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April 5 - 6, 20


Ice Operations St. Marys River -
Graham Grattan
1-Bris-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (138385 bytes)
 Wednesday evening and USCG Bristol Bay is upbound to spend the night in Whitefish Bay.
2-Ris-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (67555 bytes)
Thursday morning and CCG Samuel Risley is upbound for Whitefish Bay.
3-AtlE-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (39061 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound at Pointe Louise.
4-Anav-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (39197 bytes)
Most upbound ships are in ballast, Algoma Navigator is loaded.
5-Kbar-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (45547 bytes)
Proceeding slowly, Kaye E. Barker is downbound above Pointe Louise.
6-Hunt-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (59777 bytes)
Federal Hunter loaded in Duluth and Thunder Bay and is the first downbound saltie of the season.
7-Sag-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (67196 bytes)
Saginaw waits off Cedar Point for the upbound Isa to clear the turn at Pointe Louise.
8-Isa-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (58170 bytes)
 In late evening light Isa is up clear of Pointe Louise.
9-IsaMac-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (70323 bytes)
he downbound USCG Mackinaw is meeting the upbound Isa on "one whistle" or "port to port".
10-MacIsa-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (77870 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw clears Isa.
11-Mack-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (77968 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw downbound at Cedar Point and with a good turn of speed.
12-MacSag-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (45142 bytes)
Mackinaw is about to overtake Saginaw above Pointe Louise.
13-MacSag-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (50733 bytes)
Mackinaw overtaking Saginaw "on two whistles" just above the point.
14-Isad-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (66709 bytes)
Isadora, a sister-ship to Isa is downbound above Pointe Louise. Isadora was the first foreign ship of the season at both Toronto and Thunder Bay.
15-Isad-4-4-13-gg.jpg.jpg (59183 bytes)
Two deer admire Isadora's beautifully shaped bow.

Mackinaw working Whitefish Bay -
Coast Guard photos by Lt. Stephen Elliott and Petty Officer 1st Class Nate Poppink
mackinaw4-3-13d.jpg (131145 bytes)
Mackinaw breaks ice for the Manitowoc during an escort through the upper St. Mary's River Wednesday.
mackinaw4-3-13c.jpg (89418 bytes)
Mackinaw breaks a relief tract for the motor vessel Paul R. Tregurtha.
mackinaw4-3-13.jpg (122150 bytes)
Mackinaw breaks thick ice in Whitefish.
mackinaw4-3-13b.jpg (186718 bytes)
Fish eye lens view of the ice edge.

Mackinaw assisting the Joseph L. Block on Whitefish Bay Thursday morning -
Rick Hoover
blockWhitefish-Bay-040413.jpg (50710 bytes)      

Wilfred Sykes departed Sturgeon Bay on Wednesday after wintering at Bay Shipbuilding
- Monica Sawyn
1-WSykes-4-3-13-ms.jpg (165059 bytes)
Sykes passes by the Coast Guard station as it travels through the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal toward Lake Michigan.
2-WSykes-4-3-13-ms.jpg (140064 bytes)
With Lake Michigan just ahead, the Sykes passes through the last of the Ship Canal, with the lighthouse on the north side.
3-WSykes-4-3-13-ms.jpg (111801 bytes)
Sykes rounds the south arm of the Ship Canal and heads out into Lake Michigan.

St. Clair River traffic at Marine City on Thursday -
Don Detloff
2-defi-04apr13-djd.jpg (78418 bytes)
Defiance and Ashtabula
1-kim-04apr13-djd.jpg (163901 bytes)
Kimberly Anne

J.W. Westcott Company opening day Wednesday
westcott4313-(3).jpg (67561 bytes)
Isa upbound
westcott4313-(2).jpg (77812 bytes)
Michipicoten unloading in Windsor
westcott4313-(6).jpg (142418 bytes)
Indiana Harbor viewed past the Detroit Fire Boat Curtis Randolph
westcott4313-(7).jpg (97500 bytes) westcott4313-(9).jpg (100845 bytes)
westcott4313-(10).jpg (126445 bytes)
Load of freight
westcott4313-(11).jpg (103945 bytes) westcott4313-(4).jpg (108907 bytes)
Busy docks in the Port of Detroit
westcott4313-(18).jpg (85812 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder fueling at Mistersky's.
westcott4313-(12).jpg (112193 bytes)
westcott4313-(13).jpg (101900 bytes) westcott4313-(14).jpg (84574 bytes) westcott4313-(15).jpg (118458 bytes) westcott4313-(20).jpg (268256 bytes) westcott4313-(1).jpg (113207 bytes)
Tug Defiance and barge Ashtabula loading pet coke.


April 5

St. Marys River icebreaking Wednesday -
 Graham Grattan
1-Mack-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (95578 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw loosens the track for Manitowoc.
2-Man-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (115180 bytes)
Manitowoc downbound for Essar Steel.
3-RisMac-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (104983 bytes)
 The downbound CCG Samuel Risley has just met the upbound USCG Mackinaw.
4-Ris-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (91370 bytes)
CCG Samuel Risley downbound at Cedar Point. Birchglen is astern of her.
5-Ris-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (76293 bytes)
CCG Samuel Risley just above Pointe Louise
6-Ris-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (93567 bytes)
CCG Samuel Risley disturbs a bald eagle.
7-Birc-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (107968 bytes)
The downbound Birchglen has just met Mackinaw below Light #26.
8-Birc-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (121183 bytes)
Birchglen approaching Pointe Louise with the red winter spar buoy P20 peeking-out of the ice.
9-Paul-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (108370 bytes)
The upbound Paul R. Tregurtha waits below Old Lookout #6 to meet Birchglen, Risley is just meeting Tregurtha and Essar Steel is in the background.
10-bald-4-3-13-gg.jpg.jpg (104794 bytes)
Even bald eagles appreciate a fresh track.

Alpena in Green Bay
- Scott Best
alpena4-3-13-sb-(2).jpg (156895 bytes)
Alpena approaching the Mason St Bridge.
alpena4-3-13-sb-(1).jpg (151054 bytes)
Another view on a sunny but cold April 3 in Green Bay.

Presque Isle arriving at CN Dock Two Harbors Wednesday -
Corey Olson
presque-isle-4-3-13-co-(1).jpg (107542 bytes) presque-isle-4-3-13-co-(2).jpg (105158 bytes)
Close-up of the ice covered bow

Thousand Islander & Thousand Islander IV at the dock in Gananoque, Ontario
- Murray Blancher
1-Thousand-Islander&Thousand-Islander-IV-13-04-03.jpg (154194 bytes)        

Manitowoc and Saginaw at the Upper Harbor in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1mant3_27_13rb.jpg (248018 bytes)
Manitowoc arriving
2sag3_28_13rb.jpg (129980 bytes)
Saginaw and LS&I locomotive

Welland Canal Tuesday -
Eric Holmes
1-Algomatransport-04-02-13-eh.jpg (96500 bytes)
  Algoma Transport under Bridge 5 in the Welland Canal.
2-Algomatransport-04-02-13-eh.jpg (100113 bytes)
Close up
3-Algomatransport-04-02-13-eh.jpg (87589 bytes)
Stern view

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