-md.jpg (87249 bytes)
Alpena follows.
4-cent-11-17-12-md.jpg (93329 bytes)
 American Century upbound at 1 & 2.
5-keb-11-18-12-md.jpg (76160 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker downbound at 1 & 2.
6-star-12-7-12-md.jpg (62027 bytes)
Phoenix Star downbound at 1 & 2.
7-adis-12-12-12-md.jpg (96329 bytes)
Algoma Discovery downbound at 1 & 2.
8-miss-12-13-12-a-md.jpg (104013 bytes)
Mississagi taking on a load at the elevator.
9-miss-12-13-12-b-md.jpg (129663 bytes)
Close up.
10-miss-12-13-12-c-md.jpg (79107 bytes)
Red tailed hawk searching for mice.
11-miss-12-13-12-d-md.jpg (79806 bytes)
Loading at night.
12-miss-12-13-12-e-md.jpg (106372 bytes)
Close up.
13-mani-12-14-12-md.jpg (106656 bytes)
Manistee downbound at 1 & 2.
14-chj-12-19-12-a-md.jpg (84975 bytes)
Captain Henry Jackman off loading potash.
15-chj-12-19-12-b-md.jpg (99686 bytes)
Close up.
16-mapl-12-19-12-md.jpg (98613 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound at 1 & 2.
17-rog-12-19-12-md.jpg (104705 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound at 1 & 2.
18-ojib-12-19-12-md.jpg (105147 bytes)
Ojibway heads into Lake Huron as the Cutter Mackinaw works on aids to navigation.

Ken Boothe Sr and Lakes Contender heading into Escanaba Dec. 18 - Rick Stram
ESC12182012A.jpg (38777 bytes) ESC12182012B.jpg (62916 bytes)      

Port Huron - Bruce Hurd
HLW122312.jpg (70640 bytes)
brchgln122312.jpg (54410 bytes) 101_0187.jpg (97273 bytes)
Refeueling Tanker William Warner Downbound during a snow squall Friday
101_0189.jpg (77455 bytes)
Tug Patricia Hoey following the Warner down the river.

Cuyahoga upbound Saturday - Skip Gillham
Cuyahoga-12-22-12-(1).jpg (162680 bytes)        

On board Alpena in lake Michigan heading to Chicago. Decorated with Christmas lights
1-Alpena-12-22-12-BH.jpg (64455 bytes)
From the bow looking towards the stern at night.
3-Alpena-12-22-12-BH.jpg (28938 bytes) 4-Alpena-12-22-12-BH.jpg (62775 bytes)
Bow view at night.
2-Alpena-12-22-12-BH.jpg (84878 bytes)
From the bow looking towards the stern in the daytime.

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1kbslc12_7_12rb.jpg (129147 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr./Lakes Contender waiting to load ore
2cjc12_12_12rb.jpg (82969 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway loading ore, view from the lakeshore
3hcjmich12_14_12rb.jpg (143597 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson and Michipicoten, bow views at the ore dock
4acour12_15_12rb.jpg (112196 bytes)
American Courage waiting to load ore

Caseville wreck exposed - Judy Rogers
100_5111.jpg (190499 bytes)
A boiler 400ft east of the Caseville Breakwall now at the waters edge. 
100_5116.jpg (167638 bytes)
It is said to be from a ship that sunk in the 1890s.
100_5114.jpg (127562 bytes) 100_5008.jpg (118393 bytes)
The picture in the sand is on the west side of the breakwall about 800 ft from the high water edge.

Welland Canal Dec. 19 - John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012-Amundsen---(1).jpg (98951 bytes)
Amundsen in drydock
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012-Amundsen---(2).jpg (111241 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--John-J.-Carrick-Victorious-(4).jpg (63233 bytes)
John J. Carrick and Victorious
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012.jpg (101468 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012-Cornelia--(12).jpg (89383 bytes)
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012-Cornelia--(16).jpg (119405 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Vigilant-I-(3).jpg (117487 bytes)
Vigilant I and Kimberley Anne together in Lock 1, 5 and 7
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Vigilant-I-(1).jpg (96865 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Vigilant-I-(7).jpg (147426 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Vigilant-I-(9).jpg (187253 bytes)
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Vigilant-I-(13).jpg (162088 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Vigilant-I-(14).jpg (144282 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Vigilant-I-(17).jpg (103255 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Pilica-(4).jpg (97997 bytes)
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Pilica-(8).jpg (65619 bytes)
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Pilica-(9).jpg (63445 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Pilica-(1).jpg (70617 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Peter-R.-Cresswell-(2).jpg (92330 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Peter-R.-Cresswell-(6).jpg (75377 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Peter-R.-Cresswell-(3).jpg (95521 bytes)
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Kimberley-Anne-(1).jpg (111165 bytes)
Kimberley Anne
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Kimberley-Anne-(2).jpg (110841 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Federal-Satsuki-(1).jpg (94855 bytes)
Federal Satsuki
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Federal-Satsuki-(13).jpg (114679 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--CSL-Niagara-(1).jpg (107038 bytes)
CSL Niagara
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--CSL-Niagara-(2).jpg (116078 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Algowood-(1).jpg (160756 bytes)
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Algowood-(3).jpg (85216 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012--Algowood-(6).jpg (124725 bytes) Welland-Canal-19-December-2012---Algoma-Montrealais-(5).jpg (92662 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais
Welland-Canal-19-December-2012---Algoma-Montrealais-(7).jpg (107201 bytes)        

Christmas word search puzzle - Adrian Platts
BNpuzzleXMAS2012.jpg (308191 bytes)        

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