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March 15, 20

Coast Guard icebreakers Lock through Thursday - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos by Michelle Hill
mackinaw-soo3-14-13.jpg (95755 bytes)
mackinawssoo3-14-13.jpg (105140 bytes) Biscayne-Bay3-14-13.jpg (110754 bytes)
Biscayne Bay
Risleysoo3-14-13.jpg (111349 bytes)
Samuel Risley
risleysoo-3-14-13.jpg (97171 bytes)
mackinaw3-13-13soo.jpg (103729 bytes)
Mackinaw in the Poe on Wednesday

Icebreakers working above the locks at Pointe Louise and Gros Cap
- Graham Grattan
1-MacRis-3-14-13-gg.jpg.jpg (63114 bytes)
Mackinaw and Samuel Risley are side by side.
2-MacRis-3-14-13-gg.jpg.jpg (89358 bytes)
Approaching Pointe Louise.
3-MacRis-3-14-13-gg.jpg.jpg (107164 bytes)
Upbound above Pointe Louise.
4-MacRis-3-14-13-gg.jpg.jpg (89930 bytes)
Passing the old Point Iroquois Point Lighthouse.
5-MacRis-3-14-13-gg.jpg.jpg (63530 bytes)
Passing Gros Cap Reefs Light.
6-BisBay-3-14-13-gg.jpg.jpg (64192 bytes)
Biscayne Bay approaching Gros Cap Light.

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley breaking out McGregor Bay Wednesday
Risleygeorgianbay-13-13.jpg (139759 bytes)
Breaking out for the arrival of the Alpena with cement.
Risley-13-13.jpg (96301 bytes) Risley_Photo_3-13-13.jpg (239179 bytes)    

Welland Canal Wednesday -
Paul Beesley
The section of the Welland Canal between Locks 1 & 2 is slowly being refilled in preparation for another shipping season.
1-canal-1-12-13-pb.jpg (114755 bytes)
Looking across the canal above Lock 1.  The canal is never completely dry.  This view focuses on the 'fit-out' wall at the shipyard.  Ships may tie up here for preparation before entering and after leaving the drydock.
2-canal-1-12-13-pb.jpg (105823 bytes)
Closer look at the bow of the Algowood in the shallow dock.
3-canal-1-12-13-pb.jpg (96531 bytes)
This shows the different depths for the shallow dock, at right, and the deep dock, at left.  CCGS Amundsen is in the deep dock.
4-canal-1-12-13-pb.jpg (198691 bytes)
Another view of the deep dock with the sill visible at the bottom of the dock gates.
5-canal-1-12-13-pb.jpg (206773 bytes)
Different type of gate for the shallow dock.
6-canal-1-12-13-pb.jpg (109835 bytes)
Looking down at the south, or upper, lock gate at Lock 1.  Staging has been erected to the left to allow workers to access the chamber.  At the bottom of the photo is a concrete area, the sill that ships must clear to pass through the lock.
7-canal-1-12-13-pb.jpg (244626 bytes)
Another look at Lock 1.

Goderich Lay-up -
Shane Ruther
1-Algo-Transfer-09-03-13-SR.jpg (90139 bytes)
Algoma Transfer in Goderich for a longer then usual winters nap.
2-CSL-Assiniboine-09-03-13-SR.jpg (83156 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
3-CSL-A,-Algoma-T-09-03-13-SR.jpg (156648 bytes)
CSl Assiniboine and Algoma Transfer wide angle.
4-Algoma-T-09-03-12-SR.jpg (122021 bytes)
Algoma Transfer sits in the Goderich harbor waiting an uncertain future.
5-CSL-Niagra-11-03-13-SR.jpg (182916 bytes)
The CSL Niagara in Owen sound.

Historical Perspectives - Marine Star scrapping -
Mike Squire
Aquarama-1.jpg (116529 bytes) Aquarama-2.jpg (140741 bytes) Aquarama-3.jpg (140235 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives - USCG Racine Lifeboat Station 1943 -
Stephen Loreck
uscgracine-(4).jpg (79950 bytes) uscgracine-(3).jpg (82267 bytes) uscgracine-(2).jpg (51224 bytes) uscgracine-(5).jpg (145940 bytes) uscgracine-(1).jpg (498329 bytes)
From the Racine paper after they came back from an all night search. The search was a false alarm.

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