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April 11, 20

Recent Activity Hamilton and Canal - John McCrery
1-AlgomaQuebecois-3-30-13-jm.jpg (87537 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois in lay up at the far west end of the harbor and quite accessible to the public.
2-AlgomaQuebecois-3-30-13-jm.jpg (86691 bytes)
Showing lots of rust.
3-FedKumano-3-20-13-jm.jpg (119398 bytes)
Federal Kumano waiting in the anchorage for nearly 3 weeks now.
4-MollyM1-3-20-13-jm.jpg (128333 bytes)
Tug Molly M 1.
5-StellaPolaris-4-8-13-jm.jpg (104028 bytes)
Tanker Stella Polaris arriving off the Burlington Piers.
6-StellaPolaris-4-8-13-jm.jpg (139315 bytes)
Stern view approaching the bridges.
7-Saginaw-4-8-13-jm.jpg (93176 bytes)
Saginaw departing Lock 3 on her return from Hamilton.
8-Saginaw-4-8-13-jm.jpg (101826 bytes)
In ballast and riding high and proud.
9-Saginaw-4-8-13-jm.jpg (139889 bytes)
Stern view on the way to Lock 4 west.
10-Manitoba-4-8-13-jm.jpg (88047 bytes)
 Manitoba in ballast up bound from Lock 2.

St. Clair River at Marine City on Wednesday -
Don Detloff
2-sagin-10apr13-djd.jpg (85342 bytes)
1-tecum-10apr13-djd.jpg (53714 bytes)

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-Regalica-4-9-13-bv.jpg (84845 bytes)
Regalica at the ADM dock
2-Regalica-4-9-13-bv.jpg (107689 bytes) 3-Regalica-4-9-13-bv.jpg (80677 bytes) 4-PHoenixStar-4-9-13-bv.jpg (72453 bytes)
Phoenix Star in Ironhead Marine Drydock
5-Algosar-4-9-13-bv.jpg (111836 bytes)
Algosar in the drydock
6-Star-Algosar-4-9-13-bv.jpg (80937 bytes)
Phoenix Star/Algosar in Ironhead Marine Drydock
7-AdamCornelius-4-9-13-bv.jpg (124076 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius in long term lay-up
8-AdamCornelius-4-9-13-bv.jpg (108571 bytes)    

Heritage Marine Tug with Fraser Shipyard's crane, two barges and small tug going to Two Harbors - 
Peg Hom
nelsj4-8-13-(2).jpg (105820 bytes)
Outbound Duluth
nelsj4-8-13-(3).jpg (108123 bytes)
Nels J with crane and barges with push tug going under the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth.
nelsj4-8-13-(1).jpg (128597 bytes)
Close up of the Nels J in the Duluth Ship Canal.

Ken Boothe Sr. and barge Lakes Contender at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1kbslc3_30_13rb.jpg (96817 bytes)
Sunrise view at the ore dock

Hamilton, Burlington Canal April 8 -
John van der Doe
Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(12).jpg (99224 bytes)
The Dutch motor tanker Stella Polaris arrives with a cargo of asphalt
Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(19).jpg (108745 bytes) Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(20).jpg (59864 bytes) Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(37).jpg (82056 bytes)
Lac Manitoba shifts her bigger sister Evans McKeil
Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(38).jpg (78797 bytes)
Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(44).jpg (103531 bytes)
Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(48).jpg (115191 bytes) Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(49).jpg (120739 bytes) Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(53).jpg (129033 bytes)
Federal Kumano at anchor
Hamilton-Stella-Polaris-8-April-2013-(29).jpg (189219 bytes)
Petite Forte in drydock

Soo Saturday
- Steve Worm
soo-big-paul-033.jpg (97039 bytes) soo-big-paul-026.jpg (112830 bytes) soo-big-paul-028.jpg (74406 bytes) soo-big-paul-045.jpg (113223 bytes) soo-big-paul-048.jpg (78370 bytes)
soo-big-paul-050.jpg (78777 bytes)        

Naming Ceremony for the Algoma Equinox at the builders yard in China
algomaequinox.jpg (103681 bytes)
Algoma Equinox is the  first 31,200DWT Great Lakes Gearless Bulk Carrier built by Nantong Mingde shipyard
algomaequinox2.jpg (93912 bytes)      

