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March 26, 20

Hamilton, Ont. - Ted J. Wilush
(2)-CSL-Laurentien-3-25-13.jpg (86710 bytes)
CSL Laurentien was the first laker to arrive at Hamilton for the 2013 season, she brought a cargo of coal from Sandusky to the US Steel dock and tied up against the hulls of the old Grovedale, Henry R. Platt Jr. and Wiarton. Her next port will be Superior.
(3)-CSL-Laurentien-3-25-13.jpg (100955 bytes) (1)-Algoma-Transport-3-23-2013.jpg (104936 bytes)
Algoma Transport departing Hamilton from winter lay-up on Saturday in ballast for Windsor to load salt
(4)-Robert-S.-Pierson-3-17-2013.jpg (170929 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson laid up at pier 11.

Opening morning at Johnson's Point in the St. Marys River - Scott McLellan    
1--AlgMon-3-25-13-SM.jpg (67962 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais
2--Cort-3-25-13-SM.jpg (72851 bytes)
Stewart J Cort
3--Cort-3-25-13-SM.jpg (81333 bytes)

Sturgeon Bay departures -
BoatNerd Staff
oberstar3-25-13.jpg (64898 bytes) barker3-25-13.jpg (79777 bytes) callaway3-25-13.jpg (114940 bytes) callaway23-25-13.jpg (103705 bytes) clarke3-25-13.jpg (147850 bytes)

Bay Shipbuilding Sunday -
Jake P. Heffernan
1-Algosoo-3-24-13-jh.jpg (40522 bytes)
Algosoo arrives
2-Algosoo-3-24-13-jh.jpg (54352 bytes) 3-Algosoo-3-24-13-jh.jpg (68519 bytes) 4-Algosoo-3-24-13-jh.jpg (118799 bytes) 5-Algosoo-3-24-13-jh.jpg (93025 bytes)
1-JRBarker-3-24-13-jh.jpg (81625 bytes)
James R. Barker departs
2-JRBarker-3-24-13-jh.jpg (66527 bytes)      

CSL Niagara departing Owen Sound Ontario Sunday morning
baiestpaul3-22-13-(1).jpg (71234 bytes)        

Baie St. Paul opening the Seaway -
The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
baiestpaul3-22-13-(2).jpg (234565 bytes) baiestpaul3-22-13-(3).jpg (180899 bytes)      

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