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February 25, 20

Lake Huron Friday - Ken Hamilton
DSCN0692-(1280x960).jpg (142032 bytes)
North of 40 mile Point on Lake Huron, bit breezy
DSCN0706-(1280x960).jpg (135630 bytes)
Hove to in ice east of round island
DSCN0707-(1280x960).jpg (117669 bytes)
thick ice close-up
DSCN0711-(1280x960).jpg (142165 bytes)
looking aft, snowing hard
DSCN0655-(1280x960).jpg (116844 bytes)
Biscayne Bay from last week eastbound at the bridge
DSCN0665-(1280x960).jpg (63980 bytes)
Enterprise heading west for the bridge
DSCN0669-(1280x960).jpg (129036 bytes) DSCN0680-(1280x960).jpg (80710 bytes)    

Port Huron Saturday -
 Bruce Hurd
Hlyhck22313.jpg (70170 bytes)
USCG Hollyhock.
algoent22313.jpg (99749 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise downbound

Sarnia Lay-up Fleet
- Matt Miner
01-Mich-2-24-13-MM.jpg (99403 bytes)
Michipicoten up in the North Slip.
02-MiCalSag-2-24-13-MM.jpg (120765 bytes)
Calumet & Saginaw behind the Michipicoten.
03-MiKail-2-24-13-MM.jpg (114821 bytes)
Kailray tucked in the corner.
04-MissMich-2-24-13-MM.jpg (101266 bytes)
Mississagi peeking around the stern.
05-CalSag-2-24-13-MM.jpg (85820 bytes)
06-ML105-2-24-13-MM.jpg (128045 bytes)
Progress has stalled on the former Duc d'Orleans.
07-SagCal-2-24-13-MM.jpg (116218 bytes) 08-Rail-2-24-13-MM.jpg (94276 bytes)
Algorail at the Sidney Smith Dock.
09-SooCres-2-24-13-MM.jpg (115596 bytes)
Algosoo & Peter R Cresswell at the Goverment Dock.
10-LimeIs-2-24-13-MM.jpg (129359 bytes)
Lime Island
11-CresSoo-2-24-13-MM.jpg (79630 bytes) 12-plow-2-24-13-MM.jpg (147460 bytes)
A plow for when the ice gets thick?
13-CresSoo-2-24-13-MM.jpg (101276 bytes) 14-Rail-2-24-13-MM.jpg (98968 bytes) 15-Rail-2-24-13-MM.jpg (111234 bytes)
16-Rail-2-24-13-MM.jpg (120400 bytes) 17-MichMiss-2-24-13-MM.jpg (67161 bytes) 18-SagCal-2-24-13-MM.jpg (73548 bytes) 19-MissMich-2-24-13-MM.jpg (95738 bytes) 20-MiMissSag-2-24-13-MM.jpg (124204 bytes)
21-Canada-2-24-13-MM.jpg (85425 bytes)
Algocanada at the Shell Dock.
22-Everlast-2-24-13-MM.jpg (88006 bytes)
Everlast & Norman McLeod at Sun Oil Lower Dock.
23-Algosea-2-24-13-MM.jpg (112324 bytes)
Algosea at Sun Oil Upper Dock.

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. layup fleet at Bayship Feb. 16 -
Rick Stram
sturgeonbay2-20-13-(5).jpg (79918 bytes)
Fleet from across the bay
sturgeonbay2-20-13-(1).jpg (39923 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy, James R. Barker, Edgar B. Speer
sturgeonbay2-20-13-(4).jpg (40999 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha
sturgeonbay2-20-13-(3).jpg (165230 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes, Paul R. Tregurtha, Buffalo
sturgeonbay2-20-13-(2).jpg (80943 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes

Sarnia lay-up fleet -
Richard Gebhart
DSCN3443.jpg (123351 bytes) DSCN3434.jpg (120705 bytes) DSCN3419.jpg (188938 bytes) DSCN3424.jpg (66467 bytes) DSCN3447.jpg (125809 bytes)

Apalachee in Buffalo Feb. 15
- Brian W.
1-Apalachee-2-16-13-BW.jpg (91204 bytes)
Tied up and frozen in the ice at the Erie Basin Pier with downtown as a backdrop on a 23 degree winter evening along the Buffalo waterfront.
 1-Apalachee-2-15-13-BW.jpg (183763 bytes)
1943 built, 110-foot ice breaking tug Apalachee tied up just North of the Fuel Dock at the Erie Basin Pier with downtown Buffalo in the background.
2-Apalachee-2-15-13-BW.jpg (93285 bytes)
Here we see her fire monitors & pilothouse. The "E" is an "Efficiency" award from her days in the Coast Guard.
3-Apalachee-2-15-13-BW.jpg (137168 bytes)
Her paint is fairly fresh and she doesn't look bad for her age.
4-Apalachee-2-15-13-BW.jpg (151236 bytes)
The stern is surrounded by brash ice that was broken when she came in.

