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April 2 - 3, 20

Icebreaking - St. Marys River - Graham Grattan
1-Mack-3-31-13-gg.jpg.jpg (85109 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw  downbound at Pointe Louise.
2-Risl-3-28-13-gg.jpg.jpg (82527 bytes)
CCG Samuel Risley upbound at Pointe Louise.
3-Mobay-4-1-13-gg.jpg.jpg (131346 bytes)
USCG Bristol Bay working the turn at Light #26. Blowing snow is reducing visibility.
4-MacMoby-4-1-13-gg.jpg.jpg (64730 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw meets USCG Mobile Bay at Round Island.
5-Mobay-4-1-13-gg.jpg.jpg (69615 bytes)
USCG Bristol Bay with a good turn of speed approaches Pointe Louise.

1-MacAlp-3-27-13-pg.jpg.jpg (72369 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw and Alpena above Pointe Louise.

2-Alp-3-27-13-pg.jpg.jpg (97817 bytes)
Alpena downbound at Pointe Louise.
3-Gott-3-29-13-pg.jpg.jpg (82462 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound above Pointe Louise in ice and fog.
4-ISA-4-1-13-gg.jpg.jpg (76318 bytes)
Isadora upbound for Thunder Bay.
5-RadR-4-2-13-gg.jpg.jpg (124704 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer downbound making the turn at Pointe Louise in one of many frequent snow showers.
6-RadR-4-2-13-gg.jpg.jpg (83182 bytes)
 Radcliffe R. Latimer, a minute later and it's clear.
7-SamL-3-31-13-gg.jpg.jpg (64364 bytes)
Sam Laud and friends at Pointe Louise.

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-ISA-3-4-1-13-bv.jpg (187735 bytes)
 Toledo's first oversea vessel Isa being unloaded.
2-ISA-4-1-13-bv.jpg (125324 bytes)
3-ISA-4-1-13-bv.jpg (98514 bytes)
Stern deck house.
4-ISA-4-1-13-bv.jpg (112800 bytes) 5-ISA-4-1-13-bv.jpg (152710 bytes)
6-ACornelius-4-1-13-bv.jpg (121580 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius in long term Lay-up
7-ACornelius-4-1-13-bv.jpg (96845 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius Bow
8-ACornelius-4-1-13-bv.jpg (83999 bytes)
9-PhoenixStar-4-1-13-bv.jpg (123609 bytes)
Phoenix Star at Toledo Ship Yard
10-Algosar-4-1-13-bv.jpg (166727 bytes)
Algosar in Toledo Ship Yard
11-PhoenisStar-Alsosar-4-1-13-bv.jpg (154398 bytes)
Another view
12-LJKuber-4-1-13-bv.jpg (128795 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber in Winter Lay-up
13-Defiance-4-1-13-bv.jpg (157724 bytes)
Tug Defiance & barge Ashtabula tied up at the Midwest International Terminal.
14-Ashtabula-4-1-13-bv.jpg (134546 bytes)
Another view
15-Coyote-4-1-13-bv.jpg (118831 bytes)
Coyote at the Toledo Docks

April 2

Monday at the Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
1-AlgomaMontrealais-04-01-13-a-bb.jpg (104541 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais departing Lock 2
2-AlgomaMontrealais-04-01-13-b-bb.jpg (71503 bytes)
Headed to Port Cartier Quebec with grain
3-AtlanticHuron-04-01-13-a-bb.jpg (97957 bytes)
Atlantic Huron sliding along the wall above Lock 2
4-AtlanticHuron-04-01-13-b-bb.jpg (89758 bytes)
On her way to Sydney Nova Scotia
5-BaieStPaul-04-01-13-a-bb.jpg (80594 bytes)
Baie St Paul approaching Homer Bridge
6-BaieStPaulIronDeckhand-04-01-13-a-bb.jpg (136489 bytes)
Iron deckhand with cranes on top
7-BaieStPaulboom04-01-13-a-bb.jpg (102400 bytes)
environmentally friendly boom is covered
8-BaieStPaul-04-01-b-bb.jpg (99142 bytes)
headed to Belledune in northeastern New Brunswick

