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March 23, 20

Opening Day at the Welland Canal 2013 - Bill Bird
1-KathleenPowell&CaptainJohnCarlson-03-22-13-bb.jpg (49684 bytes)
All smiles at Lock 3 as Kathleen Powell of the St. Catharines Museum has just presented Captain John Carlson of Cuyahoga with the top hat to open the 2013 season.
2-CaptainJohnCarlsonsigning-hat-03-22-13-bb.jpg (80391 bytes)
Captain Carlson signing the topper, his first.
3-MountiesCaptainJohnCarlsonChiefEngineerGeorgeLundrigan-03-22-13-.jpg (79244 bytes)
Adding a splash of colour to the proceedings two members of the Mounties flanking Captain Carlson and Chief Engineer George Lundrigan.
4-CaptainJohnCarlsonwifeSuzannedaughterDanielle&Cuyahoga-03-22-13-bb-.jpg (109240 bytes)
Captain Carlson with wife Suzanne and daughter Danielle
5-Cuyahoga-03-22-13-a-bb.jpg (98768 bytes)
The ceremony over, Cuyahoga has departed Lock 3 approaching the Glendale Avenue bridge.
6-Cuyahoga-03-22-13-b-bb.jpg (89929 bytes)
Headed to the flights.
7-Cuyahoga-03-22-13-c.jpg (90899 bytes)
About to enter Lock 4 Cuyahoga has a load of slag headed for her namesake river in Cleveland.
8-Fencing-at-Lock-7-03-22-13-bb.jpg (105635 bytes)
A sure sign of spring-more fencing along the canal.  This time on the west wall above Lock 7
9-USCGThunderBay-03-22-13-bb.jpg (115027 bytes)
 First downbound ship of the season is USCG Thunder Bay seen here tieing up above Lock 7.  

Baie St. Paul opens the Seaway Friday
Baie-St.-Paul3-22-13.jpg (191430 bytes)
At St. Lambert
baiestpaul2013.jpg (110724 bytes)
Press photo

USCG Alder assists the Manitowoc in Whitefish Bay Friday -
Mark Hudson
Manitowoc3-22-13-mh-(3).jpg (42641 bytes)
Stuck in the ice Friday
Manitowoc3-22-13-mh-(1).jpg (37038 bytes)      

Opening Day at the Welland Canal 2013
- John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-opening-at-Lock-3--22-March-2013-(1).jpg (98824 bytes) Welland-Canal-opening-at-Lock-3--22-March-2013-(14).jpg (75803 bytes) Welland-Canal-opening-at-Lock-3--22-March-2013-(18).jpg (82880 bytes) Welland-Canal-opening-at-Lock-3--22-March-2013-(7).jpg (103831 bytes) Welland-Canal-opening-at-Lock-3--22-March-2013-(4).jpg (122917 bytes)
Welland-Canal-opening-at-Lock-3--22-March-2013-(3).jpg (99735 bytes) Welland-Canal-opening-at-Lock-3--22-March-2013-(10).jpg (105265 bytes) Welland-Canal-opening-at-Lock-3--22-March-2013-(24).jpg (100539 bytes)    

Paul R. Tregurtha departs Sturgeon Bay. Wis. Thursday -
Tom Groenfeldt 
paulr3-21-13-(1).jpg (71607 bytes) paulr3-21-13-(2).jpg (118603 bytes)      

Mesabi Miner departing Duluth on Wednesday from Tug North Carolina - Dean Olson
miner3-20-13.jpg (61726 bytes)        

Miner departs -
USACE - Denise Wolvin 
minerdeparts3-20-13.jpg (123800 bytes)        

Atlantic Superior sailed form Halifax on Tuesday with a partial cargo of gypsum -
Mac Mackay
1-AtlSup-3-19-13-mm.jpg (88757 bytes)
During the winter refit the unloading boom was repaired and repainted.