Photos from Port Weller Drydock -
Paul Beesley
1-amund-4-07-13-pb.jpg (145891 bytes)
 Bow of the Amundsen as seen from the floor of the dock.  There is a human at the very bottom of the bow for size reference.  CCGS Amundsen has about 15,500 hp.  The Amundsen is one of 3 icebreakers of the same design.  In the winter she works in the St Lawrence river and in the summer she works as a science platform/research ship in the Arctic, as well as icebreaking duties as required.
2-amund-4-07-13-pb.jpg (129868 bytes)
Another human, that would be me, holding up the ship.  Above and to the left is the stbd side of the bow thruster tunnel.  While working on various science programs in the Arctic the ship carries 42 crew and 42 scientists.  The latter are from around the world.
The Amundsen is in drydock for replacement of 5 of her 6 main engines and her Ship Service Generators.  To facilitate the engine work two large holes were required to be cut through the icebelt on each side of the ship.  In this photo you can see how the steel has been cleaned of growth and paint.  A new coating of Inerta will be applied before floating; Inerta is a low friction paint that allows the ship to move easier through ice than regular hull paint.
3-amund-4-07-13-pb.jpg (162096 bytes)
This view shows the icebreaking bow design, state of the art in the late 70's.  The steel at the icebelt around the ship is 1-1/8 inches thick.  Once the engines have been changed and the steel at the icebelt is ready to be welded back in position a certain procedure must be followed.  The steel is tack welded into place.  Then, ceramic heaters are placed on each side of the gap and the steel is allowed to heat up to minimize distortion and stresses and to do away with most preheating by torch.  The gap is then welded from inside the hull until the weld bead is about 1/2" thick.
4-amund-4-07-13-pb.jpg (166292 bytes)
Holding the anchor so it doesn't blow away.  Anchor chain has been laid out on the floor of the dock to allow the chain lockers to be inspected and cleaned, including the drains therein.  I counted 8 shots of chain, about 720 feet - on each side.  
5-amund-4-07-13-pb.jpg (145584 bytes)
One of the two fixed-pitch propellors.  These are heavy duty props for icebreaking and they must be balanced, much like a car wheel.  After the welding described in #3 the workers move outside.  There the ceramic heaters are once again placed and the new weld is gouged out for about half its depth to get rid of any dirt or faults in that section of weld.  Once the gouging is complete welding from the outside begins.  This goes on around the clock for more than 48 hours until the steel is completely attached.  It takes many, many passes to complete the welding.
6-amund-4-07-13-pb.jpg (150401 bytes)
The stern, with both props, rudder and ice horn visible.  The shape of the stern allows the ship to back more easily through ice.  After the welding is completed the entire job is x-rayed to ensure it is without faults, gaps, dirt, cracks.  Any deficiencies must be corrected and re-X-rayed.  After all, you are going to be working in very heavy ice conditions and do not want these welds to fail.
7-amund-4-07-13-pb.jpg (198562 bytes)
The rudder.  At the trailing edge, where my hand is, the rudder is about 4 " thick.  Toward the leading edge the thickness increases to about 18".  Again, robust for ice breaking, much of which occurs while moving astern.  The Amundsen should be floated by Mid-April and on sea trials shortly after that.  She will then proceed to Quebec City to prepare for another season in the Arctic.
8-jiimaan-4-07-13-pb.jpg (188859 bytes)
Ferry Jiimaan in the shallow dock for work and inspections.  This ferry runs from Leamington, Ontario to Pelee Island, Ontario in the middle of Lake Erie.  Pelee Island is the largest island in Lake Erie and the Southernmost populated point in Canada.  Just south of Pelee is Middle Island at 41.7 degrees north latitude.  This is the southernmost part of Canada.  Twenty-seven US states lie all or partly north of this point, as does Rome, Italy.  Thirteen states are entirely north of this latitude, including Idaho, Michigan, Maine and South Dakota.
9-jiimaan-4-07-13-pb.jpg (120759 bytes)
Stern view of the Jiimann with the ramp shown.  She also has a bow ramp that is behind the bow proper.  In the previous photo you can see the outline of the bow ramp that lifts to allow the ship to load/unload at the bow.  Jiimaan is also twin screw.  The ship was built in Port Weller in 1992 and is 2807 gross tons.

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