Point Edward
- Terry McCullough 
1-Frontenac.-Mar-29-2013.-Pt-Edward.-Mike-McCullough-photo.jpg (110675 bytes)
2-Frontenac.-Mar-29-2013.-Pt-Edward.-Mike-McCullough-photo.jpg (116374 bytes) 3-American-Spirit.-Mar-29-2013.-Pt-Edward.-Mike-McCullough-photo.jpg (97418 bytes)
American Spirit
4-American-Spirit.-Mar-29-2013.-Pt-Edward.-Mike-McCullough-photo.jpg (98186 bytes) 5-Baie-St-Paul.-Mar-29-2013.-Pt-Edward.-Mike-McCullough-photo.jpg (83313 bytes)
Baie St Paul
6-Baie-St-Paul.-Mar-29-2013.-Pt-Edward.-Mike-McCullough-photo.jpg (81146 bytes)        

Baie St. Paul in the Welland Canal -
Doug Pruder
baiestpaul4-1-13--(1).jpg (184414 bytes) baiestpaul4-1-13--(2).jpg (141134 bytes) baiestpaul4-1-13--(3).jpg (132594 bytes) baiestpaul4-1-13--(4).jpg (180741 bytes)  

Port Huron -
Shanan Young
Presque-Ile-heading-into-the-St-Clair-River-Port-Huron.jpg (80514 bytes) Atlantic-Erie-in-front-of-Boatnerd-Headquarters.jpg (128824 bytes) Sloman-Herakles-in-the-St-Clair-River-at-Port-Huron.jpg (134020 bytes)    

Mesabi Miner Opening the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1mm3_21_13rb.jpg (118278 bytes)
Arriving inside the Upper Harbor
2mm3_21_13rb.jpg (102145 bytes)
Backing in to the ore dock to unload coal into the hopper

Fish tugs -
William A. Warnick
waw043-Fish-Tug-KIMMY-SUE-at-Kingsville-ON.-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (46346 bytes) waw094-Fish-Tug-THE-DOLLAR-BOAT-at-Pointe-au-Baril-Station-ON.-May-15,-1999.jpg (49127 bytes) Fish-Tug-Margaret-Ann-1--of-Dunkirk-Ny-July-2001-by-Robert-Warnick.jpg (12115 bytes) Fish-Tug-Margaret-Ann-2--of-Dunkirk-NY-July-2001-by-Robert-Warnick.jpg (11515 bytes) waw030-Fish-Tug-EDITH--F-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (25582 bytes)
waw001-Fish-Tug--EARL-D-Launching-spring-1957.jpg (23293 bytes) waw003-Fish-Tug-DOLLAR-BOAT-photo-from-(Fuzzy)-Featherstone.jpg (24789 bytes) waw034-Fish-Tug-FRANCESCA-MADRE-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (34567 bytes) waw033-Fish-Tug-ROBBIE-C-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (32376 bytes) waw024-Fish-tug-BILLIE--K-at-Port-Dover-May-26,-2000-by-Wm.-Warnick.jpg (12818 bytes)
waw031-Fish-Tug-M-&-J-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (49582 bytes) waw037-Fish-Tug-J-&-R-ELSLEY-at-Kingsville-ON.-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (60032 bytes) waw032-Fish-Tug-HARRY-PURVIS-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (21967 bytes) waw036-Fish-Tug-JO-ANNA-I-at-Kingsville-ON.-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (34349 bytes) waw035-Fish-Tug-ELSIE-MA-TWO-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (22119 bytes)
waw040-Fish-Tug-MUMMERY-BROS.-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (24782 bytes) waw039-Fish-Tug-ELSIE-MA-TWO-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (49094 bytes) waw038-Fish-Tug-EDITH-MARIE-II-at-Kingsville-ON.-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (86207 bytes) waw041-Fish-Tug-SAN-VITO-at-Kingsville-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (50398 bytes) waw042-Fish-Tug-TAYLOR-MAID-at-Kingsville-ON.-Sept.-9-2001.jpg (42762 bytes)

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