Ice breakers at the Soo and Duluth -
USACE and USCG -Michelle Hill
sooice3-13-(4).jpg (38286 bytes)
Mackinaw arrives upbound below the locks
sooice3-13-(5).jpg (77316 bytes) sooice3-13-(8).jpg (122306 bytes)
Breaking approach to the MacArthur Lcok
sooice3-13-(7).jpg (89022 bytes) sooice3-13-(6).jpg (119928 bytes)
mackinaw3-13-(1).jpg (133102 bytes)
Locking through the next day
Risley3-13.jpg (104563 bytes)
With the Risley and Biscayne Bay
sooice3-13-(1).jpg (137866 bytes)
sooice3-13-(3).jpg (118923 bytes) sooice3-13-(2).jpg (139798 bytes)
View from the Mackinaw
mackinaw3-13-(2).jpg (144983 bytes) Mackinaw3-17-13.jpg (71821 bytes)
Breaking ice in Duluth
Mackinaw3-17-13a.jpg (115371 bytes) Mackinaw3-17-13c.jpg (67283 bytes)
Over the stern at night

Roger Blough preparing to be towed off of the dock by the Heritage Marine Tug Nels J
- Bob Hom
rogerblough3-17-13-(1).jpg (76548 bytes) rogerblough3-17-13-(3).jpg (136415 bytes) rogerblough3-17-13-(2).jpg (115818 bytes)    

Great Lakes Maritime Center in Port Huron reopened Friday -
Frank Frisk
GLMC-2.jpg (70897 bytes) BoatNerd-Office.jpg (64640 bytes)
BoatNerd's World Headquarters is back in the Maritime Center
BoatNerd-Office.2png.jpg (46143 bytes)    

Chief Wawatam's Engine taken on March 12 in St. Ignace -
Brent Michaels
Chief-Wawatam-Engine-(2).jpg (136125 bytes)
The engine is outside a Bar and Party Store on US-2 just west of St Ignace. This engine was in storage.
Chief-Wawatam-Engine-(3).jpg (84210 bytes)
The engine is split in half at the cross heads likely to make it easier to move, it probably weights about 20 tons all total.
Chief-Wawatam-Engine-(1).jpg (121838 bytes)    

Onboard the Saguenay
  - Domminique Racine
SaguenayDominique-Racine2012-(3).jpg (99359 bytes) SaguenayDominique-Racine2012-(2).jpg (120163 bytes) SaguenayDominique-Racine2012-(4).jpg (80012 bytes) SaguenayDominique-Racine2012.jpg (69293 bytes)  

Fish tugs James D. and Last Time -
Micky Macdonald
James-D-&-LastTime.jpg (90701 bytes)
Mamainse Harbour north of Batchawana Bay Ont. north of Sault Ste. Marie on Lake Superior. Lionel Hurley, and Jim Macdonald started Ferroclad Fishery in Port Dover around 1956. They started fishing with the Ferroclad then built the James D in 1957 and the Last Time in 1981.

Historical Perspectives -
News Articles
AgomingFerry1943.jpg (239439 bytes) Zeising,August-STandardPortlandCementWreck.jpg (272492 bytes) HumphreyNew1954.jpg (365983 bytes) NorgomaAd.jpg (134546 bytes) ShenangoII-christening.jpg (321689 bytes)
Ford,Benson-ice.jpg (265950 bytes) FordEM-wreck.jpg (353090 bytes) Champlain-BridgeWreck2.jpg (350487 bytes) CrapoFirstBoat-1959.jpg (371845 bytes) Fink,GeorgeR-aground.jpg (310405 bytes)
Byers,AB-sunk1956.jpg (83339 bytes) Callaway,Post,Avery.jpg (128556 bytes) Carrollton-Westcott.jpg (232031 bytes) FitzgeraldLaunch.jpg (162686 bytes) AssinaboiaAground1947PortArthur.jpg (214121 bytes)
FordHenry-NewSeason.jpg (100840 bytes) GreaterDetroitScrap.jpg (162020 bytes) FitoutDetroit-Mauthe,Hatfield,Lindabury.jpg (126259 bytes) Algocen_L.C.TurnerTow.jpg (111772 bytes) BloughFerbertUnload.jpg (237915 bytes)
WilkinsonHoraceFire.jpg (163182 bytes) Norgoma-new.jpg (235621 bytes) SchoonmakerAground.jpg (70820 bytes) JonesCallawayCollision.jpg (247524 bytes) BlueWaterBridgeAir.jpg (142897 bytes)
McKee-Sons-NEWS1994-2.jpg (115530 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Detroit Publishing Company
stmarysriverice.jpg (192922 bytes)
Spring break out on the St. Marys River.
AlbertMMarshall-1905-15.jpg (145177 bytes)
Albert  M. Marshall
lansdowne.jpg (142948 bytes)
detroitinice1905.jpg (140940 bytes)
susquehanna.jpg (145812 bytes)

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