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April 8, 20

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Algosea-updbd-headed-to-L2.jpg (113387 bytes)
Algosea-updbd-headed-to-L2-(3).jpg (91823 bytes) Algoma-Transport-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (107626 bytes)
Algoma Transport
Catherine-Desgagnes-freshly-painted-headed-to-L2-upbnd.jpg (91313 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes
Robert-S.-Pierson-headed-to-L2.jpg (87389 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson
Ojibway-upbnd-headed-to-L2-(2).jpg (86830 bytes)
Lalandia-Swan-(DIS)-raising-in-L7.jpg (102763 bytes)
Lalandia Swan
Lalandia-Swan-(DIS)-upbnd-at-old-guard-gate-(3).jpg (85234 bytes) Lalandia-Swan-(DIS)-upbnd-at-old-guard-gate-(4).jpg (111041 bytes) Regalica-(Lbr)-upbnd-nearing-Glendale-Ave-bridge.jpg (90999 bytes)

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-chj-4-03-13-pb.jpg (116384 bytes)
Captain Henry Jackman entering Lock 1.
2-jiim-4-03-13-pb.jpg (107501 bytes)
Jiimaan in drydock in Port Weller.
3-cathdes-4-04-13-pb.jpg (83288 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes above Lock 1.
4-kwinte-4-04-13-pb.jpg (62060 bytes)
Kwintebank above Lock 2.
5-kwinte-4-04-13-pb.jpg (37436 bytes)
Kwintebank clear of the Homer bridge on her way to Lock 3.
6-lake-4-05-13-pb.jpg (65662 bytes)
Algolake and Ojibway pass below Lock 2.
7-lake-4-05-13-pb.jpg (92398 bytes)
Algolake using astern power while approaching Lock 1.
8-niag-4-05-13-pb.jpg (65736 bytes)
CSL Niagara above Lock 1.
9-ojibw-4-05-13-pb.jpg (85280 bytes)
Ojibway above Lock 1.
10-sardes-4-05-13-pb.jpg (96893 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes below Lock 2.  On the right can be seen CSL Niagara lifted in Lock 2.

- Bob Vincent
1-HLWhite-4-5-13-bv.jpg (126254 bytes)
H. L. White finished unloading iron ore from Marquette
2-HLWhite-4-5-13-bv.jpg (155659 bytes)
Bring in the boom
3-HLWhite-4-5-13-bv.jpg (87693 bytes)
Backing out, ore on the Live Pad
4-HLWhie-4-5-13-bv.jpg (113351 bytes)
Back up in the channel toward CSX Coal Dock
5-HLWhite-4-5-13-bv.jpg (94265 bytes)
Backing under the ship loader
6-HLWhite-4-5-13-bv.jpg (132310 bytes)
First coal boat of the season
7-HLWhite-4-5-13-bv.jpg (126499 bytes)
Another view
8-HLWhite-4-5-13-bv.jpg (92183 bytes) 9-HLWhite-4-5-13-bv.jpg (75644 bytes)  

Coast Guard Ships working Whitefish Bay
- Mark Hudson
Biscayne-Bay-NeahBay4-5-43.jpg (118059 bytes) biscaynebaymackinaw4-5-13.jpg (126867 bytes) Samuel-Risley4-5-13.jpg (79002 bytes)    

Seaway Iroquois & Prescott -
Murray Blancher
1-BBC-Kwiatkowski-13-04-07-mb.jpg (103919 bytes)
 BBC Kwiatkowski up at Iroquois Lock
2-BBC-Kwiatkowski-13-04-07-mb.jpg (107253 bytes) 3-Algocanada-13-04-07-mb.jpg (103273 bytes)
Algocanada down at Iroquois
4-Algocanada-13-04-07-mb.jpg (112371 bytes) 5-CCGC-Tracy-13-04-07-mb.jpg (82681 bytes)
CCGC Tracy secured at Prescott Coast Guard Base

Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuya-4-5-13-BCM-01.jpg (75602 bytes)
Cuyahoga leaving after delivering salt
Cuya-4-5-13-BCM-02.jpg (73213 bytes) Cuya-4-5-13-BCM-03.jpg (79440 bytes) Cuya-4-5-13-BCM-04.jpg (78378 bytes) Cuya-4-5-15-BCM-05.jpg (88328 bytes)
Defian-4-5-13-BCM-06.jpg (111626 bytes)
Tug Defiance and barge Ashtabula leaving Lafarge
Defian-4-5-13-BCM-07.jpg (98537 bytes) Defian-4-5-13-BCM-08.jpg (120373 bytes) Defian-4-5-13-BCM-09.jpg (113887 bytes)  

Detroit Saturday
- Tom Hynes
1-WilfredMCohn-PML9000-4-6-2013-th.jpg (82017 bytes)
Purvis Marine's barge PML 9000 and tug Wilfred M. Cohen downbound with coiled steel at Detroit on an overcast Saturday. Cargo was offloaded in both Windsor and Detroit.
2-PML9000-4-6-2013-th.jpg (89331 bytes)
Bow of PML 9000 showing coiled steel cargo.  The barge was built in 1968 as Crowley's Palmer to haul rail cars from Seattle to Alaska pulp mills.  It was eventually replaced by larger rail barges.
3-WilfredMCohen-4-6-2013-th.jpg (101960 bytes)
Wilfred M. Cohen.  Built for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad in 1947 as the A.T. Lowmaster, it moved railroad car floats and docked coal boats in the Newport News/Norfolk area for 30 years before being sold for other uses.
4-WilfredMCohen-bow-4-3-2013-th.jpg (109463 bytes)
Bow view of Wilfred M. Cohen
5-CoveIlse-4-6-2013-th.jpg (123953 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard buoy tender Cove Isle downbound off Belle Isle.
6-CoveIsle-4-6-2013-th.jpg (136609 bytes)
stern view, Cove Isle

Wilfred M. Cohen at Marine City on Saturday -
Don Detloff
1-wilf-06apr13-djd.jpg (72264 bytes)        

Alice E laid up in Saint Joe River, Saint Joe Mch. -
Stan Sienicki
1-Alice-E-4-6-13-SS.jpg (116344 bytes)        

Amherst Island ferry Frontenac II arrives at Heddle Marine Friday -
Brian Johnson
Frontenac-II-at-Burlington-Bridge.jpg (112976 bytes) Approaching-Pier-14.jpg (142558 bytes) Captains-James-McClelland-and-Brian-Johnson.jpg (181794 bytes)    

William Livingstone Memorial Light on Belle Isle -
R. Kennedy
20130328_143836.jpg (172505 bytes) livingstonrdk-(2).jpg (118565 bytes) livingstonrdk-(3).jpg (123921 bytes) livingstonrdk-(1).jpg (257400 bytes) 20130328_143815.jpg (203098 bytes)
20130328_144154.jpg (226838 bytes) 20130328_144128.jpg (317029 bytes) 20130328_144526.jpg (64404 bytes)
View East looking at the head of the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair.

Gene Onchulenko, shown with his wife Cathy, is the 2013 Historian of the Year for the Marine Historical Society of Detroit.
Photo by Dick Wicklund
Gene-Cathy-Onchulenko-DickWicklund.jpg (1594879 bytes)        

Pictures from Ireland -
Bruce Hurd
DSCF0476.jpg (110894 bytes)
The Tanker Galway Fisher docked at Galway, Ireland
DSCF0479.jpg (129798 bytes)
Irish Naval Vessel L.E. Roisin docked at Galway
DSCF0660.jpg (92852 bytes)
Ocean Supply Vessel Bourbon Clear docked at Cobh (pronounced Cove) Ireland. Cobh was formerly known as Queenstown and was the last stop for the Titanic. It took on 123 passengers there before sailing on its ill fated voyage.

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