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April 15, 20

Duluth - Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-CSLTadoussac-4-14-13-GHB.jpg (141320 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac arriving at Duluth Sunday.
1-CSLAssiniboine-4-14-13-GHB.jpg (85564 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine departing Sunday afternoon.
1-GreatRepublic-4-14-13-GHB.jpg (88559 bytes)
Great Republic ballasted down and receiving repairs at Fraser Shipyard in Superior.
1-DuluthIce-4-13-13-GHB.jpg (70875 bytes)
Duluth hillside looking out at the ice jam. American Integrity in the ice heading in, with the Burns Harbor, CSL Tadoussac, CSL Laurentien, American Century, Federal Welland and CSL Assiniboine around noon on Saturday.

Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen
Spruceglen-heads-for-L2-under-stormy-skies-(2).jpg (85346 bytes)
Victoriaborg-(Nld)-in-ballast-headed-for-L2-(2).jpg (93146 bytes)
Victoriaborg-(Nld)-in-ballast-headed-for-L2-(3).jpg (87778 bytes) Everhard-Schulte-(Sgp)-upbnd-headed-to-L2-(2).jpg (84510 bytes)
Everhard Schulte
Everhard-Schulte-(Sgp)-upbnd-headed-to-L2-(3).jpg (95272 bytes)
Kwintebank-(Nld)-dbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (85067 bytes)
Kwintebank-(Nld)-dbnd-headed-for-L1-(2).jpg (85181 bytes) Hellespont-Crusader-(Mhl)-sliding-approach-wall-below-L7.jpg (88064 bytes)
Hellespont Crusader
Hellespont-Crusader-(Mhl)-raised-in-L7-under-ominous-clouds.jpg (130403 bytes) Hellespont-Crusader-(Mhl)-upbnd-in-pondage-above-L7.jpg (85053 bytes)
CCG-Amundsen-being-positioned-at.jpg (100481 bytes)
CCGS Amundsen being positioned along fitout wall at Seaway Marine
Lac-Manitoba-goes-astern-to-help-position-CCGS-Amundsen.jpg (123659 bytes)
tug Lac Manitoba going astern to help position CCG Amundsen

Recent Activity in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1hlw4_2_13_rb.jpg (121637 bytes)
H. Lee White loading ore, view from the Upper Harbor lakeshore
2keb4_3_13_rb.jpg (236718 bytes)
 Kaye E. Barker at the Upper Harbor ore dock
3jlvglt4_5_13_rb.jpg (115172 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort and Great Lakes Trader opening the Lower Harbor Shiras Dock with stone

CCGS Griffon along the north shore heading to the Burlington Piers -
Eric Holmes
Griffon-04-14-13-eh.jpg (76709 bytes)        

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-BaieStPaul-4-14-13-bv.jpg (101277 bytes)
First load to CSX Torco, Baie St. Paul
2-BaieStPaul-4-14-13-bv.jpg (132436 bytes) 3-BaieStPaul-4-14-13-bv.jpg (103600 bytes) 4-BaieStPaul-4-14-13-bv.jpg (66654 bytes)
Ore landing on the Live Pad
5-BaieStPaul-4-14-13-bv.jpg (59148 bytes)
6-BaieStPaul-4-14-13-bv.jpg (77842 bytes)
Another view of the Baie St  Paul unloading
7-BaieStPaul-4-14-13-bv.jpg (113655 bytes) 1--StClair-4-14-13-bv.jpg (88803 bytes)
St. Clair showing it AIS signal
2-StClair-4-14-13-bv.jpg (188224 bytes)
Anchors still out
3-St.Clair-4-14-13-bv.jpg (104887 bytes)
Ballast water on board
4-StClair-4-14-13-bv.jpg (88240 bytes)
Getting ready to leave soon.  Hanson's equipment still on board
5-StClair-4-14-13-bv.jpg (88245 bytes)
St. Clair sitting in slip #2 east wall Presque Isle side of Toledo Docks
1-SeaEagleII-4-11-13-bv.jpg (108857 bytes) 2-SeaEagleII-4-11-13-bv.jpg (113626 bytes) 3-SeaEagleII-4-11-13-bv.jpg (85975 bytes)

