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March 29, 20

Port Huron/Sarnia traffic Thursday - Roger LeLievre
Alpena-3-28-13rl.JPG.jpg (64665 bytes)
Alpena downbound on Lake Huron
Alpena2-3-28-13rl.jpg (48743 bytes) HLeeWhite-3-28-13rl.jpg (68294 bytes)
H Lee White
Mississagi-3-28-13rl.jpg (82176 bytes)
CSLTadoussac-3-28-13rl.jpg (71104 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac
Algosteel-3-28-13rl.jpg (73065 bytes)

Toledo Thursday
- Bob Vincent
1-RadcliffeLatimer-3-28-13-bv.jpg (104953 bytes)
Algoma Central Radcliffe R. Latimer second boat of the season for CSX Torco
2-RadcliffeLatimer-3-28-13-bv.jpg (108830 bytes)
Another view
3-RadcliffeLatimer-3-28-13-bv.jpg (93072 bytes)
Unloading iron ore onto the Live Pad
4-RadcliffeLatimer-3-28-13-bv.jpg (67586 bytes)
Another view of the ship unloading
5-RadcliffeLatimer-3-28-13-bv.jpg (93343 bytes)
Bow view
6-RadcliffeLatimer-3-28-13-bv.jpg (111681 bytes)
Another look at the aft deck house with unloading boom
7-Loadouttower-3-28-13-bv.jpg (104240 bytes)
CSX Torco load Out Tower
8-Cat-3-28-13-bv.jpg (83410 bytes)
CSX Torco Front End Loaders

Lakes Contender and Ken Booth Sr. departing Sturgeon Bay Thursday
- Mitch Custer
1-Lakes-Contender-ken-Booth-3-28-13-mac.jpg (77711 bytes)
Passing the Coast Guard Station at Sturgeon Bay outbound from layup.
2-Lakes-Contender-ken-Booth-3-28-13-mac.jpg (102541 bytes)
As they pass the break water at the Coast Guard Station in Sturgeon Bay.

Hamilton, Ont. -
Ted Wilush
Manitoba-3-28-13-TW-(1).jpg (82742 bytes)
Manitoba departed her winter layup berth with a load of grain destined for Sorel, QC.
Manitoba-3-28-13-TW-(2).jpg (77363 bytes)
Under the bridges in the Burlington Canal.
Manitoba-3-28-13-TW-(3).jpg (81055 bytes)
Into the open lake, she is expected back in port early next week for another load.

Baie St. Paul at South Chicago Wednesday -
Lou Gerard
Baiestpaul-3-27-13-lg-CSC-0662.jpg (104973 bytes)
Baie St. Paul on her first visit to South Chicago comes under the J bridge escorted by G tugs Massachusetts and Arizona.
Baiestpaul-3-27-13-lg-DSC-0624.jpg (100889 bytes)
Her new style Pilot House and after cabins.
Baiestpaul-3-27-13-lg-DSC-0632.jpg (81966 bytes)
Taking the bend at 92nd St.
Baiestpaul-3-27-13-lg-DSC-0644.jpg (112132 bytes)
Going through NS5 on her way to Beemsterboer's at 106th St.

Great Lakes Maritime Center -
Tom Wynne-Jones
1WJ_7085.jpg (160446 bytes)
Stiff north wind had the flags standing straight out from their posts.
1WJ_7087.jpg (161669 bytes)      

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