USCGC Alder at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
alder1_24_13LH2_rb.jpg (180104 bytes)
Scenic view secured at Mattson Lower Harbor Park
alder1_24_13LH3_rb.jpg (122984 bytes)
Close up

American Courage from the Carter Road bridge in Cleveland
- Kate White
1-American-Courage-2-10-13-kw.jpg (93466 bytes)
laid up at the old G & W dock for the winter months Feb. 10.

Historical Perspectives -
M. Young
Eugene-Parneyb-1975.jpg (95802 bytes)
Eugene Parney 1975.
Eugene-Parney-1975.jpg (81616 bytes) thompson-carnahan2.jpg (99321 bytes)
Joseph Thompson lay up Detroit late 70s.
thompson-carnahan.jpg (114664 bytes)  

Historical Perspectives - Yankcanuck -
George Lee
Yankcanuck.jpg (158604 bytes)
Yankcanuck in lock 3 Welland Canal October 2000
Yankcanuck-Lock-3.jpg (97165 bytes) Yankcanuck,-Welland-Canal.jpg (134114 bytes) Yankcanuck-aft-deck.jpg (141103 bytes)
Spare propeller carried on deck
Yankcanuck-deck.jpg (181225 bytes)
At Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario August 1985
Yankcanuck-engine.jpg (84966 bytes)

Main engine 8 cylinder 1800 hp Cooper-Bessemer

Yankcanuck-generator.jpg (129459 bytes)
Port generator V8 Dorman diesel

Historical Perspectives - passenger ship post cards
Cityofcleveland.jpg (73340 bytes) washirving.jpg (62028 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives - old tankers -
Jacques Paul
j-edouard-simard.unloading--resolute-bay--aug-1965.3.jpg (49495 bytes) j-edouard-simard.unloading--resolute-bay--aug-1965.jpg (89374 bytes) LEON-SIMARD-1974.jpg (194790 bytes) KAMEPADE-EX_GULF_MACKENZIE_2003.jpg (72465 bytes) MAPLEBRANCH--cement.jpg (26832 bytes)
CEDARBRANCH1-1951.LEAVING-WELLAND-CANAL-LOCK.--1963.jpg (42390 bytes) olympic-pride-ex-hubert-gaucher.jpg (102430 bytes) leonsimaer---1974.jpg (80219 bytes) SIR__MICHAEL__EX-GULF_GATINEAU-2002.jpg (96194 bytes) WILLOWBRANCH-1950.jpg (408219 bytes)
WILLOWBRANCH-COLOR-OF-TEXZACO.jpg (76441 bytes) CEDARBRANCH---1965.jpg (63599 bytes) FIRBRANCH_ACCIDENT-1951.jpg (84552 bytes) FIRBRANCH_ACCIDENT_21951.jpg (132244 bytes)  

Historical Perspectives - Scans of old newspaper clippings
- Roger LeLievre
DavidsonJames-strike.jpg (226704 bytes) Middletown1962.jpg (234834 bytes) MarineAngel-Chicago.jpg (227830 bytes) KendallSunkCruiser.jpg (252171 bytes) CityOfCleveland-EndOfLine.jpg (143167 bytes)
FitzgeraldLaunch.jpg (188407 bytes) FitzgeraldRooms.jpg (87833 bytes) Fitzgerald-SilverBay.jpg (161955 bytes) Byers,AM-sunk.jpg (255054 bytes) Callaway-GGPost-Aug1955.jpg (189413 bytes)
TownsendPaulH-conv.jpg (77616 bytes) Wallschiff-sunk.jpg (240796 bytes) TarantauIce.jpg (63435 bytes) Young,Joseph-Aground.jpg (146577 bytes) Barker-DeLanceyTow.jpg (179985 bytes)
Lackawanna-Aground1958.jpg (134877 bytes) LawsonAT-stacks1970.jpg (122807 bytes) ManitowocCarferryIce.jpg (162248 bytes) McKeeSons-ice.jpg (122523 bytes) McLaganTR-maiden.jpg (61863 bytes)
Robinson,CS-aground.jpg (106769 bytes) BolandJohnJ-wreck.jpg (299492 bytes) Breech-Clipping.jpg (181601 bytes) BrowiningTroyH-aground.jpg (119240 bytes) CliffsVictory-aground.jpg (123826 bytes)
JupiterFire.jpg (156218 bytes) FortChamblyFire.jpg (166416 bytes) SteClaire-drydock.jpg (185557 bytes)    

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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