Seaway -
Dave Bessant
01-CSLLaurentien-04-07-13-WDB.jpg (118797 bytes)
CSL Laurentien approaching Iroquois locks upbound
02-Isadora-04-07-13-WDB.jpg (95998 bytes)
sadora leaving Brockville eastbound
03-FederalHunter-04-07-13-WDB.jpg (119402 bytes)
Federal Hunter eastbound at Cardinal in the sun
04-Cedarglen-04-09-13-WDB.jpg (91736 bytes) 05-Cedarglen-04-09-13-WDB.jpg (75996 bytes)
Cedarglen at Brockville
06-FederalElbe-04-10-13-WDB.jpg (63571 bytes)
Federal Elbe approaching Cardinal
07-AtlanticHuron-04-11-13-WDB.jpg (102263 bytes)
Atlantic Huron at Blockhouse Island
08-AlgoNova-04-11-13-WDB.jpg (144791 bytes)
Algonova eastbound at Brockville
09-StellaPolaris-04-11-13-WDB.jpg (138469 bytes)
Stella Polaris at Maitland
01-HellespontCrusader-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (91744 bytes)
Hellespont Crusader on her first trip up, at Prescott
02-HellespontCrusader-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (112117 bytes) 03-HellespontCrusader-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (82396 bytes)
Accommodations and stack
04-HellespontCrusader-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (63055 bytes)
 Sealink communications satellite dome
05-Regalica-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (145088 bytes)
Regalica entering the lock at Iroquois
06-Regalica-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (119117 bytes)
Spare anchor on deck
07-Regalica-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (202585 bytes)
Monrovia, Liberia flag
08-Regalica-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (124482 bytes)
Regalica approaching Morrisburg looking very slab sided.
09-Regalica-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (94315 bytes)
Different structure on top of the wheelhouse
11-WilfSeymour-04-13-13-WDB.jpg (125100 bytes)
Wilf Seymour and her barge Alouette Spirit upbound at Brockville

St. Clair River -
Don Detloff
1-cress-14apr13-djd.jpg (44588 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell at the Algonac State Park on Sunday.
1-bristol-13apr13-djd.jpg (87438 bytes)
USCGC Bristol Bay (WTGB 102)  at Marine City Saturday

Seaway Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-Hellespont-Crusader-13-04-13-mb.jpg (126576 bytes)
Hellespont Crusader upbound First trip on the Seaway
2-Hellespont-Crusader-13-04-13-mb.jpg (93402 bytes) 3-Hellespont-Crusader-13-04-13-mb.jpg (81334 bytes) 4-Hellespont-Crusader-13-04-13-mb.jpg (98771 bytes) 5-Regalica-13-04-13-mb.jpg (77700 bytes)
 Regalica downbound at Iroquois
6-Regalica-13-04-13-mb.jpg (84441 bytes) 7-Regalica-13-04-13-mb.jpg (105231 bytes) 8-Wilf-Seymour-13-04-13-mb.jpg (88094 bytes)
Wilf Seymour & Alouett Spirit upbound at Prescott
9-Wilf-Seymour-&-Alouette-Spirit-13-04-13-mb.jpg (92620 bytes)  

Port Huron and Marysville Sunday -
Bruce Hurd
porthuron4-14-13-bh-(1).jpg (80715 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa downbound off Port Huron
porthuron4-14-13-bh-(2).jpg (112665 bytes)
Joe Thompson off Marysville.
porthuron4-14-13-bh-(3).jpg (115564 bytes)
Tanker Everhard Schulte Upbound off Marysville
porthuron4-14-13-bh-(4).jpg (119309 bytes) porthuron4-14-13-bh-(5).jpg (107157 bytes)
USCG Hollyhock turning to dock at Pine Grove Park in Port Huron.

Saltie renames -
Rene Beauchamp
Progress-10-Avril-13.jpg (155776 bytes)
Fednav bulker Federal Progress was renamed Progress in Montreal last week.
Federal-Venture-220411(A).jpg (78361 bytes)
The Federal Venture shown here upbound at Sorel-Tracy in April 2011 has been renamed Adventure in Montreal earlier this week. This is the second vessel to have been renamed this week. The first one was her fleet mate and sister ship Federal Progress.

Federal Nakagawa heading into the Soo Locks -
Mark Hudson
SAM_0686.jpg (110096 bytes) SAM_0687.jpg (78872 bytes) SAM_0695.jpg (135683 bytes) SAM_0693.jpg (69859 bytes)  

Tug Defiance and barge Ashtabula -
George Lee
Defiance,-Ashtabula.jpg (142442 bytes)
View from Defiance upper wheelhouse
Ashtabula.jpg (97076 bytes)
Ashtabula self unloading machinery
Definance.jpg (128100 bytes)    

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